Healing Elaine® October 2019 pop-up for former patients (only)

hello to all, and particularly to those of you I have worked with in the past who are feeling the itch to start scratching the surface of a new lens through which to peek.

this month I will offer pop-up (abbreviated) sessions for some former patients, and these sessions will be different from past pop-ups. they will be mini-luxury sessions, including a stay-cation for which will help you take a break and process the work that we do. as with all pop-up sessions, they will run a week in entirety, meaning we will complete remote work after our in-person work. the add-on is a stay-cation and snacks for a slightly more luxurious feel. house calls are a potential at this time as well, but I feel as though everyone can benefit to leave their familiar environments (particularly during the season change) while making a fresh start.

I know I have said this before, or perhaps at least a couple of seasons per year, but I don’t know if/when I will do more of these types of pop-up-structured sessions. this is not to encourage you to inquire about or schedule one. it is me being as real as possible while managing expectations as folks always ask me questions surrounding my itinerary. there is a ton of change moving into my life at the moment, and the storm (a good one) is on the horizon like never before. with that said, I roll the dice and we shall see what is next if and when we meet!

as always, call the business line listed in my About section at 917.985.1221 and leave a voicemail to schedule with me. I am not using email to discuss or schedule sessions, so do not email me. I am also no longer exchanging or sending mail from my former email address. so, let’s take it back to the 90s on that note!


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