Suzie’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine®

Published on Aug 2, 2017

the beautiful, in every way, Suzie. what a pure joy of a person to work with. this was such a great session for me also because Suzie is so super accountable. she has been doing her “work” for a long time on her own, and she is very self-aware. it just makes our work together that much more palpable and quantifiable. every time I got to speak with Suzie for a remote or whatever, I always got a huge smile on my face. thank you Suzie, for being SUZIE, and for this honest share. as most would guess, it’s not easy to share personal truths publicly, even if the truths are shared in a general sense. it is always my hope that each person’s share inspires someone else to think outside of the box about their inner work and life and the potentials that exist – we are more than what we see and hear with our human eyes and ears. there are ways of opening and doing things that we did not learn at home, in school, from society, or from our therapist. it’s important to keep looking for what will connect us most to our deepest self, whatever that may be.