When in doubt, do not act; note: this is not the same thing as NOT MAKING A DECISION

When in doubt, do not act.

Acting can be the not-so-fine-art of…controlling.

Sometimes by acting, we believe we are steering either an outcome or even an emotion (which we are attempting to alchemize into a thought – which it is not).

Sitting in a void space is one of the most painful as well as powerful things a person can do when confronted with inconclusion or uncertainty; for if we do so long enough, we will either feel the pain of an old part of us which is attempting to make itself known and possibly die (or morph), or we will reach a new epiphany related to a truth we did not hear about ourselves because we were too busy…being busy.

Therefore, after sitting in the void space long enough, we may find we do not need to act at all – and if we do, the sense of how/when will be so clear that there is no longer a thought process around it; rather the would-be act preceded by thought has transformed itself into a concrete truth.

Note: this is not the same thing as NOT MAKING A DECISION.

Acting is the context of an emotion translating into THINKING (per the above); whereas decision-making is in the context of FEAR (OR LACK THEREOF).

Just as acting would translate to control, decision-making would translate to moving through fear. There is no such thing as making a wrong decision by the way – UNLESS, OF COURSE, YOU ARE ACTING (acting is part of the word re-acting); decision-making is the deliberate art of having transformed a feeling into an accepted knowing, and moving with that — despite having no idea how that decision will turn out.

Both acting (re-acting) and decision-making involve faith, but from different angles no doubt.

Does this post feel like a mind-bender to you? Well hop on over to my locals community and discuss it with me. I uploaded a new video today about the void space many are feeling (NOT related to INaction, by the way!).