this weekend’s *Spring Solstice Pop Up*, general updates, and Healing Elaine® Movement details

photo by Anita Saini

I’ve taken most of March to work on projects and collaborations, not sessions. part of my “test” is always knowing when I can work/perform healing/advisory sessions, and when I can not. the test comes with knowing my energy levels beyond just feeling “great”. for example, sometimes I am in a period in which my sensitivities & intuition are ramping up — when in this period, I might feel great, but perhaps I should not be working as I integrate a new awareness both in and around me. last week, several people I have already worked with last year in my long/traditional sessions reached out for my ongoing pop up/abbreviated services. one of them I tried to schedule, and literally fell ill in the midst of such, per my recent post. the next person I scheduled for a pop up and actually saw, well, I fell to the floor when she walked into my space. the sensitivity that I had is not personal to her — I love her. she is wonderful on every level. yet, I was shown how sensitive I am becoming…again. I seem to go through these cycles every few months, and then realize that truly, my sessions expand and grow with intuitive information and unseen energy that moves through my physical body. I suppose that it is like growing a stronger muscle after a tear. during the session in/after which I fell to the floor, well I made it through just fine — we had a great session and follow-up. but I did need days of downtime and recovery as my field mimicked that patient’s state for longer than I’ve experienced in the past. and I’ve been waiting to feel “ready” to schedule a pop up session or two again, especially since there are scores of calls I have yet to touch. with that said, I am ready, and I have decided to announce my specific Spring Solstice Pop Up this weekend only. if you have already reached out and not heard back, please feel free to call again and leave a message stating that you are interested specifically in this weekend’s Spring Solstice Pop Up. call 818 253 9690. I will be scheduling a few sessions only for this event. beyond this weekend, please note my services section which are ongoing, pending availability. Happy Spring Solstice from snowy New York City!

now for the general updates. as I said above, I am getting more sensitive, as if that is even possible. during these times, I find myself needing 12 hours of sleep per night on a more regular basis. I read somewhere plus here that Einstein needed 10 hours minimum per night, and now I feel less weird. there are those like Tesla who only needed several hours per night…I wish! I am finding new footing these days, as I integrate pieces of my life that I left on hold about 10 years ago. that would be my social life, creative self-expression, and other aspects that just could not be part of my focus during the last decade. I’ve been on quite the mission. the integration is interesting for me, cognitively and physically and otherwise. I wrote a bit about it in my new moon post from last week. I am in another marked personal metamorphosis. I notice also, that I care less and less about who in the public sphere knows who I am and what I do — I had a fear of that for some time. saying yes to press of any sort has been super difficult for me. perhaps a paradox, I have craved sharing my experiences while shrouding myself in privacy. one of my deepest fears has been being public. I recall nearly a decade ago, leaving ABC studios after filming my soap opera scenes and seeing soap fans outside waiting for autographs of the actual stars like Susan Lucci, and I recall coiling into a ball inside and waiting until everyone was gone. I felt like I didn’t deserve any kind of attention, and I didn’t want it focused on me. this is probably one of the reasons I never signed with an acting agent and auditioned a total of maybe 3 times in my life. I couldn’t think of a worse thing than “publicly known” to be at times, in the past, especially after working with some very public people through my private practice and seeing their byproduct challenges of fame. with all of this said, my fear surrounding the above is actively lessening, which only means that it is time to take the actions that support or make friends with visibility. last week I was with a friend who has been a press and page six favorite for some time. I typically won’t meet friends or patients of this variety in public (especially since social media advances circa 2008), as silly as that may sound. it has been due to my fear of being public and being misconstrued, or whatever. I realized during my time with this friend, how strong a past life remembrance came through for me in terms of being pursued through a lens, and a disheartened feeling associated with such. I suppose I should do some past life or hypnosis work on myself, though these things tend to work themselves out during my dream state or upon waking — or during my actual psychotherapy sessions (one of my focuses, from the beginning of my personal psychotherapy, has been getting more comfortable with attention focused upon me). anyhow, I’m letting some new things in and letting some old things go. and as I let new things in and old things go, I typically have to hit the pause session on sessions (outside of the ones I am engaged in on retainer or an ongoing basis which is nearly ALWAYS) to become a fantastic cohesive energy once again!

as an extension of the general updates is the Healing Elaine® Movement. last week, I had a second dinner/event hosted by a lovely former patient and friend of mine at her downtown pad. per my previous blog post, I am including (as of now only former) patients in a project which aims to broaden the conversation, and ease the discomfort around discussing personal awakening and the association/corporate stigma that is attached to such a notion. part of my movement will not only bridge the gap between medical & spiritual™, but it will bridge the gap between our individual and collective inner worlds. as 95% of my patient base is of the standard 9-5 corporate variety, many whom actually make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, this is the perfect group within which to begin dialogues that are designed to engage people (and mainstream) versus scare them. as I continue to flush out the details of my event last week, I will create a page specifically for the Healing Elaine® Movement. this page will also serve as the call to action (CTA) for anything social media related. social media will play a large role in this. at the end of the day, many of us simply want to feel connected. we want to feel normalized with our inner world and inner thoughts, and we want to feel a common denominator that runs deeper than a happy hour with our colleagues. I can’t think of a better group of people, than my entire patient base, which I have cultivated so earnestly and carefully, over this past decade, to express their individual and collective common denominators in a way that speaks to the masses. there is a way to do this and we are doing it. if you are a former patient reading this, please leave a voicemail on the business line 646 470 1178 stating that you are interested in participating in the Healing Elaine® Movement. I will give you details. please be patient if I do not call you back right away. also, I expect we will roll out the first tier of this movement within the next month, so that those of you whom I have seen in the past can generate a better idea of what participation looks like. I received a number of messages last week from people who peeped my instagram page and were sad they missed the event — please know that everyone is invited and included (especially you, Leslie and Maryanne, Hannah and Emily etc! you all know who you all are! there are so many of you and I love you!)! I am taking about a dozen or so people at a time for this, and cultivating synergistic groups at specific times so that everyone feels good. we will have our next event also, within the next month, and I will post about that too, soonest.

if you are reading this and feel a connection to my Pop Up this weekend, general updates or Healing Elaine® Movement, I am excited to connect with you too!