Healing Elaine Event: Saturday October 28th, 3pm-10pm NYC

Please call 646 470 1178 and leave a message indicating that you would like to book this particular event for Saturday October 28th at 3pm in NYC, and please also note your familiarity with my blog or eBooklets and the concepts in such. Space will be limited, and there may be a wait list as early as tomorrow (I have nearly a dozen people in queue already). This event will not be booked via email or online. In the event you can not make this event because it is sold out or the date does not work, there will be future events.

The “format” for this event will be Q&A, following the themes in my blog, eBooklets and upcoming book. We will cover big picture themes as well as the nuances of such. There will be a group healing. We are doing this on a Saturday, so that you can spend Sunday “integrating” our conversation and beyond from this event. There will be no recording of this event permitted, and personal devices will not be allowed into the room (they can be left outside the room in a safe space).

I am beyond excited to see familiar faces, as well as some new ones. One bright light can illuminate an entire city block, and many bright lights can illuminate an entire city — this is important as people struggle to feel their own power. The point of this event is to illuminate the power that resides within each of us, purging that which does not belong to us, that which is not true.

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