The problem is also the solution

Any problem I have ever had in my life contained a solution which existed on the opposite side of the same coin. Like a mirror reflecting back, it was the unintegrated part of the problem that either saved or re-launched my life.

Like ying and yang, and if darkness is only the absence of light, then a problem is the complement of a solution of which it shares unconscious space.

I’ve worked with a TON of illness. Folks have come to me with life-long conditions, cancer, “one month to live”, “infertility” and all kinds of things that would blow your mind. While I know that not everyone can heal (because their consciousness is too low), those who CAN are able to integrate the unconscious complement to their problem. In this way, the solution is available to us all — it’s just that not all of US are available to the solution. My vetting process does the best it can to cull those who operate at a high enough level of consciousness to the point that all they need is information they have never had, solutions they have never heard of, and encouragement from an objective source (yes, I am still objective because whatever is, IS – no need to call it anything different).

In each and every case of my work and in each problematic instance of my personal life, the problem has been the solution. The process of actualizing that requires something that can’t be completely put into words: consciousness; that is another article, but you can read all of them in my consciousness section. Let’s look at a simple example, shall we…

A woman comes to me with breast cancer. This is her heart chakra screaming at her. She believes she is sick. If she is low consciousness enough (lives in fear, won’t admit it, only believes what she has been told her whole life, won’t bend), she will die because unconsciously that is actually easier (I’m also not here to explain why some folks are of high consciousness and others aren’t – again you can read all about that throughout my blog). If she is high consciousness, she will find the shadow side of the love she gives to others — which is the love she can not or will not give to herself. She has been selfless, but also selFISH because she is doing things the easy way — she is doing / thinking / believing what she has been told her whole life. She is repeating a pattern or grid of consciousness that has been easier to commit to than forming a new one. But, the problem is crying out not to remain a problem…it is also crying out as the solution – if only she will look. As she discovers ancient beliefs, experiences and energetic patterns that do not belong to her, her ego breaks and she begins to understand that the cancer is not an in-bound illness — rather it is a purge of what no longer serves her. In this way, the problem is also the solution – if she is willing to go there…

When I’ve seen cancer paired with certain consciousness, it looks like a healing not a sickness. For everything that that cancer embodies is an old consciousness that must be discarded as we birth anew…the anew is the solution, the gift, and the shadow side of the problem. Again: IF you even want to fully look at the problem. The problem with the “problem” is that most are not willing to see the problem. They hide from discomfort, terrible truths, and general human evil – evil in their families and the world around them. The pain of the emotion is actually greater for them than the process of physically dying and rotting with an illness. And many live this way. But a certain level of consciousness will not live this way…and it will allow itself to be destroyed in order to fully see not only the problem, but the peak of the solution once the problem has been fully accepted. The problem is also the solution.

It has worked this way in every case I’ve had the honor to work with, and not just cancer but many other conditions. The body is always speaking to us. This does not mean, either, that our condition must be “cured”; for sometimes, the message is still a beautiful counterpart and an opportunity which is again the shadow side of that problem. There are lifelong conditions that are there to be lifelong conditions…but those problems contain with them the solution that would expand someone’s world once they are able to fully accept the problem. Then, the problem shifts…and it becomes livable as the counterpart and complement of solution. The two worlds become one in the same and our perspective is a blend of balanced polarity.

When my world has crashed around me, I have been very careful to observe in the most logical, sober, rational way possible. You could only know what I am talking about if you have been through the same, and too many people are quick to logic or intellectualize that which can never be either. Sad for them. They’ve been trained by their fancy institutions, systems, books, and things that have already been done an infinite number of times to the point that they are only able to conceive of or recreate what WAS. Anyhow, as I was saying…my dark nights of the soul were unmistakably such and I had a number of different, analytical, expert objective folks around me to not only give me their feedback but observe the incredible phenomenon I was facing at the time. I’m talking about high level risk analysts, doctors, psychiatrists, neuroscience specialists, etc — people whom one would think, think very differently from me. The funny thing about intelligence, though, is that it doesn’t restrict itself to the known (in fact, it does the exact opposite)…so while their processes are different from mine, we were all capable of landing at the same conclusion repeatedly — the road of truth will always lead there. Those who are afraid of or intimidated by what they do not know will force or repeat some “outcome” based on things that have been done before. They call it “science”. It’s ignorance. We are evolving…consider technology as an example – AI. Read my articles about AI and consciousness and consider the fact that there is not only a lot we do not know and have never seen before, but there are people having experiences that will be brought to the forefront of medicine and business in totally uncharted ways. What was once considered fantasy, illusion or even science fiction will present in our reality. Smart people get this – because they are able to accept things that they can not control.

I have written about my second dark night of the soul – the second time that my life collapsed around me. By the way, I am so sick of people abusing terms like dark night of the soul when they have a hangnail. It’s unlikely you are having one, and the trendy use of really heavy terms is superficially disturbing. People need to be stronger and learn how to deal with their problems instead of applying an ancient philosophy to them so they can be cool victims. Anyways, in this second chapter of my life you would have to have been there to believe it. I also keep records of everything and they are wild. In a nutshell, there was the “no way out” theme that accompanied my problem; illness feels this way, too. This is typically when people either give up (suicide) or give out (death by illness). A no-way-out “reality” when all doors have been knocked on, opened and exhausted feels like death to the soul. On the logical plane, it is a simple dead end and at a certain point only God can intervene through our consciousness (if we are willing to ride such a period through to the end). In this so-called second chapter dark night of the soul of my life, and in the others, I was being destroyed in order to be renewed…for something. The something was the complement to the problem, but no matter how often or how closely or in how many ways I looked, it was not time for me to see it. The test of time (which I have written about in articles like this one) was the glue between the problem and the solution. The solution was there all along, but it was NOT readily available when I wanted it to be. If it were, the process itself which was designed to highlight the solution would have been destroyed! This is not the way. Yet when the solution did appear, it was the entire embodiment of the problem itself — inverted.

In very simple terms, our destiny often requires us to overcome a weakness that completely opposes it. Think of some of the greatest artists, writers, scientists and thought leaders of our time who “overcame the odds” that stood in stark contrast to what they created — well, they didn’t overcome the odds, they simply merged with the consciousness of problem-solution. They were willing to look so deeply at the problem that it turned INTO a solution.

Folks who had great fears of public speaking often become some of the greatest; those who have been brutalized by their parents become brilliant therapists; people who do not believe a lick in the esoteric end up specializing in it because the experiences that they opposed showed up for them in a way that was flat-out undeniable (consider Brian Weiss as a very basic example for this). The problem always contains the solution, because it is the solution, if only we are willing to look.

Right now our planet is seeing the underbelly of a huge problem. If Orange Man Bad remained in office (even though he obviously won the election – we are dealing with an INSTALLED administration right now and I don’t care if you believe that or not, it’s time to wakey wakey), we would not get to see the rot that lies beneath. In this way as well, the perceived problem (Trump) is the solution…and the current problem — political rot, evil globalists who crave more and more and more power, a totally outdated system which Trump disrupted — is merging with the solution simply as the light of day hits that problem. The individual and collective solution is a spiritual connection to the God of our understanding, to source energy, to ANYTHING that is not just the human mind and body. In this way, we are in a great awakening and the problem itself IS also the solution. This polarity will always exist because polarity is the meaning of life.

If you apply the notion of “the problem is also the solution” to your personal or even daily life, what you will notice is that the only challenge is time…in the realm of soul’s evolution, there IS NO TIME; and that is why we suffer so greatly as human beings – we are bent on OUR linear 3D version of time. If you take away time and look at the problem, you might begin to hear a faint whimper of the deepest pain of said problem…in such a way that you are willing to hear what it is even saying. Is it telling you to leave your relationship? Is it telling you to move? Is it telling you to go study xyz because that is your actual purpose? Is it telling you that your caregiver was an evil sadist and in order to heal your illness you must accept this despite society’s obsession with “loving your parents”? Whatever that whimper is communicating to you also contains a flip-side – a shadow energy of light – which is the solution. We can not understand the solution, though, until we understand the problem. Understanding the problem takes immense courage. And, time…

Surrender is the way to observing a problem in order to see the solution. Surrender requires a relinquishing of ego, in at least one major domain. Relinquishing of ego and “what you know to be true” requires courage. Courage requires energy. And energy requires you doing the core basics of human living VERY WELL in order to produce such; eating well, sleeping well, taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, and putting yourself in the most ripe position possible for consciousness to enter so that you might pair your intrinsic state with the rest of the work that goes into the plight of seeing the problem for the solution.