Elaine’s fertility circles

photo by Weimin Wang

this post is born out of the incredible and staggering number of fertility miracles I have experienced with my work (in particular, as of late).

for years, people have asked me to do workshops. to do talks. “you could make so much more money that way!” they would say to me. if I chose to work with people because I needed to eat, none of my sessions would work out. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: I was dead broke when I came out of the closet with my healing work, and I STILL turned down sessions. true power comes from integrity, and ONLY from integrity. anything else is fucked.

one reason I have not done group events or workshops is I become overwhelmed by all of the energy hitting me at once. I’m using a different antenna when I tune into someone’s life, and it’s extremely overpowering at times, even just upon returning a phone call regarding a session request or a session itself or a follow-up phone call post session. up until recently, I had completely written off ever doing events. also, events just seemed hokey to me. there is so much bs out there. I never wanted to remotely resemble that, so I guess that is/was part of my ego rejecting the notion. I have worried, in the past, about how my work is perceived because of the bad rap the “spiritual” community receives. then I realized, that I am not part of any community. I am community. and I work with many communities. and so my feeling around group events evolved a little bit.

another reason I have not wanted to do a TED Talk or group event is my fear of public speaking. I’ll say it right here: I am terrified of it. I took a class or two last year and I couldn’t even say my name during the one-on-one. call it past life, current life trauma, whatever — it is something I continue to work through. and I have to separate what is psychological and what is energetic (i.e. literally feeling everyone in the room via all of my senses and staying open enough to help them / closed enough to maintain my own balance).

all of this said, something has just been born. well, literally and figuratively. let me explain. this year, I noticed babies EVERYWHERE in my personal life. friends were pregnant for the first time (we do it late here in NYC!), newborn baby twins just moved in next door to my bedroom and I can hear them screaming day and night (it’s actually cute), and newborn babies are everywhere any time I go out to eat. totems, readings I received, etc, all had the pregnancy card. BUT — what was most crucial is the fact that I currently have over half a dozen pregnant patients. who saw me specifically for fertility. 2 of them just gave birth a few weeks ago. the cases were extremely sensitive and particular. the most riveting fact about all of the pregnant women in my life, is that I met each of them at different times between 2014 and 2016 — and ALL of them became pregnant in 2017. they are all scheduled to deliver within a couple of months of one another. I can not ignore this fact, and I can not ignore the message I kept getting this month regarding further opening my work around fertility, which I will elaborate on in a bit…

I have been extremely hesitant in the past to discuss my work with fertility (by the way, there were many other successful births prior to 2017 — this just happens to be the year that such a large number of women patients of mine all got pregnant at roughly the same time). it is a sensitive subject, and I understand the often crushing emotional depths of such from my intense one on one sessions with now-pregnant women. I saw them after they went through horrendous miscarriages, unsuccessful IVF treatments, and awful doctors who were financially motivated. I wasn’t sure I would even include fertility as a key word on my social media tags. this is how sensitive I am to the subject. I also want/ed to make it clear, that I can NOT help everyone who wants to see me. so, to even consider doing an event around fertility, seemed illogical because how would I screen people? but then things began to come together for me around all of my work and all of my concerns and yet all of my knowing regarding fertility…

after the birth of two recent babies, I got smacked over the head by the Universe with the message to help women in small groups, in a similar capacity as my one on one sessions. it all made sense literally overnight as to how I would navigate this in the best way possible, in a way that I also intuitively screen out my regular one on one sessions — knowing NOTHING about a person prior (other than the fact that, in this case, it would be fertility related — that said, the CAUSES are different for every single person! but I have diagnostics on the causes, as is the nature of my sessions to run and work with). I have tremendous support from the women who know what our work together created, and I have tremendous support in the outer world in terms of venues tied to understanding my work, where I would consider hosting my now upcoming fertility circles.

for starters, this is not an official announcement regarding commencing my fertility circles, rather it is an announcement for what is to come within the next month or two so that those interested might prepare per my notes below. I will be hosting fertility circles. I will make the announcement when it is time to register patients for the fertility circles. for now, if you are interested or know someone who is, these are the bare bone facts regarding these fertility circles:

  1. they will run similarly to a regular session in that the prospective patient must read both of my pre req books from my website under pre reqs. this is not hard to find on my site, and my requirement for any session is that someone read my entire site.
  2. all of my eBooklets, #1-6, must be purchased and read in their entireties. I am NOT promising event entry or a session of any type just because someone purchased my eBooklet(s) or regular session pre req books (which are not mine).
  3. I do not and will not know anything about the person before I see them. same rules as my regular sessions. the only difference is that I will obviously know there are fertility challenges.
  4. I will not say yes to everyone. I do not take people just to take a session. for one, I don’t have to. for another, I am not interested in unbalanced energy. I will feel it in my body if it is the right person and right time.
  5. just like my regular sessions, there are no guarantees. the WORK that I present and the information that I offer is the responsibility of the person engaging with me to do and continue doing. the crux will be your unconscious mind. think about this before thinking an outside force is the solution to all of your problems.
  6. I will not tell someone things that they want to hear. what I see is what I will share. if this makes someone uncomfortable, it won’t be the right situation for them. for example, if it is black and white that someone is trying to force an impossible relationship and the baby is the solution for them, I will tell them that black and white. I will not bullshit anyone and I certainly won’t be paid to do so. so, if someone is fooling themselves unconsciously or spiritually, they will hear about it from me. no amount of IVF can solve that either. in my regular sessions regarding fertility, I have shared things people did not want to hear about themselves or their lives or those around them. if someone is not willing to hear the truth, it will not be the right event for them.
  7. I will host these circles from a venue or venues that has significance to me in more than one way. it will also be a venue in which we can connect beyond our human minds. probably not in the middle of the woods right away, as I plan to begin at a particular NYC venue that has personal/professional meaning.
  8. the circles will be 2 nights long, and there will be a lot of open Q&A involved during the afternoons (when we are active in the fertility circles). the event will include 2 nights at the particular venue.
  9. I will limit the circles to 10 people. aside from the fact that this will be a 2night/2day-ish situation, I will offer private one-on-one time during the event.
  10. I will include at least one prior successful patient either as a special guest, or a skype guest, during the event. of course this is not a simple 1-2-3 process and I want to provide support with someone who has done the work per my suggestions and is able to share that with those in a similar position to the one that they once were.
  11. when it is time to announce my first fertility circle, I will make a public post about it on my blog/s and attach to social media. at this time, I will be open to receiving voicemails on the business line ONLY from those who have followed the instructions listed here as well as on my website regarding a regular session. AFTER the books have not been read, and AFTER the eBooklets have been read and it is noted in the voicemail, we can discuss the particulars of the fertility circle.

so, yes! this is happening. soon. I am breaking out of my comfort zone due to the overwhelming number of babies speaking to me. my recent patient Nathalie — you can read my blog post about her as she started her own blog per my suggestion and got pregnant weeks later after lots of tribulations — and I were recently joking around about nicknaming me the baby whisperer. but, all joking aside, this is what this event calling of fertility circles feels like at the moment. and so it shall be. stay tuned!