The Healing Elaine® Movement: Bridging the Gap Between Medical & Spiritual™ via multimedia

logo by Shamona Stokes

when I began this work in an actual official capacity (no more hiding), roughly 8 years ago, I began journaling about my experiences from my very first tiny office which I rented on an hourly basis. my phone would ring off the hook during the day, and I would schedule nearly a dozen people per week at night. I would then meet with them for roughly 2-3 hours each (even in the beginning, my process was unconventional, as I was interested in more than simply “reiki-ing” someone — I wanted to help and then SEE them TRANSFORM), and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: regular people, just like you and me, except for one thing — they were each in personal awakenings. I understand that it is and was my criteria, the content listed on my site then and now, which sent me particular individuals. with regard to their personal awakenings, I wanted to articulate what the value in our work together would be in terms of SOME kind of tangible movement, even if small. I wanted evidence. I wanted to know that what I was doing mattered. it was for this reason that I over-extended my time, both in person and from a distance. I was interested in their actual human process — beyond simple and basic psychological reasoning. I recall writing about this in my journal at night — the fact that I was absolutely stricken with bewilderment, as well as fulfillment, that nearly each and every time (session), I was catching someone who was in the middle of a classic personal awakening that they would see through; and, it didn’t matter WHY they were seeing me (cancer, death of a loved one, an unknown reason and simple curiosity, or a mystery illness) — the common denominators and processes were nearly identical. and none of them had any clue as to what was actually happening to them – at least from a more philosophical or esoteric point of view. this must have been what my soul asked for, when I committed to coming out of the closet and doing this work — extremely revelational cases, particularly as they relate to the unseen realms (now trending as “ascension!” and “woke“! and “awakening!”) one by one! I knew that there was so much more to share, beyond the actual sessions themselves, and I was curious to see how and when that would reveal itself in an appropriate media-related capacity.

at first, a number of years ago, I dialogued with tv drama creators and producers. would I be able to join their teams as a writer, contributing to their medical dramas with loosely based experiences from my sessions? I was certainly interested in the creative/metaphysical, but I did not want to taint the very real nature of what I as well as others had seen and experienced. I had a number of conversations with some really talented people, and nothing ever worked because it did not feel right. let me be clear in saying that the word “no” that comes from me has been said many times, to many glittery “opportunities” — because I am not on this earth to sell out sacred intent and purpose. I consider my work, and the experiences of others, and the byproduct of it all, to be sacred and purposeful. I was approached by several networks as well, to discuss docu series or even reality series (no thank you), and none of that felt right — even when the carrot was dangled “just so”. I said no to major public features and press and also cross promos with major celebrities that would surely build a strong social media following, because of that same thing — it — whatever “it” was — just didn’t feel right. I always had to ask myself “why”? the only benefit I could ever see that would come from being known is one thing and one thing only: HELPING PEOPLE. so as the years went by and I began to feel some creative frustration, I just kept…working. I listening to my core and knew that I was passing various unseen “tests” that one of my advisors had told me years prior I would have to pass: the test of saying “no” to “huge opportunities” in the tangible realms. I learned long ago that money/material and unsustainable things like fame/attention mean absolutely NOTHING, so this was actually not so hard. what was hard, though, was waiting for my inner green light to shine. the blinking yellow or red lights had been there for far too long in my mind. as I continued to navigate the many different wolves and cayotes in my midst, posing as sheep or opportunities, things became clearer and clearer — and the green light began to appear in the distance.

the green light is now right in front of me. I began to see how I could share my message with others who have been through what my patients have been through — shared in an expansive way, in which I didn’t feel like I needed to keep taking healing sessions with the entire general public just because I knew I could help them (in fact burnout started to become legit for me as early as last year – clearly a prep and slow-down for the now-moment). my desire to share “the message” with as many people as possible without burning myself out became super strong, and I realized that I had these hundreds of people who constantly wanted to stay in contact — how could I manage that in a positive way that would be positive for everyone? this is when the format for The Healing Elaine® Movement began to emerge…

one day, I was approached by one of my C-Suites. she wanted to “talk”. she was not the only one. suddenly at some point last year there seemed to be a lot of interest circling me and this nebulous “work” of mine. individuals, corporations, investors and so on. one thing led to another, and suddenly I decided to just start taping all of the nuanced subjects that my sessions cover — subjects that it seems so many of us are afraid to discuss in our personal or professional arenas. subjects that my former patients are not only comfortable speaking about, but now excited to speak about. I have cried with many of them, and for many of them, regarding said subjects. I looked around at these hundreds of incredible people who had passed through the eye of needle — they had been in the storm and successfully transcended it! these were and are the people who are relatable on every level. they are executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, students, and so on. they are former medical professionals who left their linear confines to perform healing work. they are former executives who threw in the towel at their corporate job to follow their joy and purpose (do you know how hard it is to do that!?). they are you and me. they are the same soul scattered in many different bodies — which you will note when watching them, as everyone seems to FEEL the same…and yes, they were chosen to work with by my intuition and nothing more. this was my first and foremost intention — to work from the inside out. and so I have received the most incredible patient base imaginable — others, who also work from the inside out. those who will take the stigma OUT of working from the inside out. and so this month a fabulous friend and former patient was gracious enough to host a couple of meetings and conversations on behalf of my expansion…and then recently the taping of an incredible teaser intro to what will be shared…The Healing Elaine® Movement.

each of the people seen in the upcoming teaser series (a social media montage of numerous quotes and experiences) that will define and present a soon-to-come larger media-accessible picture are all former patients of mine. they have responded to my blog posts, and shown ongoing support for the very thing they themselves have seen through — personal awakening and transitions. The Healing Elaine® Movement will be comprised of a social media teaser set (to be announced and seen over the next few weeks and months), accompanied by a docu-series for which I am currently in pre-production. The Healing Elaine® Movement will SHOW versus tell. The Healing Elaine® Movement that is my work, that is my life experience and the life experiences of others, is unrivaled with authenticity. it is raw. The Healing Elaine® Movement, start to finish, will serve to assist and inspire others going through relative experiences, from the barrels of each soul who stands stronger because it has transcended that which can only be transcended from the inside out. if you are going through something that you feel has no language, no adequate words to express emotionally, and no place in your work or home for discussion, stay tuned to The Healing Elaine® Movement.

here are some clips from our master teaser