Happy Harvest Full Moon: “No full moon comes without a warning of changes yet to arrive” …and what this full moon period means for me.

here’s me, above, as a tike. I can relate to her these days now more than ever, as I begin to remember all that she knew at that time, before it was quickly forgotten…

Happy Harvest Full Moon: “No full moon comes without a warning of changes yet to arrive.” — Sara Coughlin, Refinery29

above is a nice article I found about our Fall Equinox full moon which lands in the wee hours of the morning EST this Tuesday September 6. the timing of this full moon also reflects the end of the Mercury Retrograde (September 5). I like the above quote in the article, because last month I had MANY warnings of changes yet to arrive!

for me, personally, this full moon period represents the most massive thematic endings of this year. the energetic and mystical lessons that were not so much presented to me, but rather reinforced, are in full form right now. these lessons are basically centered around how energy travels. main theme of them: we become who we expose ourselves to. in other words, if we are engaging or spending time with anyone who does not live (or earnestly strive to live) in alignment, our best state is only as good as their worst efforts. remember again: energy flows from top to bottom.

energy travels like electricity. basically, if I engage all day with Paul, and Paul has a secret addiction that I do not know about (consciously — remember, we ALWAYS know things UNconsciously! this is the psychic part of all of us, whether or not we choose to tune in), Paul’s secret addiction will find it’s way into my life. somehow. or, let’s say I hire Susan to do a contract job for me. and let’s say Susan has some secret or shady business dealings that are “hidden” from me and the rest of the world. eventually, sooner or later, those dealings will literally become my business or my lifesomehow. we can’t escape energy. this is where we are so, so wrong in thinking that 1) our actions do not have equal and strong ripple effect consequences and 2) we can engage with xyz terrible person/action and somehow “stay separate” from it. we can not stay separate from it. but, we CAN discern it and cut it.

this full moon, for me, is about going inward all over again. it is about cutting off all of my limbs, to re-grow them based only on what I want. in order to do this, especially if we have unwittingly attracted energy or situations into our lives as the above examples suggest, sometimes we have to make difficult short term decisions. this might mean changing all of our contact information and disconnecting from any and all acquaintances (for more on this, please read my post about why successful people don’t have time for bullshit!), depending upon what we want to cultivate around us. it might mean selling a home that we just purchased because “something is just not right”, even though it makes no logical sense. FUCK the logical. trust me. in order to see what we are truly working with, what our energy is, devoid of the actions and energy of others, we must often cut off all of our limbs. our limbs may indeed be that new home, or that new business plan, or that new client, or that new friend or lover, or that new job, etc etc etc.

I get to work with a lot of super duper successful people. the one thing I notice that we have in common energetically, is that if something does not feel right, we cut it off. no matter who and what it is. and no matter who is connected to it. we must do this, in order to see where the gas leaks in our lives are coming from. if we cut off a connection to something that we suspect is connected to the gas leak, but it’s actually not, then we need not fear our actions or how they are interpreted if we are actually dealing with another EQUAL above board energy. equal and above board energies always understand like-mindedness. however, once we remove all suspected avenues or conduits of the gas leak, and the energy around us changes for the better, we know that we were living someone else’s reality somehow. again: we get what we focus on. we become who we engage with, whether we know their particular inside dealings or not. this is inescapable and I’m actually so tired of having to explain this to people, because it is so black and white to me.

another thing: nothing can be created and sustainable that is not from pure light, pure intention and pure alignment. when we deal in the foggy, the desperate, the forced, we suffer. hardcore. maybe not at first, but eventually. there is no such thing as darkness: only the absence of light, which the darkness will feed off of. darkness, like death, ultimately pays for light/life (kind of a game of thrones reference there!). but there is no such thing as getting something for free in life. if we can’t do the internal work, and we shortcut our journey with force of any kind, we will suffer. things may look bright for awhile — and then they will collapse. if we engage and spend time, in any way, with others who do not know the meaning of taking the correct and honorable long road, we will absorb their darkness as they feed off of our efforts. until we sink. until something we have created is sunk. it’s physics. some might call it witchcraft, but there is no such thing. there is physics and physics only. there is no such thing as dark, so take a look around at this time and see what/who does not play by the same moral compass as you. it might be very hard to admit at first, but once you do, you can take an action and see that your connection to anything less than alignment was tugging on you.

I can’t begin to explain how much this moon cycle is an opportunity for us to each have some important “never, ever, again” moments. I am having a major “never, ever again” moment around a particular lesson in my life. it’s one I already know, which is why it can be a “never, ever again” moment. it’s just one that I had not 100% implemented until now. it centers around listening to cues, signs and signals in very obvious 3d form and adhering to them. it also centers around listening to what *I* know about energy and how it travels, and listening to THAT, even if there is no one else around me to understand what I am seeing. the bottom line here is that in order to succeed in both lessons/moments, I must completely and utterly throw out the one biggest fear of the human condition: being liked. and I realized this last month, I don’t any longer care whether I am liked or not. this was the most liberating feeling to have. because it did not mean that I would be less kind, less caring or less soft. rather, it meant that I could absolutely follow my intuition without a care in the world. this…is the hardest thing any of us will ever do. because the general human condition fears so, so much, not being liked. well shit! I am freer and freer by the day…not needing to be liked is the ultimate freedom to get in alignment and live in truth. and then the sky is the limit.

as many personal lessons — both tangible and intangible — presented this past month, leading up to this weekend for me — I began taking actions in accordance with them. and what I found was a brand new power inside of me. we each have power inside of us. but that power can never be given TO us. we can not get it from a fucking candle or ritual or spell. it can either be drawn upon from the inside, or reflected back at us so that we must take an action to own that power. I took a number of steps and fell into an even greater paradigm of tangible 3d support. of new people. of a new supportive reality. I did this by looking at the obvious — some of it only obvious to me, and some of it obvious to almost anyone — and taking action around it. that action showed me what was mine and what was not mine and it prompted a new internal thus external reality.

there were many, many illusions this year, that presented as final tests for me. in accordance, I know that the fall of each year is always a HUGE time for me. deaths (actual physical deaths around me) occur, major opportunities arise (career etc) and moves (geographical and otherwise) take place. the illusions, that in retrospect are so very clear now, have become vivid and, like dead snakeskin, are falling off. we might ask ourselves “again!? why is this happening again!?” – well, we don’t have to let it happen again, we can stay where we are, and wonder why we are stuck… or, we can accept that we have a greater calling and step up to that difficulty and change and face it and work with it.

the gas leaks in the form of people and their habits (“hidden” and not), the lessons around fully seeing who and what is around me, the tests that have arisen in the form of 3d “evidence”, and the opportunity to conquer illusion through courage (giving zero fucks about who likes me or doesn’t) is what I am personally entering into this full moon with on September 6. I don’t get to control the way the Universe presents lessons to me, I can only listen and act. it may not make sense at the time, and I may not like it, and I may find it unfair, but it is all information that serves a purpose and begs an action. if I listen, I get to “level up” or graduate to the next phase of my life’s purpose. if I reject the hardship, reject the opportunity to listen and change, then I rely on outside sources (force, not power) to assist me and I repeat the lesson/information even harder the next time. the only internal power that we can learn is through dying a million little deaths and acting with the best moral compass we know.

there are big, dream-come-true changes for my business and message taking place right now. there is support coming from every direction to assist me, because I am listening and taking the steps that it seems so few of us humans are willing to take (like risking being who we actually are, and living in alignment, and being liked or NOT for it all). as I step into September it feels like a whole new world for me already. and if there is one theme I can express here that is at the helm of the winds of change for all of us, it is this: we become who and what we are exposed to, and we also become who and what they are exposed to. you decide how you want to navigate that.