how to remember your past lives

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

the subject of past lives is one that I was afraid of at one point. when I heard people discussing the subject, I wrote them off as “crazy”. obviously, like many of us, I did not grow up subscribing to the unseen in any logical or legitimate terms. this does not mean that I did not feel or experience the unseen…

when I was little I used to call the cops when I was home alone, because I could hear people in the house. the cops would arrive, and no one was there except for me. I realized, much later on as I was older, that I was hearing “ghosts”. now, ghosts are really just human beings, flesh and blood like you and me, living in another dimension/timeline. some of us have the sensory that picks up on those other timelines, and it is on the increase in this “now” moment of 2018 because our planet is settling into the 5th dimension (think of technology — how do you explain text messaging your friend in China? right — wavelengths of energy in unseen 5d+ realms). anyhow, as the 5th dimension is an unseen realm and we are in it, our sensory perception starts to more closely match the unseen. if a dimension is akin to a timeline, then what does that say about our perception of timelines and “ghosts”? it says that the veil between dimensions or timelines is getting thinner than ever.

for some of us, like me, it was thinner at birth. it is thinner for some and less so for others. for an entire host of reasons. the first reason is personal frequency; we are all set like radio station dials, to various stations at various bandwidths. if I have a massive bandwidth, I will pick up on tons of stuff. after the intrinsic set point or bandwidth, there are other things that I can do to either maintain or decrease my bandwidth. typically at birth, the bandwidth drops unless everything in its environment matches it — people, places, and things. it’s hard to match your intrinsic frequency or bandwidth. so in a sense, we “forget” where we once were and how perceptive we are. for example; have you ever had or heard a child talk about other lifetimes and think that they are playing or imagining? what about special friends or ghosts? one does not have to be young, or mentally ill to “imagine” these things — there are healthy people like you and me who pick up on them. and sometimes that perception does not completely decrease after childhood. in order to maintain my bandwidth or “perception”, I have to keep my body/aka transmitter-receiver super clean. for me, that means eating super clean foods and avoiding all chemicals. I even avoid using chemicals in skincare, no matter how “high-end” the line. I don’t eat dead animal meat. ethics aside, taking death through a vehicle full of life is contradictory for what I aim to achieve — as much of my consciousness and perceptiveness as possible. and then yes, I do have my personal reasons. but for the sake of explaining vibration and how it is fueled or not, I mention food. I drink and eat as many raw foods as possible, which breathe life into the cells of my body. this helps me stay “clear”. it is the same with exercise. when I have been in past relationships that have not served me, for example, my frequency would drop — this is how we drop our bandwidth. I did not feel like eating well or working out. in order to maintain my natural frequency, I had to leave those relationships and get back to the things that were germane to me — eating raw foods that give me more life force, and exercising — releasing the millions of internet-logon-like energies within me in the form of people, places and experiences (all of which create thoughts and feelings = body storage of either positive or negative signaling). as I maintain my frequency, I am as clear as I can be to “hear” my intuition/self, and I am as close as I can be to the 5th dimension (we currently exist in both 3d AND 5D by the way — but that is another blog post)…where timelines and information become thinner and more transparent.

we are in the age of Aquarius due to the above, by the way. we got there because our new 5th dimension of truth is reflected by a height and an unseen realm which is producing the underbelly of humanity and existence. everything has come up for a purge and many of us are confused about it. we may also be confused as to why we are having new or “strange” experiences — such as the ones I write about, and such as the simple curiosity to even read a post like this. for more info, refer to my eBooklet1 about awakenings. it’s happening on an individual and collective level for a reason right now.

so how does my vibration relate to curiosity around past lives? it relates in the sense that one can more closely reach their memory of other timelines and dimensions aka past lives, by way of maintaining their natural frequency. again, when our frequency lowers, we are not only caught in the matrix and muddled grind of life with no faith or thought of  “what else”, but we have little to no access to our “imagination” or sensory perception as it relates to the unseen (or pre current physical body past).

the first way we start to remember our past lives is through making our bodies and minds the clearest channels possible. again, some of us are more closely set to that vibration in the first place — but we still need to do the work to maintain that. we clear our minds through daily meditation and exercise, and we put only into our body what we want to feel — do we want to feel life, or do we want to feel chemicals? there are plenty of delicious foods with natural fatty oils such as avocado, coconut manna, raw chocolate and so on that can replace the crap that I used to eat, for example (twinkies, cheese dogs, bacon egg and cheeses etc). life doesn’t have to get boring just because we aren’t eating things that “don’t taste good” — in fact, we are programmed for them to taste good. if I were to eat a twinkie or heavily processed food or meat right now, I don’t even want to think about how I would feel. it would drag my frequency to the floor, and along with it, my mood and perception. beyond what we put into ourselves which should only match the way we WANT and expect to feel, we also must raise the vibration of our body. sweating, running lifting, yoga etc will purge out the “information” that is just not intrinsic to us. psychotherapy or a valuable counselor who can reflect back what is also not germane to us, is amazing. it’s not sick people who go to therapy, in fact it is typically the opposite — sick people avoid therapy and healthy people go toward it. the most successful people I know use therapy, workshops, conferences and other methods of honest feedback from other humans without agendas or motives to help them get a really clear look at themselves and those around them. cleaning out the mind and body is the most important part of this first step. this creates a sharp, clean, and high antenna, ready to recall the past…

once our antenna is set nice and high (I understand this takes a lot of work! – but it is worth it), we move on to our next step. we take inventory of our creative likes…for example: is there a particular style of clothing, or genre of music that you just LOVE but did not grow up with? meaning, your intrinsic affinity for creative aesthetic of either sound or art comes from a place foreign to what you were taught/experienced. for me, I have always loved Latin music, the Spanish language, hip hop, African artifacts and masks, the Renaissance period, gothic churches and castles, and specific cities or countries. I didn’t grow up with any of these things, and I don’t like them because I was told to by media or because my friends like them — it comes from a place beyond reasonable life experience and exposure. when I was in high school I was obsessed with the Spanish language and culture (and boys). and although French was my second learned language after English, Spanish caught on like fire. I could dance to Latin and Spanish (yes, there is a difference between Latin and Spanish and I understand it!) music (having had no dance classes ever), and I could speak the language nearly fluently — after just about a year of sporadic classes, a first serious boyfriend/relationship of Latin American descent, and then most definitely after spending a couple of months abroad in Spain. Spanish language, Latin American culture, and all that came with it felt like home to me, and people were really surprised. besides that genre of familiarity, when I would pass by old churches either locally or internationally, I felt an INCREDIBLE longing to stay there or go back in time to when they were built. when I was able to buy clothes, I was drawn either specifically to something out of an old Latin American or Spanish novela (and very attracted to showcasing female curves and form), OR to Game Of Thrones-type attire. I still vacillate nearly equally between the two styles. I feel like a mix of both. and then as far as more geographic location resonance, when I visited the city of Boston for the first time, while I didn’t love the modern-day setting, I felt a familiarity that I can not describe with justice — and I was just pulled. I then went to college there. I felt the same way about different cities in Europe, and especially Los Angeles, the first time I touched down. the pull felt more like desire.

make a list of your creative likes per my above. how does that differ from what you were exposed to over and over as a child or young person? most likely, those creative likes are snippets of your past lives. organize them by people, place and thing, and piece together a puzzle of sorts, that will start to present a storyline that makes sense. for example, my greatest creative draw at this point in time would be the Renaissance period. I absolutely love looking at pictures of old churches, I have a list of cities that I MUST spend time in, and I LOVE music from the Renaissance period. I can’t get away from a specific red/gold color of hair that was no doubt key during that period of time, and I am equally in love with the clothing styles — I obviously modify it to suit modern times (sometimes!). the most significant woman in history whom I relate to or feel drawn to is Joan D’Arc/Joan of Arc. my home looks like something carved out exactly from this period in time, with very few lights and tons of candles or sconce-type items. it is also filled with color schemes and even antiques from this time period. I will note that this theme has repeated itself in my life for close to 10 years. prior to 10 years ago, the theme was straight from South America. I lived in Miami for a time because it was as close as I could get to this past life memory without leaving the country. if I were to piece everything together, I am looking at a memory — a memory which was so strong, that I had to find a way to live it in the “now” time period. what does your creative like puzzle say about you? where are the strongest consistencies? what figures do you identify with in history that match these pulls or likes or desires? once you have step one down, which is opening up your ability to tap into your “memory”, you can piece it together with the above/step two.

once you have your list together and distinct time periods and people and places are recalled, think about some of the psychological patterns or themes of your current life. what obstacles do you repeatedly bump up against? what kind of romances do you hash out repeatedly? what was your family dynamic like? what lesson is your inner most self trying to teach you? for me, it has been adversity. it has been seeing or knowing the truth, being hazed and told otherwise, and having to fight my way to justice. it has been betrayal and backstabbing to the nines. the lesson that I am learning in this lifetime is that I don’t have to fight or stay in abusive circumstances (Joan of Arc much?) — that this life brought me to my knees into situations that I had to transcend in order to reach the peace that was likely/not available in past lives. my current life has presented no doubt the same challenges as my past lives, except that I get to master them in this life. I get to master them because we are in a time and space reality that supports many dimensions merging at once, so that we may see in a more nonlinear capacity and transcend darkness. this time is available for all of us to do, and to close karmic gaps. if we think about this life in terms of our patterns, we may notice what challenges they present, and that may begin to fill in some of the gaps when we think about our bigger puzzle pieces…

my bigger puzzle pieces are the two themes of Latin America/Spain and the Renaissance period. Latin America/Spain comes in as I feel into romance and family. the Renaissance period comes in as I feel into my persona and life’s purpose. when I bring in my patterns or challenges, I think about romances that have served me/my soul the best, and what outer world purpose has served me the best. I see a current marrying of two different timelines as they relate to my inner and personal life, and also my outer world purpose. I see the over-arching bridge of many different experiences blending into one complete life, and the ongoing work that it takes to bring them more clearly into focus. what are your strongest puzzle pieces or themes, and how can you incorporate your many experiences into THIS life?

become those themes fully in the now. play the music, eat the food, and wear the clothes for a day (or for many days!). see what you feel, how you feel, and if any new images or memories come to mind. I like to imagine every person in my life, from the now-past (this physical lifetime) or the present, as the same play with a simply different cast of characters from many years ago. this also helps to lessen the feelings of personal burn or anger around those who have “done me wrong” — because it simply becomes an energy, less than it becomes a person. that energy has tried over multiple lifetimes to resurface to teach me something, and once I can learn it, I can transmute the hard lesson associated with it. the same goes for the positive things — there have been guides or angels in human form around us since our inception on this planet. have you ever been drawn to someone in moments, and somehow you feel closer to them than those you have known and loved for the longest? this is a soul-tie, and it is one that has incarnated over and over and over again to be with you as you transmute lessons and experiences that are not meant to come with you in this 2018 5th dimensional experience. the thing is, as we get closer to the 5th dimension in experience, we ALSO get closer to the past (because essentially time does not exist) — and unearthing old ways that do not serve us. there is a polarity here. as you become fully each “old” theme in the now (for example me with Latin America/Spain or me with the Renaissance period), write down a full storyline (you can use your imagination) about the past life that you lived. write down the things that you have carried over into this lifetime to use, and the things that you have carried over into this lifetime to purge. perhaps you will find that you are less drawn to one of your favorite past life themes after all. perhaps you will find that you are more drawn to one of your favorite past life themes now.

finally, go into a meditation with each past life theme. for each one, inundate yourself with the sounds, smells, foods, clothes and location (if you can!) etc that you can. if you have a friend or partner whom you feel completely fits this theme, spend time with them before or after your meditation and then meditate again. by meditate, I mean clear your mind and just feel all of the sounds, smells, foods, clothes (and location if you can!) and so on. do this as often as possible, once a day, once a week or once a month. see who and what pops up, as a result — often when we start to clearly recall another time period that we were once physically in, synchronicities also appear. we often start to find our purpose in this physical dimension, because we are becoming “clearer” (as wacky as this blog post will sound to some!). bridge in all that you resonate with, along with taking care of your body and mind. if you are a person of faith, pray on your higher power’s ability to help you “remember”. by remembering, we are able to release…and transcend…and land.

for further reference, feel free to check out my eBooklet 2 about past life pulls.