Melissa’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

MELISSA. Melissa has been in sporadic and lovely touch with me for the last two years. one thing I would like to make clear about her testimonial here is her mention that we have been in touch — I have not counseled her or offered her any extra work beyond her initial session. it sounds like it, but that is because she is one of the most gracious and grateful people to walk this planet. in fact, Melissa asked nothing of me after we met. it is rare that this happens, and I actually encourage those I work with to reach out as much as possible with needs and questions during the few weeks following. anyhow, Melissa’s reach-outs to me actually came in the form of notes in the mail, a couple of lovely and unexpected and meaningful gifts from her travels, and loving updates that were brief and positive. what amazes me is that how someone who asked so very little of me has felt my world of support within them. this is what I hope and pray for, with every session, no matter how much we communicate afterward. this woman here has a heart of gold and she is also a teacher – as she explains in the video that she unexpectedly sent to me last night.

the best thing about her video is her explanation about the journey/path…it is an unpredictable one, and it is surely worth it. the other best thing about what she says is that there is someone for every one of us…indeed.

thank you so much Melissa.