destination luxury WORKSHOP! 2018

above: in my special spot, with amazing people

ok, this is it. last night and earlier today I was chatting with my new/old friend and collaborator for my destination SLS in Santorini. she is the hotel director, and a kindred soul. as she suggested I take one of my workshops to this extremely special location (you can read about it here), I needed a night to sleep on it to “see” it. I decided that this will happen. I can not think of a more fun way to spend a workshop with a small group of people for an entire week than in my special spot.

this workshop will run at the same rate as my single sessions, which ended up being modified luxury sessions encompassing a single day with unlimited correspondence for a fiscal week. the focus will be tailored to the group as well as each individual, and there will be freedom to spend as much or as little time as one would like with me/us during this week. main themes as usual are: life’s purpose, LETTING GO, wanting something we (think we) can’t have. while this is not a fertility workshop, I invite anyone facing fertility issues to attend — the main spores of underlying consciousness are the SAME whether we are dealing with an illness, a medical issue, or anything else in this life. it is all the same…believe it or not. this workshop is open to anyone who wants to change anything about their life. it is also open to anyone who has no idea why they would want to come, but something is telling them to come. age and occupation are irrelevant.

the structure will form itself, as it does in each of my workshops. our time together will loosely encompass a 12noon-8pm schedule, with some playing room. anyone who has taken a session or previous workshop with me knows that the red tape goes out of the window and we do what we need to do to get things done. there will be one on one time available during this workshop. there are treatment tables in this space and everyone will receive one attunement at some point during the week.

pre reqs are listed in the about section of my website and can be completed prior to attending the workshop.  though this is not a medical retreat and I am not a doctor, I will be applying HIPAA – esque policy and everyone in or near the workshop will sign a non disclosure so that everyone is as free and comfortable as they can be to speak and feel freely (including me!). also the hotel staff, top to bottom, understands my work very well. they will be able to hold supportive space for us also. and privacy is a key feature at this location.

I hope you will have some time to read my recent posts about this location at some point, as the visceral reaction I had to this location is truly one for the books — and this is why I have chosen to return in more than one capacity.

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