if you feel like you are dying this week/end, you are most likely rebirthing (yay! good!)

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

this week has held a very complicated energy. I feel and understand it in a way that can not be expressed in words, but for the sake of extending some peace and comfort to others who feel the way I do, I will try to explain it.

each of us is a sovereign being, unto ourSELF. however, because we are human, we pull in all kinds of experiences (ENERGY), past and present. experiences translate to energy because they create emotion — energy in motion. these experiences color our field — physically and astrally (think of those photos in which the energy of a body is photographed LEAVING it shortly after a physical death — this is the astral field and we all have it). like an electronic has programs on it, and requires specific signals or wavelengths to run those programs, so do we. the thing is, many of them are not inherently OURS. this is where the sovereign being notion comes in. the current time and space that is being presented on planet earth represents an OIL AND WATER SEPARATION of energy, in terms of what IS intrinsically and what is NOT because it has attached to us from the outside. an example of this could be a public figure who has no sense of self or identity, but who “wears” the energy of their fans. without that energy, that attention, they cease to exist. ALTERNATIVELY, and the exact other side of the coin example of this could be a very solid public figure who has a full sense of self or identity, but they are porous in nature and, like an electronic, catch viruses that lead to large numbers of people who want to (and do) feed off of their intrinsic solidity. in either case, here is what is happening and here is what is happening at this very moment on planet earth: ALL THAT EVER WAS IS NOW BECOMING. AND ALL THAT EVER WAS NOT, IS NOW UN-BECOMING. does this make sense? we are returning to our true source, and we are being forced to contend with that and ONLY that.

the distractions, the excuses and the bypassing has come to a screeching halt right now because it does not work anymore. this is truly great news for those of us who were lucky enough to come in with a sense of true integrity and identity, EVEN IF we have been destroyed (obliterated, even) by those close to us or even our caretakers. because like oil and water, the current climate is helping us to slough off what is NOT us. what is NOT ours. and as a result, all of us are freaking out in some way. for those of us who are shedding energy that is NOT ours, it may be a massive relief, but because we have been wearing it for so long, it has felt like home. we “know” this is a good thing to shed, but the pain of seeing it go is strong because in order for something to leave we must FEEL it. ultimately, many of us will be incredibly relieved to be able to BE the sovereign beings we came in as. others of us, who have literally been WEARING the energy of others, are going to really feel screwed. I see them scrambling for something, anything, anyone, to live in/with energetically. it is amazing, bewildering and bittersweet for me to witness. in both cases though, whether we are shedding an energy that has been feeding off of us, or whether we are shedding an energy that we have been feeding FROM, we will feel this shift. I think anyone reading this knows which case they are.

this post really lends itself to my eBooklet about the physics of karma. when I look at people and situations, I don’t have opinions — I see physics. many people have argued that “point of view” I have shared. only to later understand what I was explaining. for example. today I received an email from a BRILLIANT person who is an award winning someone. this person is incredible and working with them was one of my greatest satisfactions because of the caliber of their soul, and the intelligence of their being and quick brain. the email expressed the fact that shortly after the election, I said we had nothing to worry about. and how they understand now what I was saying. I saw it in terms of physics, not facts. facts can change like the weather. physics is…physics. I saw, with no opinion, where we are headed. and despite the fact that we may all see the very evident horror and destruction in our world/s, we are being destroyed to heal. this is not ideology, this is physics! you will see what I mean…one day, if not now.

this week in particular was really rough for many people. there was a lot of confusion, we have a full moon today, Mercury went retrograde today, and Saturn moved into Capricorn as of Friday for the next 2.5 years. combined with all of that planetary arranging, the energy moving into 2020 is 100% oil and water separation. depending on who we each are, deep inside, this is a good thing or a bad thing. but it will no doubt be hard for all of us, regardless of our point of origin or core. if you are struggling with this, I want you to know and rest easy with the fact that each of us will soon be left with WHAT WE CAME INTO OUR BIRTH EXPERIENCE WITH, AND ONLY THAT. for me, this is excellent news. I feel an excitement (despite feeling like I am giving birth to the most gigantic baby ever!) that I have not felt in many years or ever. I know what this excitement means. in a nutshell it is the tangible motion and experience of moving from 3d (the 3rd dimension — what is tactile, what I can touch or “see” in 3d — versus 5d — i.e. internet signals, what I can FEEL, how I communicate via electronics — our tiny planet is moving from 3-5 right now) into 5d. as our planet leaves its denser (and longstanding location of) 3d field, low-level energies (control, fear, greed, evil) must leave us as well. those who embody and can not / will not shed those denser energies are going to disintegrate eventually. the process of that disintegration has already begun, despite what we consider to be “true” or not or by watching the gosh damn news (please stop). those who embody higher energies will purge the 3d density (it’s happening as I type) that is not inherent to their very being. it is a very organic process and a very real and palpable process. if you feel like the experiences you are having right now internally or externally in the world are polarizing, hopefully this gives you a new context to understand what/why that might be.

our minds, bodies and ethereal fields are made in ways that we can’t ever possibly fully understand. after years and years of reading about them, I still learn more just from the work I have done with others in my practice and the life experiences I have had. but the point is, the Universe and the Universes within each of us are endless. and without providing a ton of “proof” or “evidence”, I want to be really clear in saying that it has never been a better time to be an inherently good person and be alive. if you have struggled to understand the lack of moral compass in our world, and the lack of goodness in others, and you haven’t become completely jaded by such but maybe you are just sad about it, I want you to know that the tables are turning. they have been turning. but it’s like a ship changing navigation — you set the dials for an inverted direction, and the new direction is happening, but the waves are still charging in that old direction. it doesn’t mean, however, that the waves represent what is happening behind the scenes. what is happening behind the scenes is an inversion in our reality, and truth. right now, it seems that no one knows what to believe anymore. this is a fantastic place to be in — a place where “facts” and “truth” have been obliterated beyond belief. why is it fantastic? it is fantastic because when the world around us becomes obliterated, or we do, there is the true opportunity for the truth to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. we are now stepping into a place where our CORE — our inner truth — will become our compass. not someone else’s words. not internet trolls or shitty-agenda people. but our CORE. with all of the obliteration taking place right now, we are moved closer to our core. and our core tells the truth, no matter what things “look like” around us. this is the best thing that could ever happen, as truth is undeniable. and in truth there is love.

hang on, please.