when victims ruin the cause

photo by Pia Oyarzun

I am always a fan of the truth. I’ve said for years that the truth is on the rise, we are in the age of Aquarius, and it will only continue to get more blinding (the truth).

I also notice, alongside the good old truth, the rise of trolls who use such high tides for their own misdirected (and compltely unhealed) platforms which only end up diluting the cause. for example. this morning, a poor little dear who claims to support women’s rights and shares open disdain for abusive men thought it OK to comment on one of my photographs and let me know how sexual it was, and “how am I supposed to feel safe” etc. puh-leeze. this is an example of a human troll, using the internet for personal psychological issues that they should be confronting in therapy. the reason that what this person and others like her do is dangerous, is that it misdirects the cause — which is supposedly supporting the very fabric of other women and holding them in a space free from exactly what this troll did with her comment (I am sure I’m not the only one, the world wide web is a feeding frenzy for people who can’t focus on themselves. I also don’t discount base-level human jealousy which used a “stance” as an excuse to express such). it convolutes any message around supporting victims of sexual assault and rather directs the attention at the skin and bones (superficial appearance) of a woman or human being. as if my image needed any defense whatsoever (it doesn’t), I am one of the more conservative people I know in terms of expressing my divine feminine. I don’t post bikini pics or selfies. and actually, I could care less about those who do. you do you, girl! since I know who I am, I am not “triggered” by the shit that women carrying unresolved (dangerous) issues are provoked by. the irony (or not) when I quickly looked at the troll’s personal page, is that they work for a holistic company which features a half-naked woman getting a massage for their cover photo.

anyhow, I digress, because I am giving the troll too much energy that will never serve her or anyone like her. these are lost causes that thrive more on being an actual troll than embodying powerful and newsworthy initiatives. I won’t even bother comparing my body of work that I endeavor to be completely game-changing and empowering to others to the life of a troll. my point is, it is important to pay attention to the fact that many people will use their “position” or experience as their actual personality — because they have nothing else or nothing left of themselves to be — some people BECOME their experience and it absolutely dilutes the message. they become their experience because they are too lazy to do the work in working through it, so it is easier for them to dilute the message by means of temporary personal relief of some sort, like a tantrum (online, hiding behind a computer). and when the message is diluted in this way, it opens the door for the very sins of the abuse or cause itself to expand. it’s just plain dangerous. for example. someone without a core, someone with no authentic voice, will easily bandwagon a rise of truth around sexual assault or harassment (which is an important truth to rise) and ruin it/dilute it with personal motivation such as trying to soothe via attention (they have to rock a negative vibe because they have nothing else to say, or they are suffering from unrelated psych issues or something). sometimes, these people are celebrities, and that makes everything even worse (why, oh why, do we value the opinions of famous people — other than the fact that in which case we probably don’t have a voice of our own and we want to “fit” somewhere, anywhere!). and suddenly, with little to no responsibility for their words, they have ruined an entire cause just because we have something called the internet. and also, just because it’s on the internet, or someone said it, does not mean it is true…

the main way that victims ruin the cause is by way of the fact that they are not healed enough in the first place to speak objectively and intelligently about it. when there is tremendous pain and emotion involved in someone’s “stance”, and they have not done the personal emotional work necessary to actually CONTRIBUTE to the cause, the energy of the cause gets tainted. for example; I went through a LOT before doing the work that I do publicly. it was also (among other things) on par with current topics. and on a soul and psychological level, I KNEW that I needed to clear that debris before I helped others or became vocal. otherwise, my unresolved personal issues would somehow take center and convolute important messages. I wanted to be in a position of power, not weakness, and in order to do that, I had to resolve (on my own, not THROUGH others) any leftover conflict I had around my own history of abuse of all kinds. otherwise, important lines get blurred.

there is a difference between a toddler in the middle of a tantrum and a toddler post tantrum; the emotion, the outrage, has been processed and they are in a place where they are easier to communicate with. the mess of hysterics caused by xyz has faded and there is clarity. it is the same with victims of any cause. we no doubt need to kick and scream and process everything that has caused us pain — but we need to do all of it before we can become CONSTRUCTIVE with that and actually create change instead of NOISE. if we are creating noise, we are diluting/ruining said cause. if we are able to stand in our power, and our motivations are clear and not obstructed by our deep need to go to quality therapy and/or sort through what is what, we can actually make a contribution to truth. if we are kicking and screaming and pointing a finger and defaming random people whom we have never even met, while trying to “rock a cause”, we have only contributed to ruining that VERY IMPORTANT cause/truth.

the age of truth that we are in right now is calling for each of us to KNOW THYSELF. those who ruin valuable causes do not know themselves. they look at the world from the outside in, not from the inside out. and there is no power in that, only an addition to the very thing one is speaking out against: injustice. injustice occurs when we use force, versus power. force is fear, power is love. if I am too distracted by the outside world to look at my own life, I will never heal. and me never healing ruins the cause. I might as well be the problem itself. in fact, that is kind of the point, I suppose: my peace is the barometer of my power. without peace, I have no power. it is up to ME to find that peace. and when I have peace, I am able to constructively destroy that which needs to be destroyed, that which attempted to ruin me: force. but becoming one with force, on any level, is a total fail. it is in this way that victims ruin the cause.