one of my “medical miracle” cases

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

as my work becomes more public, so will emerge many of the “medical miracle” cases and testimonials about such. it means the world to me to have these testimonials shared in a public fashion because it expands our notion of what is possible with the mind-body & ethereal body connection by modern medicine standards and expectations. that is why I do this work. that is the whole enchilada. to boot, a good number of my “medical miracle” cases are coming from recognized doctors, lawyers and scientists (my point being, it is not necessarily easy or encouraged to share such personal and “alternative” accounts, given the extremely regulated, fact-based and “proven” nature of those industries).

below is a testimonial sent to me today about my work from a New York State Attorney whom I saw last December (2016). for more info, please visit and review my entire site (I am currently focused on fertility), and see my google business/review pages:

“In December 2016, I was in the midst of the bleakest emotional, financial and physical crises I had ever experienced. My bank account had been hacked a month before, I had been in an accident that basically totaled my car a few months prior to that, and I was dealing with the consequences of the end of an almost 4 year relationship. In addition, this was all happening in my last semester of law school and while I was studying to take the New York State Bar exam. As daunting as these challenges were–and they most certainly were–what was most troubling, and most poignant, was a sharp, debilitating physical pain I experienced continuously. It felt as if, someone was violently stabbing me with an ice pick, and then trying to sever my insides at the same time. This pain was chronic—I usually experienced it as an ongoing, background sense of discomfort, which heightened to a degree that was patently unbearable if I sat for more than 30 to 45 mins at a given time or stood for that long. This was understandably problematic given that in order to study for the bar exam, I needed to stay seated or standing between 10 and 13 hours everyday for 2 months. The exam itself is administered for 6 hours a day over two days. It was difficult to imagine how I was going to pass the exam when I couldn’t stay still for more than 30 mins without feeling excruciating pain, regardless of whether I stood or sat down. Mysteriously, this pain came out of nowhere: I’d never experienced anything like it before. I went to see a number of doctors to find a solution and treatment. I saw general practitioners, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons… I racked up substantial medical debt to find a solution… but to no avail. These issues subjected me to tremendous stress, and I was borderline depressive. Why am I beginning my testimonial with this introduction? Because I was the most bitterly skeptical about my chances of improvement. I felt like I’d come to a dead end: literally. I reasoned that I was afflicted with some kind of chronic ailment that would remain with me for the rest of my life, or until I’d resolved to give it up. It seemed no matter what I did, everything in my life was worsening, and I could not appreciate any of the benefits I had. Most importantly, I start my testimonial this way because working with Elaine was the absolute last thing I would consider doing, primarily because of my skepticism and, let’s be honest, the steep cost. But you know what? Today I’m pain free, and have been since I took the decision to work with Elaine. It would seem coincidental (although now I understand it was anything but) that I had my session merely 2 weeks before I took the bar exam. Thanks to our work, the pain stopped immediately, and has since not resurfaced. I took and passed the bar exam, graduated from law school, and have accomplished much more since our session. In many ways, my experience with Elaine was nothing short of miraculous, but it was hardly a miracle. There are clear, tangible factors that have shaped the person I was and the life I lead to that point. More than anything, my work with Elaine has helped me identify these factors so I could harness them for my benefit. I am now in control of my life, and living it in ways I could hardly imagine possible a little over a year ago. I am writing this testimonial almost a year to the day that I had an accident in my car, and even I am stupefied at how much my life has changed. Whenever I forget just how much has occurred, or whether any of this happened at all, I just remember the debilitating pain I experienced, and how close to the brink I had been pushed.”

– Patrick Taqui