Healing Elaine: researching cool space where we can burn stuff for upcoming general events

photo by Pia Oyarzun

I tend to be an all-or-nothing person. this can make planning the simpler things, not so simple. in terms of planning a workshop or event, I tend to stand in my own way because I care so much about each person who may attend, and what they expect/want/need. therefore the workshops that I have been focused upon organizing thus far are intimate, I have specific feelings about the space they should be in, and I have been very concerned about giving my “all” to each person who attends — hence making them small in terms of attendance. I also realize lately, that so many people are hungry for an event, any event of mine, right now, and it doesn’t have to be so deep and cultivated in the way that I have been organizing my fertility events. therefore, we are researching space that is still cool and intimate, but will hold 20-30 people. I want to do this soon as the burning requests for such reach me daily and I go to sleep every night thinking about each one of them. I know what people want. most of the requests are coming from people whom I have already worked with! they are ready for more, they are also ready to meet others like them. and I want to deliver this asap.

I want to burn stuff (sage, particular incenses) and have the flexibility for such while still in a positive, ionized space. if I go and do this at some midtown mainstream hotel, the vibes are going to be all. over. the. place. so, with a little more planning, a little more money, and with enough water (no food), we will work this. I realize I don’t have to go so “all in” like I am with some of the other more intimate gatherings, but I still want to honor you and myself in terms of what I am capable of giving energetically and logistically.

for these cool space sage and incense burning general events, we will have some general itinerary that will follow the guidelines of the outlines of my upcoming books — and basically, all that my blog discusses. that’s what you can expect — a lot of info, and all the feels. I’m not going to put together advance “selling points” as to what else the event offers. there will be a big fat general q&a, a group meditation and a group healing no doubt. feelers have been put out all day today for the right type of space that is awesome but uncomplicated. once we put up the event invite (both here in blog post format, as well as social media), there will be a link with either direct payment and confirmation instructions, or contact info for sign-up. I have not yet flushed out how we will manage the booking process but my assistant and event planner will handle it. I hope for this to happen in the next week or two. stay tuned both here as well as my Facebook page.