how to handle internet trolls


don’t ever.

not even with kid gloves.

trolls are hungry, sad, angry, thirsty, all of the above and then some. they want for you to return the same feelings. and when you do, you might as well send them money too. it’s the same thing.

block, spam, delete. but don’t ever handle or engage them.

and, if you are someone who is strong or courageous enough to put your truth on the line just by living it, and your “friends” or “supporters” decide to renege their support of you due to their perceived threat of possibly not fitting in for a moment as a result of another person’s negative comment about you, let them go. they don’t know you to begin with. this is also a mental note not to include them at your best-selling book’s party, or whatever it is you will continue to achieve in life once they want to be part of the good times again, obviously for purely personal gain. for more on that note, feel free to read my post on how to be grateful for your haters. they usually all end up on the same side of the street, some how, some way, whether they know each other or not.