timeline and dimensional cross-over, and how it can make us feel a “type of way” in our current (perceivably linear) reality

here’s the first thing in prefacing this post. I do not come from woo-woo. I often have to see it to believe it, though, I have now seen so much that the latter part is in terms of necessity kind of off the table.

anyhow, it was over a decade ago after a series of life experiences I had, that I began to (seemingly innately) understand and research the physics of energy, time & space, and so forth. I never had a conscious knowing for sciences, nor did I have the desire to study them because I associated them with a box that has since been kind of broken and torn apart. I didn’t understand or accept how closely intertwined science and intuition are. now, I see that they are one. as someone brilliant in one of my Healing Elaine® Movement videos says, “the real science is the intuition that comes behind the science” — she is a C-Suite at one of the world’s largest technical companies, and she has a vast background in finance as well. she is linear. but…she understands what many do not, because until recently it was completely written off as woo-woo or crazy. “it” is the unseen. the intangible. and as I refer to it, the gas in the car. we don’t know, what we don’t know…and there is a lot in the “unseen” realms that we don’t know. because most of us can’t see them…yet.

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