Healing Elaine’s modality for Wall Street (and a few other things)

photo by Pia Oyarzun

things are changing. yes, that is a very broad statement. interpret it as you will pertaining to the title of this blog post.

for years, I have attracted key leaders in finance to my work. I have also, of course, and conversely, attracted occupy wall street leaders to my work. and at the end of the day, what matters most is how well each person is in alignment with their core — and with those I work with, their core is: their desire to contribute to society on a larger scale than they have been programmed with or have thought they are capable of contributing from. what I have also found through my work, spanning ALL industries, and ALL sides of politics, is that every single one of us actually wants the same things in life. we just go about expressing them very differently, based on our very diverse backgrounds and life experiences. and what I have found with my key leaders in finance, in particular but in addition to the same who oppose wall street, is that they want to leverage their “leverage” in their particular business to help others. each of them wants to heal themselves, those around them, and the entire planet. this desire in others which I encounter, repeatedly via my work, is not on par with any one particular industry, rather it is on par with the type of individual whom I attract to my work. my work spans all demographics. and it has been a long time coming to bring my modality specifically to wall street and finance across the board.

timing is everything. indeed. while there have been a variety of different “offers” from different people over the years, who have said “but Elaine, why do you not monetize what you do in xyz capacity? you could do so well – you could make millions”, it was first and foremost never about that for me. there have been months, even after my successful public launch years ago, that I was nearly late on rent because I declined “opportunities” that did not feel in alignment in some way. that does not mean that there was judgement on the opportunity itself, but rather the overall picture that said to me “PAUSE”. and when I hear that word “PAUSE”, I listen. every. single. time. it is what has carried me so deeply into the wonderful trenches of my work and ability to reach those who WANT to be reached. reached with truth. and believe me, truth is the HARDEST thing for a person to hear. that statement itself is an absolute rabbit hole and I will not make it part of this post. but for the sake of relativity, consider for a moment how hard truth is to hear. real truth. not the kind that we want to believe. not “our” truth, but rather “THE” truth. only truth is the KEY to healing and transcending. ok this is getting abstract so I’ll stop there.

over the last year, since summer of 2016 specifically (4th of July was a majorly stuck and depressive day for me because I was supposed to be expanding and could not “hear” how), I was hit with the message to expand. I kept looking up and saying/asking “how? who? what? what I am doing is working just fine! but, I feel so…stuck”. so I did the only thing I knew how at the time — I tried to mix it up with new people, hire various people for various things to bring in new energy, open myself more to press (I was previously extremely closed, far more so than I have been recently), and so on. I made some excellent hires on contract in 2016 which were wonderful but phased out. and I made some super bad judgement calls with character and hired some horrendous people throughout 2017. that “cost” me upwards of 100k. I do not consider those mistakes. there is no such thing as a mistake. I learned so much. I learned what not to do. I learned what signs I needed to avoid before I unleashed my biggest and brightest ideas so that they had less of a chance of being squashed or negatively impacted (and the truth is, there will always be some rotten apple trying to spoil the bunch of sweet healthy apples, no matter what the idea or initiative is). and I realized that the wash of 2017 in many respects (despite it being my absolute best and most fulfilling year working as a HEALER and advisor – I met the BEST patients!) was setting me up for major new beginnings. all of the horrible experiences that I’ve had with people, this year in particular, keep refining my ability to get more narrow as I make new exciting things of mine vulnerable to the world. after the series of bad experiences this year, I got even clearer and more ready to expose and unleash initiatives that were planning themselves via my work since about 2012. and as of 11:11, yesterday, I got the green light from the Universe — from my “guides”, so to speak, to move ahead with a number of my initiatives that are ready to rock: one of them being my wall street and financial services initiative.

going back to the people who want to do good. the people who are top-level executives on wall street and beyond in the financial services industry. because this is more expansive than just the banks. it extends to people who manage things and can sprinkle their intentions of well-wishes and goodness and truth and what is “right” on all that they are near because they are in alignment. and if you have not noticed, in the news, shit is floating. that part I have been writing about for years. and in tandem with shit floating, arises new opportunities for people to have the courage to buck the system, to do well, to incentivize toward healing and cathartic projects. for example: positive change in climate, environment, healthcare, medicine and more. it has also been my prediction for some time that due to all of the changes we have seen, particularly in the last fiscal year when I stated repeatedly that DT would win the election (purely a gut feeling) and hardly any of my friends believed me, that an avalanche of change (we can see that as either good OR bad, depending on our lens and the issue at hand) was upon us. we are now IN that avalanche. and when timing is everything, and there are people who have the ability to navigate and make certain waters more malleable along the lines of the destruction of what we do NOT want, we can CREATE. resources can flow differently. individual and collective resources — both tangible and intangible — can be redirected into alignment. take that as you will.

there is healing needed everywhere. but when we think of healing, we often tend to focus on the obvious: cancer patients in hospitals. animals. the environment. but, what about the energies that facilitate energy around the obvious? what about the individuals on wall street, in finance, or the notion of wall street or finance as a whole? what about individual lives and well-being cultivated to help people maximize their intended efforts for good? what about the power of their potential alignment (my personal definition: when thoughts = feelings = words = actions)? I see many people damning finance and politics as a whole, depending upon their “position” in this life, but where is healing supposed to actually come from if we can not get behind the individuals who have the ability to create change within the arenas we all desire for it to exist? change is created based on where we place our energy. and for everyone who hated a certain individual who is now in office SO much, and focused on that SO much, well, where attention goes energy flows. and that is my point here. we get what we focus on. whether it is “good”, or “bad”. this is the most basic law of attraction. what do we want? what do we want to focus on and why? how will that achieve what we ALL want, regardless of our walk in life? we need to think differently about how and why and where we focus our energy. because we all want the same thing, actually, at the end of the ego lens. what if by creating healing and alignment in every single industry on our planet, especially an industry which controls much of the planet’s wealth, the butterfly effect of such became palpable and obvious? as Pollyanna as this sounds, mark my words right now in terms of how possible I know this is. there are multiple revolutions happening as we currently sit with our heads shaking or spinning. jump in!

there are incredible people out there, right now, in positions that can facilitate what we EACH want. in industries that many do not understand because they are not in them. there are incredible people destined to be change-makers. and I have met them. and I continue to meet them. and they are primed and ready to create healing and awareness from their personal posts in life. many of them are on wall street. some of them are in government. and many of them are of the opposite (students, artists, unemployed and hungry). and ironically, it’s like they all have the same pair of eyes in the world views they have shared with me. they have vision. they are the change-makers we will all see take action.

so, my program. well, first off, it’s a trade secret. but I will reveal more once it is up and running in its first position. I am working on various logistical nitty gritty associated with such as I type. this week I am presenting my business plan to interested key individuals who have wanted to start or ambassador businesses or initiatives with me based on our work together alone. this aligns my traditional (one-on-one) work with individuals, with that of entire firms and specific teams within each. also, I know I always blog about many of my updates like this in a cagey way as I’ve done throughout this post, but I like to time-stamp everything even if I can not yet discuss all of the particulars. and, I like to inspire the notion of change that is coming for all of us in the best of ways (even when the change looks horrible) as soon as possible. and, when I write it down, I must complete it. so there is that. so just like my pop-ups, stay tuned for updates on this larger and different initiative.

with the right intentions, and the right energy (if you want to go more scientific on this, check out my pre req book power versus force by Hawkins, it’s super sciencey for your skeptics out there), one person can positively transmute the (what we commonly perceive to be negative) energy of thousands. we live in the every day opportunity to ionize or be ionized at any time, depending on our thoughts, feelings, words and actions — in addition to our innate or intrinsic electromagnetic human frequency. imagine what this notion could look like on wall street. or in the white house. or anywhere. and the potential ripple effect. imagine what we can create when we each begin with ourselves. imagine what we can create when we begin to look at abundance and resources differently and drop boxes and labels in life.

the possibilities are endless. and I can not wait to begin this program on wall street.