For the umpteenth time: God will not help those who don’t help themselves

Those who have clear ability to do this and do not do this will not be helped by God. It’s not rocket science.

The virtue of helping oneself can not be overstated and the punishment for the sin of laziness, fear, sloth etc is reality.

Although these virtues and sins are mentioned throughout religious text they do not COME from religion or religious practices – they come from COMMON SENSE and integrity.

Fear of suffering loss if I do “X” even though “X” is the right thing and therefore not doing “X” is a sin and it will be punished. This is physics.

It is physics because love trumps fear all times over and fear sits at the bottom. Feeling fear is not a sin – but committing to it IS a sin.

Throughout my life I’ve been scared to do every major thing I ever did. I was also USED to being afraid so there was often little that could feel scarier to me than what I’d felt I felt my entire life. With that said, I made an intrinsic decision to put myself in uncomfortable situations repeatedly to achieve goals and dreams. Otherwise I’d end up bitter and with all kinds of disorders – mental, spiritual and physical.

Weak people are dangerous people. I’m not talking about those in impossible situations such as the handicapable folks I worked with for years who are confined to wheelchairs and don’t have all the mental faculties the average person does. It is also true that all things are relative. Weak people are those with resources – internal and external – who willfully elect to not use them…because they make suffering their identity and they want to rob you of your life force which you grow through facing fear and helping yourself. Effectively there are people who will steal from you because they are weak and you must be able to spot them.

Since evil can not create it can only destroy (keep an eye out for those who campaign for abortion, make an entire personality out of a disorder or illness, etc – they are promoting this under the guise of fake virtue), you can spot these folks by their resistance to ever creating anything. They aren’t “blocked” they are demonized.

Let me clarify.

There were many years of my life during which getting out of bed and leaving my house was a chore due to certain circumstances so far beyond my control and your comprehension. I struggled in many ways. I also maximized 100% effort whenever and however possible given the circumstances. So be clear on the fact that struggle is not the same as not helping yourself. If you know you know. If you are not one of the people who will not help themselves then you already know, too and I don’t need to clarify much further.

There are some people I knew and know for many years – we are talking like ten – who have simply never helped themselves or improved their conditions. This isn’t some internal struggle they are facing it is a chosen evil and they have contracted with the evil that pursues them and everyone around them. If you continue trying to help these people they will devour you whole because it is not THEM you’re dealing with – you’re dealing with the DEMONS they’ve made best friends with. These are weak people, and highly dangerous people and I have great contempt for this type of demonization.

People who will not embrace suffering or take any risks are demonized and dangerous. Their “story” is an 8 track that is designed to lure you in and if you have holes in your spirit (the need to feel “needed” or unreasonable pathological guilt from past abuse etc) then these demons will jump RIGHT in and mess up your life.

Never look at the surface of a situation, or someones words. Their words are fake. If they can not make physical, tangible changes in their life they are fooling you and themselves and they are completely demonized. At this point it is ONLY God’s job to jump in.

I wrote an article this weekend about why people will hate you for helping them – this article touches on that and you can read the other here if you want access to my entire blog archive.

If you are in the midst of a struggle and that’s all it is, then you are battling demons but you haven’t committed to them if you are taking conscious, daily action and have an accountability partner of sorts (this can be a therapist, coach, family member or someone else) – this partner must be further along than you or it doesn’t count. If they are NOT further along than you then you are in a 100% trauma bond and strengthening the demons that are looking to move in with you permanently.

If you are in your 20s then now is the time to form habits and patterns that will set up the rest of your life. Struggle is inevitable – per the entire point of this article – and that should always be embraced and never avoided – but resigning to inaction, suffering, poor mindset and again NO ACTION will destroy the rest of your life. This is why I warn against living at home, staying in the same hometown and never doing anything scary…you will turn 30 and realize you are a loser. Because you never took one risk in your life and it will show. In all ways.

It is ok to make mistakes so long as you are trying. Good people KNOW the difference between effort and resignation to defeat and when you know the difference but do nothing the punishment is even worse; awareness is a gift and God will support you if you use it. Evil loves to be evil so for such a person there will often be little punishment in THIS earthly realm until they begin to cross over for a life review or if God intervenes because they cross path with a person of light who HONORS THEIR PATH. A lot of this stuff is high level layered concept material and you can’t ABSORB it via information i.e. a single article – you must make it KNOWLEDGE and wisdom by actually LIVING it…hence being willing to suffer. That is why I can not answer seemingly third grade questions without going down a rabbit hole. If improving your life was so simple you wouldn’t be suffering in the first place.

I can’t state enough how much demons love lazy people who once came from the light. They also love actionable and courageous people of the light who are willing to listen to their BS over and over and over again, “hoping” they will change. They won’t. And you can’t help them. Go to Alanon or something instead of focusing on them. Because if you have made something of yourself, you’ve got everything to lose…and these other people only stand to gain but not through honorable means – this part if YOUR lesson to understand virtue and how God rewards or punishes us for abusing His gifts.

No evil person will gain anything from reading this article (it will just make them angry). So if you are of the light, you can – because truth hits other truth and magnifies it to the point at which you can not turn away. For the record I have never claimed to be a Priest (sorry, also not a man) or any clergy – I am just a person of faith sharing my experiences…so if you have some allergic Bible thumper issue with my writing that is 100% your problem and you should redirect that allergy back at your own life.

If you are of the light then you can benefit from taking a risk today and every day thereafter. This might look like a tangible change which requires a scary emotion to arise. If you do this daily as I do, your life will slowly improve because God will reward you – God wants you to use your gifts! Being unwilling to suffer is the opposite of a virtue and it will wreck you.

Today I will be hosting a live chat at 3pm CST on “The virtue of mortification” based on a lecture by Fr Ripperger. You can join us here at my locals community. I hope you will!

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