new and exciting snazzy details for this weekend’s event!

I have rented a private NYC townhouse, fit for holistic treatments and beyond, for this event. in addition to the special and private feel (and as previously unreported in my initial post as this is a very recent and fun update!), we will be offering two private treatment rooms with specialized vibroacoustic liquid sound tables (snazzy!) for 15-minute interval chakra healings that will be optional for each event guest (I would say, for me, they will be mandatory! lol). these tables are used by holistic doctors (the space is HIPPA protected) and are quite magical. sound, smell and sensory across the board will be the focus of this event in addition, of course, to the long and intense conversations/Q&A we will have. in short: a very healing afternoon. please feel free to arrive as early as 2pm (though not to worry — they will be available ALL DAY, so if you want an intermittent break or two, this can happen) to take advantage of one of the rooms before we begin the event.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! actually, I can — I’m super excited!

please read my previous post about the 10.28.17 event if you aren’t sure what I am referring to here in this post or if you are interested in booking this event. it is almost sold out as of this evening and additional phone calls will be made tomorrow to confirm some last-minute guests. after that, an email will go out to each guest with more specific details (address, etc).