intensive super luxury sessions only, and other general updates

last year I took a very long hiatus from session work in general. I always give updates in my blog as to my status, as it pertains to things such as 1) remote sessions for past patients 2) former patient pop up sessions 3) new patient pop up sessions and so forth. right now, I will only book SLS work after June. that said, if you *follow protocol* – which means, you read the books, the blog, and you call for yourself not a 3rd party, please feel free to leave a voicemail between now and the end of this month for traditional session requests.

as I state repeatedly throughout my blog/site, I do not consciously “choose” these sessions — they happen, divinely, or they do not happen. if I really wanted to, or if I were a hack, I would work every day all day and be a cash cow. I just can not work when I “want to”, and I have explained many times over how that has caused quite the predicament for me at times — running 3 businesses alone (no investors, no hand-outs, no back-up) with a strong legal team and all of the fixings that a proper business has. I have thought, probably too often, whether my business flow (yes, there is always demand, but it has to be the “right” demand – if this makes sense to you, keep reading. if it doesn’t, hop elsewhere) had anything to do with some unconscious process or old trauma I was in…in terms of me saying no to extremely popular press, or turning down “huge” work opportunities only to struggle at times to pay the most basic bills. the answers, after (again, probably too much) self-introspection and regular top tier clinical therapy, are no…my work just is what it is. my clinical psychotherapist who is a renowned neuroscientist and a very brilliant man, calls what I “have” a “phenomena” (a founding father of many studies, he has been studying it in labs and so forth for several decades). well, this so-called phenomena is real, it’s not a joke, it’s not a trend, and if you can tell by the somewhat sassy slash strong tone of this blog post update, it’s not fun to have. what I DO love about it is that I get to truly help people — that is, people who WANT to be helped. yes, I have attracted a number of people who absolutely did not want to be helped. any healer, doctor, or helper of any variety has seen those folks. it takes time to “feel” the signals before you even meet them, to weed them out. it’s the same with people who lie. it can just take time to spot. that said, the folks who really did and do want help, that’s where my energetic investment is. and let me say something about that…

there is absolutely no price on peace and wellness. when I get “hit over the head” by some unknown force for days at a time, I know all too well “oh, a session is coming”. what does this mean? it means that I have not checked my voicemail for a few days, maybe even a week or two, because I was working with another individual or because I could not even handle the energy of listening to voicemails and picking up all that comes with listening to them (and the point there, is that we do not know what we do not know about energy…if you really knew how it traveled, what it looked like and what the end results were, you may never leave the house again). so, when I get “hit” — especially like I did this week, which was one for the books — I know someone is “coming”. this can mean a random synchronicity in which someone stumbled upon my site the night before calling, frantically read my pre req books and entire blog, and “knew” they needed to see me…what happened prior to that is the “phenomena”…our fields were meeting before we “spoke”. I won’t say more about it — considering first of all the number of hacks out there attempting to rip off my words and concepts, now that it is “cool” to be a healer or dare I say the word psychic — other than the fact that a session begins before I even call someone. often the phone number itself will tell me everything I need to know (nope, I’m not any sort of schizotypal – this is real, and with some “luck” will be doing some studies on it with people far more credible in the clinical world that I am) without even speaking with the person. I will know “this is the one”. again, this is not about someone being better or worse than another person in terms of calling them — especially considering I know nothing about them –, it’s about divine timing and alignment. this, in a nutshell, is how my business is driven. and I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: I don’t care who you are, how famous you are, how important you are, how much money you have, how nice you are, etc — I do not want to know anything about you prior to or during your call, and any earthly logistics will not sway my decision to working with someone. if this were logistics only, I would be booked to high heaven every day for the rest of my life. and I would probably die on day 5.

I am aware of the fact that I am in a bit of a sass mood at the moment and it’s probably coming through here (for those of you who know me, anyway), but it is really important for me to get this out and explain it for those who get it – both past and present. there is a sensitivity that lives in me that I have not found with another person. I often wish it were not so, as I am not trying to be different or better or special — all I have ever wanted is to live like a normal person. being made this way is something I could only endeavor to show through a creative lens — which is why much of my focus is going back to film and television. that is the second part of my focus shift, very much alongside my TEM® and PE™ initiatives/services (which can much more easily incorporate media since I will not allow it with my private one on one session work — and yes, I have gotten all of the reality TV show phone calls out there. thanks but no thanks). it is time to change the channel and show more than tell. it’s not something that could have happened overnight, and again it has to be “right”. with the right people. I’ve spent a lifetime weeding out the wrong people. I don’t come from a place where compulsive lying or jealousy exists — I do not get it. I’ve had to learn how that is an actual “thing” for many people. I’ve questioned, many times, especially in therapy, how growing up around crazy people handicapped me — and after thousands of meetings with different individuals and many clinical individuals, I am almost relieved to understand that it’s not so much/entirely my past that creeps in…rather it’s more of who I am — my absolute core — as a person, that doesn’t necessarily fit with seemingly mainstream tolerance for low morale. I am solely seeking those who resonate with the notions I describe, and I have been SO BLESSED the last month or two IN PARTICULAR, to attract only that. the reason that I am flipping over to solely SLS work at this time is because 1) I run 3 businesses and I would like to keep them running and I need the work and 2) working with 1 person at a time versus 3 or 4 is much less heavy on my energy field and 3) giving someone undivided focus for a month and a half is a real win for them and 4) I will have a bit more free time to focus on my other initiatives. and yes, my hourly fee is actually normal — I just do not do one two three etc hour sessions. in addition, you can not quantify my work in an hourly fashion, despite my doing so for quantifiable work only (my in person, phone and email time) for invoices and businesses that request such. so, if you have been reading along in this here blog, I’ve had lots of interesting twists and turns over the last 2 years in particular, all of which have brought me to this new point and energy, which I must say feels fantastic.

here is the run-down for anyone connected to me at the moment from the past, and I will reiterate the run-down for those potentially connected to me in the future: last December I offered remote sessions for former patients at a holiday rate. those (already purchased) may be used at any point until the end of this year 2019. that’s 1. 2, is this – if you are a former patient of mine and you want ANY kind of service, June is likely the month to schedule it. I do have some press coming up and my fear is that everyone will be suddenly “interested” when it feels appealing to be interested — please consider this now, before that happens. I likely won’t have time for the same things again. what I offer to former patients is occasional house-call pop up sessions or destination sessions, and remote sessions. if/when you book, we can discuss an appropriate timeline/schedule (as in, you can keep one in your “back pocket” for a period of time), so don’t worry. I always want to support and cater, to the best of my ability, to those I’ve already worked with. also, I am SO GRATEFUL for the amazing people I have worked with, all of you are along for a ride, if you can be patient and see what is around the bend. finally, 3 – the main point of this blog post. until the end of this month, I will accept traditional session inquiries. I am no longer doing any pop ups for new patients. those are over. the traditional session mimics a SLS, you have your private space for the night, and it encompasses many hours of work. if you ask me to get it beneath a certain amount of time, it won’t happen. you wouldn’t realize why until after we met. it is like opening pandora’s box, and I won’t work with a feeling of a lack of completion. now, there have been a couple of very rare unicorns who have done pop ups and gotten EXACTLY what they needed. in fact, almost every pop up session, that has occurred. but it still runs over a week, there is still “I want to know more” that follows one, and pop ups are not going to fit into my schedule coming up so I have to nix them. but again…I am SO grateful for those of you I have done either pop up or abbreviated work with. you know exactly who you are! and for folks from the past, yes, the pop up work is still available for you pending my availability to do so. so, that leaves us with SLS. “how can anyone afford that, Elaine!!!?” — yes, you would be surprised who has said that to me. well, guess what? people afford it. if I can afford to share a month and a half of my life and energy field and expertise with someone, and they can afford to cram 60 or so hours of clinical therapy or other consulting work into a month and a half with me, then we can both afford it. also, I’ve learned, resources are everywhere. often in the strangest places. don’t judge the people who write my reviews or appear in videos (more to come, by the way!) in terms of them having or not having 5 figures to spend. you never know someone else’s way of living and how or why. and, not that I have ever needed to defend my fees, but I have a rather regular fee per hour. I’ve also learned (both the hard way and not the hard way) that I do something almost no one (as far as I know, and as far as the folks I see know — and believe me, they have looked) else does — that counts for something. someone’s very life force counts for something. so yes, you would be surprised as to who shells out the big bucks for genuine, legitimate consulting and healing work. I’m not doing what every other person out there claims to do, and if I could reverse my “phenomena” I actually would. I can’t.

both personally and professionally over the past year in particular, I have learned my value. part of the sass in this post lends itself to that. because here is the thing. when you have a valuable person, and they don’t KNOW they are valuable (child abuse, something else, etc), it’s like candy for those around them (those without a lot of integrity). that valuable person will get eaten and eaten, but eventually their value OBVIOUSLY lends itself to their intrinsic consciousness and they begin to wake up…albeit if slowly. be careful with valuable people — one day, they might find out and own their value. this is always fascinating to me, to watch people of value wake up and change their lives simply through their own consciousness (and without any action at all, other than the act of realization). when we learn our value, we stop letting other people take things from us. I stopped a lot of things. I used to want to “take people with me” in the “healing” or “metaphysical” worlds, because I love/d seeing others in joy. then I realized that I was usually alone in that sense — a lot of people want to be the “best”…they are not interested in truth. most people live in their heads, not their hearts — and they will tell you all day until they are blue in the face how they live “authentic” lives. it’s so incredible to observe. and so I learned to stop running around puffing wind in everyone’s sails, just because it made me happy to see them happy — I learned that not everyone was like me. and this may sound naive, and perhaps I am naive in some senses, but it’s my truth. and the thing again with value is, it doesn’t stay hidden forever…because value is akin to truth. truth is akin to power. the opposite of that is force, and we all know what that does. ultimately force is revealed — without power having to flex even a finger. and so I’ve learned that I don’t have to help everyone, I don’t need a neon sign on my door that lets anyone in just to be a cash cow, and I can and must protect my own God-given “phenomena” slash gifts, if you will. I keep my blog open and free, and many of the posts I will start closing off for a nominal fee starting soon. I don’t have to give everything away, though I really do want people who will never see me to benefit from what is there pro bono.

recently I had a tarot reading with my favorite lady; she’s hidden, won’t advertise, not into being a “show”, and does serious crime work with pd. she told me “honey, you can make money by having fun…that’s what the cards are telling me you need to do right now”…and I know this. but ever since I was little, I did not amount to anything unless I was problem solving, saving, being used as a shield or a whipping post or a blame, being responsible for others mentally spiritually emotionally and physically, etc. I am still learning that I am enough without being all of those things. my very birth and existence catered itself around learning an overdeveloped “second language” of intuition to survive absolutely ridiculous and toxic environments. and so here we have the “phenomena”.

having fun to me means creating…my love for helping others, whether it was an intrinsic survival skill or not, will never die. but there are new ways to do it, ways that don’t cause me to settle in life, ways that kill two birds with one stone. like everyone else, I want to be comfortable, I want to live in joy, and I don’t want to subscribe to the theory that I have to suffer in order to live well. knowing this consciously is great — very few of us know it otherwise.

long-winded post summary: new changes are coming for me, and I’m wrapping up a cycle this fine month of June. you know what to do if you made it through reading this. my life is changing again. if I offered you a remote or a favor or hand out a long time ago, please don’t reach out in 6 months or a year asking for it, unless you purchased it in December when I offered remotes. please respect the fact that for ANY intuitive, there must be an “end” time to each session — even if two parties are not corresponding via email or phone. there is ALWAYS an unconscious exchange happening and it should be respected. even my numerologist has an end time on his readings at which point the follow up call will expire and there will not be another option for one. it’s a relief to see someone else with a similar field resonance as mine. we can only pull others’ energy along for so long before it weighs on us and affects our health, and I have certainly already been down that road. I feel like these are very basic human respect elements, though some folks do not see healers/helpers in that light. it’s time to (relatively speaking, of course) understand this and treat this work like any other consulting business out there. I hope that my personal shares resonate with those of you out there who I know (I know those of you who will really get this), and those of you whom I don’t know but whom connect on a level beyond logic. that level is real. it’s being studied. we are a long way from dissecting and explaining it, but that is a huge huge mission of mine in this life. and the tangibles of it will come. maybe not while I’m still young and fluffy, maybe when I’m grey, but mark my words when I say: it/they will come. one day we will understand things we never thought existed in the first place.

I look forward to my closing sessions as well as future SLS work! and I definitely look forward to seeing those of you from the past for remote work and pop up work. and finally, I look forward to connecting with all of you in a way that I haven’t done before…you’ll see what I mean, one day!