People who intellectualize their “spiritual development”

I put “spiritual development” in quotes because it is not development when this process is bypassed with intellect.

Intellectualization of any intangible is a control tactic – and it actually has the opposite effect.

The notion of personal development is the same thing as spiritual development – people just use different terms. For development of the self corresponds to our multifaceted nature…body, mind and spirit; note that soul is another yet related entity, but does not factor into the particulars I am covering here (if you have questions about what I am writing, either book a remote session with me or join my locals community where you can post questions and engage with my videos and other material).

In order to actually HAVE personal development, there must be a SURRENDER; surrender has no measure, no routine, no true boundary…and this is where people run into trouble as they replace FEELING with intellectualization.

Intellect is great – and it serves us in many ways. I have also personally overused it to a fault in many ways, at many times, to “work through” feelings or emotions…which never works. The way it does serve/work is in the context of controllables – things that should be controllables – such as outer world analysis, managing work load or a physical routine, and solving complex matters not connected to the SELF or to the HEART. The way intellect does NOT work is in the context of uncontrollables – things that should not be controllables – such as inner world analysis, managing intimate relationships with family or dating, and the true intangibles that we are not SUPPOSED to figure out aka intellectualize…as to do so would defeat the purpose of growth.

When we use intellect in spaces it should not be applied, we stunt our growth; however, we are initially tricked (tricking ourselves) into believing that we are growing – because on the surface, this is what it looks like. Everything appears to be tucked neatly in corresponding boxes, yet as we go against God’s nature we can be certain we are repressed and suffering in the areas that we are unwittingly stunting via overuse of intellect. This is akin to a boiling pot of emotion we can not reach – and the consequences show up in a myriad of ways; through our health (sorry – no amount of control or routine dedication can fix this…for ALL HEALTH corresponds directly to E-MOTION), through our interpersonal relationships (extreme loneliness, masked with intellect, which reveals as anger/rage that only grows over time), and through our LIFE GOALS — you can not name one unbelievably successful person who has relied only on intellect. No. The greats have had to take major risks on the intangible (spiritual, emotional) plane – living in COMPLETE VULNERABILITY. The most successful people on our planet are NOT the most intellectual – THEY ARE THE MOST VULNERABLE.

Vulnerability is the only true power. It is the ultimate marker of courage and strength – in particular for MEN. This is the ultimate definition of personal aka spiritual development. The opposite of intellectualization. The opposite of control.

I’ve seen countless people suffer, more and more so over time, due to overuse of intellect. Now, I use a TON of intellect in my work actually – especially with men – but in doing so there is a tremendous map and directive to CORRESPONDING vulnerability/emotion, in order to merge the logical and emotional bodies of self. Since I carry a ton of masculine energy naturally (I’ve had to work on it), my go-to is intellect/order/linear thinking…yet, as a woman with an equal and perhaps even greater quantity of feminine energy, there is great balance that I end up working out – for myself and for others. I’ve simply had to merge both aspects of self (which is another article entirely); if we do not merge both aspects of self, all that is divine feminine (which lives in all of us – else we would not be here, breathing)…which is pure LIFE FORCE…begins to wither. Illness. Dissatisfaction. Loneliness. Confusion about many things. Brain fog.

Anyone who has made the leap from “here to there” – particularly in the context of the corporate world and true business success – knows that the only relevant elixir is intangible i.e. vulnerability, which is true spirituality. Men find that they need the support of a wo/man in a romantic sense (I do not know any successful men who are single or who did not rise up with a romantic partnership backing them and cheering for them), and women find that they need to reign in a NATURAL sense of protection (found in a partner and masculine supportive energy) so that they do not overuse the masculine energy that would masquerade for them as such – hence, becoming an over-intellectualization since the natural reserve for vulnerability and spiritual connection would be eclipsed by their need to “do it all alone”.

At the end of the day, intellect destroys more than it manages; we just don’t realize it until it’s “too late” – when the problems that arise from it are now bigger than the ones that caused such.