fact: those who do not have inner peace will be triggered by yours

photo by Babita Patel

fact: those who do not have inner peace will be triggered by yours — carry on anyhow.

if you write about [it] peace and how you got it, or how you suggest others can get it, you will be trolled. questioned. people will spend a lot of time trying to explain to you how/why you are wrong. and what they are doing, during that time of energy expenditure, is actually desperately seeking inner peace. so realize that none of this is personal (I highly recommend the book The Four Agreements to expand upon not taking things personally). those who have not yet fought the good fight and won, will not understand. until they understand.

chances are, if you have inner peace (often the result of many inner deaths of self), you won’t be bothered by what others think or say. but in this age of tech insanity, full of bots and trolls, you might be tempted to engage. don’t. it’s an unconscious ploy of another being (or device) to absorb your peace. the smallest amount of food (your peace, by virtue of your engagement in naysayer negativity) will actually inappropriately sustain another person, because true peace is so rich in nature.

I used to be really tempted to give away my inner peace. for a whole host of reasons that I will not write about here (for more on that, there are countless articles about those reasons throughout my blog). I felt like if I had “more” of something, that I had to level it out (either via explanation, or free counseling) to be even with whomever was in the same room (or psychic space) as me. I learned that this is not only not true, but it helps no one when I am not full-on with my own energy.

if you are actively moving into a space of inner peace, you might be tempted to try to “give yours away” to those who are triggered by your state and do not understand it. this is because they don’t know, that they don’t understand it, consciously. what they see is someone who “has it easy”, not daring to look underneath the hood of the car. this peace is infuriating to someone who unconsciously knows that they can look under the hood of their own car, but will not do so. they are triggered by the glaring truth that your state reminds them of is possible. unconsciously, others know that the work is really hard, and so they do not want to do it. until that recognition moves into consciousness for a person, anyone who reflects what is possible for them also, will be triggered. and you will need to carry on, no matter how tempting the engagement. and there will always be opportunities and temptation for engagement.

you earned your inner peace. carry on with that big orange flag — so that those who are ready to do the same will have the temporary permission that they need.