eBooklet 6: a take on addiction you likely have not heard before. the blessing-and-curse spheric energy is alive and real. mostly the blessing part – by A. Elaine




a take on addiction you likely have not heard before. the blessing-and-curse spheric energy is alive and real. mostly the blessing part

this eBooklet is also what is considered a “transmission”, or, as I like to refer to it, a “download”. each letter has a numerical quality to it – each word has a numerical quality to it – and each eBooklet has a numerical quality to it; numerical qualities resonate at a particular frequency. frequency is the transmission of energy from one 3d body to another by way of an intangible dimension. as words elicit emotions which are frequencies in and of themselves, so do letters/words/writings elicit, transmit and download individual and collective frequencies. each eBooklet published by this author offers a download which serves to illuminate both truth and love (which are one in the same). it is suggested that each download be experienced in a relaxed, grounded physical and psychological state (or as relaxed and grounded as possible). please enjoy each download as one would enjoy his favorite tea, tobacco, song, or … you get the idea.

© Healing Elaine®, 2016

I see and treat a lot of people with addictions. not always substance or drug addictions but also addictions to gambling, eating, sex, and so on. whilst I have not personally, myself, experienced one of those addictions, I would say that my addiction was to understanding. to knowledge. to analysis. to FEELING BETTER through KNOWING. which I am surprised never manifested into a physical addiction. but for whatever reason, it just didn’t. I joke and say that I was too broken to ever chase a high. BUT it doesn’t make me any different. or better. or evolved. or less. or whatever. because I still fought a battle of PATTERNING – which is also the essence of addiction. so, I can relate.

every time we pursue an addiction, we are seeking connection to source energy. if you haven’t noticed, we are more than physical matter. we are 3d, 4d, 5d and beyond. we get our technology from beyond. source energy is all that feeds life. it creates life. in its purest form, it feels like ecstasy. it feels like unencumbered peace. orgasm. when we achieve this state through a third party activity or focus, and it encompasses us to the point where we fear never reaching that state again because it feels like breathing, we are addicted to the idea that we cannot get there ON OUR OWN. and, since the natural process to reaching that path on our own would have to – for ANYBODY – be an actual spiritual awakening, that path is robbed (but also spawned!) by said substance or activity. and the labyrinth through which we inevitably have to meander without bartering with the universe becomes foggier. it gets put on “hold” when we are in an addiction. but that labyrinth is, no matter what, the ONLY route. it is the honest route. the made route. the route with staying power of integrity. because we have done the work and earned being there, unlike visiting via the shortcut. when our addiction creates a shortcut, the natural path is eclipsed. hidden. in this case, our spiritual awakening becomes that much harder than if the addiction were not in place. YET, the victory of the awakening also becomes magnified. the pain is relevant to the imminent pleasure. it’s really all relevant. but for the purpose of this eBooklet, I want to focus on the beauty and gifts that addiction can bring.