eBooklet 4: karma is immediate right now: a quantum mechanical look at how/why – by A. Elaine




karma is immediate right now: a quantum mechanical look at how / why

this eBooklet is also what is considered a “transmission”, or, as I like to refer to it, a “download”. each letter has a numerical quality to it – each word has a numerical quality to it – and each eBooklet has a numerical quality to it; numerical qualities resonate at a particular frequency. frequency is the transmission of energy from one 3d body to another by way of an intangible dimension. as words elicit emotions which are frequencies in and of themselves, so do letters/words/writings elicit, transmit and download individual and collective frequencies. each eBooklet published by this author offers a download which serves to illuminate both truth and love (which are one in the same). it is suggested that each download be experienced in a relaxed, grounded physical and psychological state (or as relaxed and grounded as possible). please enjoy each download as one would enjoy his favorite tea, tobacco, song, or … you get the idea.

© Healing Elaine®, 2016

karma, or the law of cause and effect (from intangible to tangible), has always been in place on our planet. behind karma is intent or intention. intent or intention is the driving force or energy behind the deed or action that creates what we refer to as karma. intention may be expressed simply through thought, or it may be expressed through action. either way, a karmic wheel of effect is at play.

in earlier decades or centuries, our planet and the humans on it existed mostly in the 3rd dimension / 3d. in this dimension, we are dealing with denser and more static “realities”, which don’t seem to bend or shift easily or quickly. however, our current linear experience of time and space has moved beyond 3d – this is how and why we are able to interact with the intangible i.e. the internet; the internet = wavelengths and signals do not exist in 3d. we are 3d humans interacting with a 4d or 5d essence. before and with the internet we have electricity – electricity produces a 4d+ effect, which is the effect and perception of “light” or energy in motion. but we do not interact with it FROM the vantage point of the dimension upon which it exists. we don’t “see” or “know” how it works the same way that we see or know how to use a smartphone or a laptop computer that is not attached to wires. the fact that we are now interacting and interfacing with objects from their very perspective or dimensional frequency (in a back and forth communicative fashion, akin to human language and response) is evident of the fact that we have collectively experienced a shift, and we are experiencing time and space differently as our planet travels through the galaxy and moves beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions.