When a piece of your damaged brain heals

“Demons are persons in bodies” – Derek Prince

Most trauma is forever. People don’t want to hear this and I don’t care what they want to hear. With that said, if you don’t subscribe to evil and take the path of least resistance (i.e. you become a match to the evil that damaged you – as most do – under the guise of “self-work” which I won’t explain here, and you can read about it under my category of evil which is a default mode for most humans as they are naturally weak and cowardly), gorgeous breakthroughs are afoot and when they come – it’s as if an entire person has left your body; BECAUSE THEY HAVE; you have released a full on DEMON – and demons are PERSONS IN BODIES.

No amount of intellect can EVER move trauma. People become “therapists” because being intellectual makes them feel “in control” and therefore they falsely believe they have released their own trauma when in actuality – they are “controlling it” by controlling and intellectualizing others. Trauma disconnects the intellectual from emotional body, and hardly anyone teaches how to integrate BOTH; “healers” and specialists focus either on one, or the other — giving you “alternative remedies” like Ayahuasca to “handle” the emotional body, or EMDR therapy or talk therapy – but never getting to the crossroads where intellect and emotion meet. In short, nearly all therapies are one or the other, designed to spiritually bypass healing either through intellect or through “emotional releases” which make little to no connection to the intellectual process that designed the traumatic-avoidance pattern in the brain.

The traumatic-avoidance patterns that get created are plenty and they never appear in an OBVIOUS fashion as negative or detrimental; rather they show up as casual or low-grade “blocks” that a person can’t figure out – because, well, read the above.

But when you take the long, hard, path NOT of least resistance – which often includes much suffering on the daily, as a “regular person” using no shortcuts (because there are none) – one day you might notice that your endurance has paid off in spades. This isn’t a reward from God, however I do believe that God recognizes our commitment to endurance through faith; in which position the potential for healing will expand.

Last summer I wrote an article called “You can change at any time” – that would be more of an intro to what I am writing about here. “You can change at any time” is a reference to the notion or commitment itself of opening to the POSSIBILITY for change – and the “simplicity” of that change once it actually occurs. Here, I am talking about the mechanics behind that change.

Brains get damaged by all sorts of things; marked trauma form the distant or recent past, or ongoing micro trauma by the clowns that run our planet and media / Hollywood. While some (trauma) is sudden, short-lived and of shocking inclusive impact, other (trauma) is drawn out and hard to recognize. In either case, the brain is totally damaged and we only recognize this when we do not feel we are living right – when we do not have what we want. Not having things we desire that are intrinsic to our basic needs: partnership, children, executed life purpose – are curses. Curses come from DEMONS. Demons are entities that oppose light. And if you don’t know how they got there, you can’t fix your damaged brain no matter what you do.

When a piece of your damaged brain heals after a period of time – and typically it is a period that seems to last forever, and you truly believe AND ACTUALLY ACCEPT that life will never be different for you – it is as if you are living IN A DIFFERENT BODY. AS A DIFFERENT PERSON. THIS…is only because the demon/s that occupied your physical vessel HAVE LEFT. You aren’t anew, your experience is. Something has left. It is no longer sharing physical and therefore emotional, psychological and spiritual space with you. Since most people are committed to their demons for life (that’s another article, and something I teach in my sessions), they will not have this experience. So I don’t write for them. I write for the outliers.

Outliers are those with integrity. Personal integrity, and integrity for the collective. This can never be learned. It is 100% nature over nurture. Nurture is such a small part of the equation. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. Work the way I have worked, with the number of people I have, in vast vast populations, and then get back to me. It would also first require you surrender all control, all knowing about who you are seeing, and all preconceptions of ego as to what “box” they fit into. NATURE > NURTURE. I digress.

Let’s get to the “feeling” or rather the EXPERIENCE one has when a piece of their damaged (as all trauma serves to do) brain heals after a period of time.

A lightness that can’t be put into words. When a spirit of depression or heaviness has lived with you your entire life or from a marked period that you can point to, it is not a mental process…it is something else. When that leaves – and it made its way in by holes in your auric field, penetrated by demonic forces – your desire to LIVE…not just survive…expands in MARKED WAYS.

Have you met or ever observed someone who had a near-death experience? The common feeling/outcome of such an experience is akin to what happens to someone when a piece of their damaged brain heals after a period of time. A near-death experience provides the soul with the opportunity to leave this plane, OR leave behind certain evils and STAY on this plane. When it stays and re-occupies the body, there can be marked change in personality, interests, and lifestyle. That is because some demons were evicted; by God’s hand, and by the soul’s desire for a crossroad.

50% of this said process is our soul’s decision, and the other 50% is God’s decision. We can only ever meet halfway. Near-death or NOT. It is important to understand this and commit fully to surrender, as I mentioned earlier in this article. When a demon or legion of demons leave, the eviction process is permanent. And we find that old “slippery patterns” are…no more.

When a piece of your damaged brain heals, you feel like you but NOT YOU at the same time. Old triggers fail to operate. People who used to trouble or plague you, no longer do. “Peace” isn’t even the right word; for whatever was conjoining your prior darkness is simply…gone. So, peace wouldn’t even begin to describe the absence of demons that provided your old life experience. It is as if you have moved into an entirely different world, looking down on the earthly realms that, in a former life, caused you frustration.

When a piece of your damaged brain heals, there is no more perceived obstacle between you, and that which you desire; be it love, abundance, or some other need that was never met in your prior world. Even if those needs haven’t presented in the tangible world, you still feel no obstacle; no absence of those “things”. For they are already living inside of you. And a tangible is always first intangible.

None of this is a psychological, OR an emotional experience. There aren’t human words for it, because it isn’t a biological experience – rather it is a spiritual one. Something spiritual has taken place, through your way of living. And you wouldn’t feel it THROUGH an intellectual or emotional lens, because whatever has left has simply provided you with a NEW LENS – does this make sense?

It is as if you are living in a way you were always designed to; it is hard to even “go back” and consider what way was there before. Again – this is NOT spiritual bypassing…which is MANY THINGS in the “healing” communities. This is a long, consistent, surrendered road in which you agree to live with all that you have experienced and do your very best with it. Nothing can ever beat surrender by way of faith.

A damaged brain by way of trauma is a demonic force that has embedded itself in your algorithm in order to control you. You can @ me with “science” and all that, but then you’d be relying only on what you can see – and that’s not how life and life force is created, so really you do not know how it all works. Everything is first spiritual. When that demon finally gets evicted, your entire algo changes. So, think of your brain healing rather as an exorcism than a “pattern breaking” or “getting healthy” thing – that would indicate that YOU (and nothing intangible) are responsible for creating life. You’re not.

Everything is spiritual. There are forces of light and dark that work in ways we don’t understand until – maybe we understand. Nothing worth knowing is mainstream, and so we grasp at the straws we are allowed to grasp at. The puppet masters ban talk of spirituality (religion), and anything that will truly allow us to expand and evict darkness (demonic forces). This is the nonstop, collective war between good and evil – but God is always giving us permission to do it His way. We don’t need to become dogmatic to do this, but we do need to rise above the intellectualization of all things – God included. That’s another article.

When a piece of your damaged brain heals, you reverse in age. Time becomes even more illusive. You shine differently. The things you look at change because your lens has changed. Your filters are all different. The old world is dead to you. And may you heal more pieces of your damaged brain because this process is unbelievably beautiful and uncharted.