New Moon: Mar 17, 2018, 9:11 am EST — The Wounded Healer by Healing Elaine®

photo by Pia Oyarzun, @MadeInWater

I felt the energy of this new moon building all week long, in my subconscious. the strongest part of me that it is impacting is my SUBconsicous self. I don’t often write about that part of the self (mind) as I do the UNconscious and conscious parts. that is because the SUB is the less extreme version of the two other parts (polarities) and I most enjoy examining polarities.

that said, the SUB self is equally interesting, and equally important. it is the part of self that is just within reach…if we could only loosen up the UN and connect it to the CONSCIOUS! anyhow, I must have shaken something up early week as I felt the UN really loosening some nuts and bolts. these are the parts of the self that are so deeply hidden and ingrained that we literally do not see or experience them. when they finally come up for review/conclusion/transmutation, it can feel like a treacherous inner journey. we might feel overly tired, extremely vulnerable (even physically) and very sensitive to others around us (whether we know them or not). I felt as if a part of my SUB self presented in a way that I have never seen, as the conscious made it safe for the UN to reveal to the SUB. there was almost a harshness, not in thought or decision-making, but in the energy that moves through me that seemed to want to soften. none of this comes from the intellectual or cognitive mind by the way, but rather via the actual energetic field — by way of the UNconscious storing and hiding old tools (that may not be necessary at some point in the future). so I began to notice something — a feeling with no preceding thought — take the form of an energy and start leaving my body. the only image I can present is a rusty tool that looked outworn and was no longer needed. in its place was a softness that part of my being must have been longing for, and an additional vantage point from a conscious angle that my mind and entire being were thirsty for.

I noticed things in others around me that I have held within myself, that I no longer want. these are not things I was conscious of, and they were/are not necessarily even behaviors or words. they are simply energies. UNconscious tools that I needed for long parts of my journey that do not serve such any longer. it felt really good to see things in others that I did not want, but the only reason I could recognize not wanting them is because they lived within ME. this felt slightly revelational, and surprising.

all of this makes sense to me, considering I found out the other day that this new moon is about the “wounded healer” within each of us, and aspects of the self that we do/did not want to see. for those of us who consider ourselves conscious, or for those of us who can “see” a lot of the world from extrasensory angles (or highly analytical angles) that is not common for the average person, this moon might feel different. for me, I am shedding a layer of energy that protected me. clearly I don’t need that protection anymore, and it is cool to see it fall off. personal energy, of course, is formed via our experiences and different parts of the mind. this energy then becomes part of our astral field, and it is the first field that people respond to when they see us for the first time (hence, more so than responding to who we are and what we look like). we might have many strands of energy in that field, creating many different perceptions of us depending upon whose eyes (or fields) connect to us.

as I feel this astral energy in me shift, explained in the above experience, I am learning not only a new lesson about myself/business/life, but I am excited to see what physical shifts and manifestations occur as a result. it feels like a kind and warm heartbeat from the Universe, letting me know that I am taken care of in a new way now.

this moon will likely present to us mirrors as reflected by those around us. instead of judging the person we are experiencing or interacting with, perhaps we can simply FEEL into what pieces of us are loosening as they have expire.