parallel realities: we are what we expose ourselves to. where attention goes, energy flows.

parallel realities: we are what we expose ourselves to. where attention goes, energy flows.


one of the reasons I am particular about who I work with / when I work with them is the simple fact that whatever is going on their life WILL indeed show up in mine. even if very briefly. this is, of course, how I get bombarded with information for / about a person before I see them. without even trying. in fact, I never TRY (this is why it was so hard for me to “come out of the closet” with this work – it was initially less of a choice and almost more of a forced calling from beyond me). this is simply the way that I am made (acutely aware of the intangible realms), although we are all predisposed to the similar, most people just don’t acknowledge it. I can speak with someone for five minutes, and all of a sudden whatever is happening in their life begins to happen in mine (signs and symbols appear at lightning speed), and I don’t / can’t always make sense of it on the spot (the Universe has its own plans for my personal expansion, too!). for example:

I saw a new patient about a month ago. I had gone about my day per usual – slept a ton the night before, detoxed/sweat for a couple of hours, limited my contact with the outside world and ate really incredible foods. when she arrived, she was a lovely person of course (I might add that I can count on one hand the number of people I have worked with who I would not consider lovely – and meeting them was simply there for my own soul’s expansion and awareness). she IS a lovely person, and I am really super excited for what she is creating in her life now. the world will be hearing from her shortly. anyhow, she sat down and about half an hour into our session, I felt the stress and anxiety of having my boundaries crossed. within moments, someone was knocking on the door. mind you, on the outside of the door I have a big taped note that reads “please do not knock on this door, and please do not ring this bell”. I knew it was not an emergency, and I knew that no one else on the premises would do this. even UPS does not dare knock or ring. I hoped perhaps this person would leave. he did not. he continued to ring the bell and knock on the door! finally, I went to the door and told him to leave. he insisted I open the door. I did not. I was momentarily embarrassed in front of my new patient, because nothing like this had ever happened before nor did I expect it. however, I KNEW it had everything to do with her session. but, how could I tell her that barely an hour into meeting me, and being TOTALLY brand new to the meta/quantumphysical worlds? not to mention her own awareness of her private life that was about to expand ten-fold and we hadn’t even touched on that yet? she was visibly concerned and I tried to downplay how annoyed I was that this person was bothering us. he came back again and I had to call the police. he ended up leaving before they would have arrived so I called it off. little did he know, I have surveillance in my window that I would later see recorded him canvassing the premises for an hour. in the light of day. obviously it was not a real estate broker, delivery man, service repair man etc. he was of the perpetrator and boundary violator variety.

we then continued our session and I knew I had met a friend for life. this new patient was and is incredible. I let her know that the commotion at the beginning of the session would make sense later, and that I would explain it at the right time. I did not elaborate on the fact that I knew that this man who was bothering us represented someone who was then part of my patient’s life. the reality of the person in my patient’s life had not fully and clearly presented itself yet, though, so I absolutely held off on telling her that he was a symbol of xyz person. it was SO specific in my mind, though!

a couple of weeks after our session, my patient called me to tell me a scary story about having her boundaries crossed – and that the person I saw during the session who represented the perpetrator at the door of our session was at the helm of it. more specifically, this person in her life who she was putting active boundaries around after our session had actually managed to get inside of her home when she was not there. when she arrived, she had to call the police. the similarity of the energy of the perpetrator at the door of our session and the energy of the person who let themselves into my patient’s apartment unannounced forcibly and would not leave, was uncanny. and I had known the symbolism the moment the man showed up at the door during our session together. when I spoke with her about all of it, it made immediate sense and further sense to both of us as to the connection. the point here is, I drew in HER reality – right to MY door. her reality literally and physically knocked at my door. talk about the Universe being LOUD.

this is a perfect example of energy in motion, showing up in tangible form. this is why it is SO important to watch our thoughts and keep ourselves as aligned as possible. whatever we are thinking is simultaneously forming itself. now, there is DEFINITELY a delay from 5d to 3d manifestation, so do not worry yourself about some of your negative thoughts. also, one positive thought outweighs many many many negative thoughts. I might be a rare case, due to the work that I do, in which I literally see and experience in 3d form the nature of the session I am about to have. it often shows up before, during and after a session. if it is an illness such as cancer, I will experience it in the part of my body associated with the person I am to see. I will walk down the street and hear about it as I pass strangers in conversation before I see new said patient. and if I do not properly take care of myself after a session with the proper rest, alone time, detox and food, I will develop symptoms that would ordinarily send your average Jane to the doctor for a checkup.

I will make it clear again that my experiences are most definitely exaggerated by the Universe to assist me with doing the work that I do. but, I want to get the message out there that even though it might be expedited for me, it is not any more true or real than it is for everyone else. we are all part of the Universe, and what we think / feel / who we communicate with DOES indeed become part of our lives. I have learned the hard way in the past, and even in the not so distant past. sometimes if I am not in a session but just going about my every day life, I miss signs and symbols. for example a couple of months ago, I was sitting and talking with someone I had been spending time with to help them with a project. my sacral was literally bleeding when I was in their presence, and I did not have my menstrual cycle at that time. I also felt like it was hard to urinate when I was in their presence. at the time, I thought perhaps I was picking up on someone I was recently in a session with or even someone else in my immediate physical environment. I was missing the signal from the Universe that was letting me know: the person in front of you who are giving your time and energy to is literally drawing blood from a stone (and you are the stone, because there is no blood left for them to draw from you). this person was toxic, vampiric and dishonest. obviously I was blindsided and surprised as I would never intentionally spend time around someone like this. but, it was just another lesson the Universe was giving me, and this one was harder than past lessons. they really veiled this person and made it hard for me to see his truth. however, the very next day after the random bleeding and kidney pain, everything became abundantly clear; I found out some very clear-cut lies and misdeeds of this person (*side-note: this occurred during a month-long binge watch of American Greed! [makes headachey face] I won’t bother posting an explanation as to why, other than the fact that I simply enjoyed the show*). thankfully I was able to cut him off like cancer and get back on the track of my physical, spiritual and emotional power and energy force. things like this no longer affect me for more than a day or two, whereas in the past they would affect me for weeks or months. it is amazing to have built this endurance through suffering tricks and illusions. I now welcome the tricks and illusions because I learn so much!

when I mention parallel realities, I do so in the sense that we begin to mirror another person’s reality VERY fast with even minimal exposure to them. even if we do not see the signs and symbols of such. another person’s reality is only an intangible (parallel, potential reality) expression of our 5d exposure to them, until it becomes 3d. if we do not focus heavily enough on them or for too long, or if our own belief system totally defies what they represent, we will likely never see a 3d manifestation of their reality into ours. if and when we do, what arises is that we pull in the other person’s reality and merge it with ours after we have given it enough focus or attention. there are infinite possible parallel realities! for example if we have a lot of positive things happening in our life, the other person might soon or eventually notice the same happening in theirs. this can change or stop at any time, if one party is carrying all of the burden or work or if one party decides they do not want the same things as the other party. if both parties remain in contact while being on different tracks, discord can occur and we can become misaligned. the Universe will speak to us even louder at that point to see if we “get it” (i.e. my sacral issues with the second person mentioned in this blog). when we are engaging with a person who is purely positive and we are purely positive (what I mean by purely positive is that we are not negatively focused, we live in a constant state of surrender and forgiveness and we are as aligned as we can hope to be), we can manifest a lot quicker and at a more loving vibration. suddenly we will notice even more “strokes of luck”. if our encounter with another person is very brief, we still pull in that person’s reality for a short time. it may be minutes, and it may be days. this is why meditation, cord-cutting and exercise and self-awareness is so important (what we subconsciously believe about ourselves or our lives is directly tied to merging realities / parallel realities, and I have covered that in other blogs). we literally get what we focus upon. and it happens at LIGHTNING speed BEHIND the scenes before it shows up in 3d, and then we are surprised as to how/why xyz showed up. being conscious and aware is the best thing we can do to ensure we are constantly recycling energy not necessary for us.

this is one of the reasons psychic readings are so difficult – difficult in terms of accuracy. if a reader reads for someone who has a certain set of beliefs and then they go and change those beliefs, they alter their entire reality. psychic readings (GOOD ONES) can be good when used as weather maps only – if they are used as crutches, they will never work. if they are used as guides and the person getting the reading knows themself very well, they can be very helpful.

start paying attention to the conversations and general traffic in your life, and the people in it. look at what is happening in another person’s life or how they choose to live their life, and see what is showing up in yours around your communication with them. if you watch a particular tv show often, pay attention to what nuances of the show you see show up in your own life the next day after watching. if you are a negative speaker and complain about politics all day and complain about how unfair the world is with zero focus on solution, watch how disappointed you will continue to be with people on a daily basis. thoughts, words, experiences and emotions are all energy in motion — 5d to 3d. this is not bs, this is standard physics. you can control a lot more in your life than you realize. we are what we expose ourselves to, period.

parallel realities: we are what we expose ourselves to. where attention goes, energy flows.