reasons to NOT book a session with me

reasons to NOT book a session with me

*because you think I am hard to get/book with, and only because you think I am hard to get/book with. I don’t play games with taking on new patients in terms of hitting numbers/goals or maxing out my time; rather, I take the time to feel into each phone call returned and whether it is the right person and right time. I don’t care if I never did another session again if in fact the right person and time did not present themselves. I want all intentions to be divine.

*because you read all of the yelp testimonials and think someone else’s experience will mean that yours will be the same. each person I see has an acute sense of timing and readiness for a session. no two people will have the same experience. that said, I look for the right person/time i.e. opportunity to present a knock-out transformation experience. no guarantees are implied or stated across the board, a lot of it is simply up to the person and whether they are truly willing to surrender to their own process. this is why I do NOT accept referrals, and I will not work with people who know one another unless it is a truly rare/exceptional case.

*because energy work is trendy or cool. my work is deep, I know what I am doing, and I know that I am not the right person for everyone. there is nothing trendy or cool about talking the talk of “spirituality” and transformation without walking the walk — walking the walk into transformation is a super duper challenge. many folks only get there on their actual physical death bed. I have said no to many news articles and interviews about my sessions because my work is not something that I consider mainstream and applicable to the masses – therefore sensationalizing and advertising such would work in opposition to the desire I have: to attract matches to my work that supersede appearance, trend and so on. I am however finding appropriate ways to advertise that which CAN apply to many people at once, such as multimedia and other relative means of communication i.e. books/workshops.

*because you had energy work before and are looking simply for your “new person” that you can go to when you feel like you need a boost. no two people are the same, therefore no two practitioners are the same. I do not know how to work the way anyone else does. my work can be like gutting a fish – stirring the swamp of the unconscious mind – purging the soul. this isn’t what everyone wants or needs at a particular time.

*because you are on a budget and hoping that my session [which is hours and hours of both quantifiable and unquantifiable (prior to the session definitely unquantifiable) time] will be in the ball park of someone else’s one or two hour rate.

I am always willing and able to provide healer references in my place, people I have treated myself and who are natural healers and now have their own practices. I am not affiliated with their businesses at this point in any way, I just want to help people get to the right/best person for them.

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