the culture of “I can do ANYTHING I want — and it’s YOUR fault!”

is anyone else OVER the reverse-victim game yet? it’s almost like our entire collective has lost consciousness, or something…

every week I speak with amazing former patients and clients about fascinating themes like the title of this article. like me, these folks are incredibly trusting (if you are also, DO NOT CHANGE – truth is on your side even when you get screwed over…AND, sometimes God will just use you to blow the lid off of corruption when you had no intention of doing so, simply by being trusting)…but their trust and kindness is NOT weakness. and this is where the average person in our sociopathic and narcissistic-dominated culture fails — they don’t get it. I have always said that the blindspot of a socio or narcissist is one thing: arrogance.

now, what is arrogance? arrogance is many things, but I will consider my most recent conversations as reference to explain it here. arrogance is ENTITLEMENT. entitlement in this fashion is the simple expectation that “NO MATTER HOW I TREAT ANOTHER PERSON, IT IS THEIR FAULT AND I AM NOT ACCOUNTABLE”. those of us who have worked in fast-paced corporate environments know this all too well. it’s like breathing for many people. and it is EMBEDDED in our culture.

entitlement does not have a name, a face, an age, a race, or any of the other baloney that mainstream media tries to promote to label and categorize people like Nazis did. entitlement is a behavior. a way of living. an expectation that “no matter what I do to you, and especially if it is unfavorable, it is YOUR fault!”

I think of classic cases of child abuse I’ve worked with. in every scenario, that abusive parent — as they are sadistically beating their child — will say “look what you made me do!!!!”. some children, coming from these scenarios, will grow up praying to be the OPPOSITE of their insane early environments. others, will grow up mimicking them and it boils down to one thing: CHOICE. you either ARE that thing, or you are NOT that thing. mistakes happen, we repeat patterns sometimes. but as adults in the professional world, we conveniently CHOOSE where/when/who/what to express that “whatever I do that you do not like is YOUR fault” mentality. therefore, these are CONSCIOUS CHOICES often disguised as something else. and this is what I am talking about. the “I can do whatever I want” epidemic.

our media and big tech horrors and unhinged celebrities only add to the title of this article for they live and breathe it. this only exaggerates the delusion of ordinary people — who are also selfish, lack empathy and are only out for themselves — to believe that they can literally do whatever they want to do. “and if you don’t like it, it’s YOUR fault!”

so for example. don’t get me started on BLM. you dig? great example. and like many of you, I fell for it back in 2017. I have old documented photos uploaded to my instagram and social media pages supporting what I thought was one thing, but REALLY is another thing. a corrupt, terrorist, POLITICAL PARTY abusing and exploiting the REAL carnage of racism. all summer long we saw “stay at home, save lives! wear a mask!!!!!” people FUNDING jail bonds for actual people who promoted one thing, did another, damaged and destroyed businesses, and blamed YOU for it! oh, and GOD FORBID you didn’t agree — you RACIST!!!!!!

last summer I moved into a “luxury” building in downtown Austin, Texas. I was SO excited to get out of crazy, virtue-signaling, nearly burnt-to-the-ground NYC. NYC is OVER, by the way. I wrote about this. anyhow, I trusted someone — a real estate agent — to have my best interests in mind when I moved 1700 miles with my entire life to live in their condo. after all, they were moving OUT! — and so they certainly knew what an AMAZING space it was! what could go wrong? well, lots. have a look at my instagram pages (if you are able to — still near FULL shadow-banning on my Healing Elaine® page and some folks literally can not view it). no, I do not believe ANYTHING happens by mistake. I had my red flags regarding the Austin experience. I searched for other units and asked the agent — even after signing the lease — to search for other units for me in other buildings…but, they wanted THEIR unit rented out. and I really could not find anything else that fit the mold (well, the mold that was presented). so, ok. they seemed nice. deep down I knew that I could be wrong, but how bad could it really be? well, really bad. I’ll leave out MANY details since I’ve had to retain two lawyers for this, but in short: I was moved into a full-time construction area. they say that they are “at occupancy” — that doesn’t include the dozens of units unoccupied because they need to be GUT renovated top to bottom. owners had to flee the building and move elsewhere due to a horrible infrastructure accident last year. right when the owner of my unit…also decided to move out! I am one of three people living on my floor, currently – because they need to rip out flooring and ceilings and Lord knows what else to make other units habitable…while I suffer through it above, beside, and below me during these renos (because selling and renting units to new people is more important than anyone living through the destruction while they do it). sales, baby. sales! the noise is unbearable. my unit is filled with palpable dust and debris through the shared ventilation, bathrooms and recent unfinished work in my own unit. few things upset me more than seeing my animals triggered with full-on asthma attacks (not to mention my sinuses filled with toxic debris) by this, but that’s not the kicker. the kicker is, that it’s “MY FAULT” that I am here — “sorry, this isn’t our responsibility” is the feedback — this is a LUXURY property, folks. managed by a LUXURY team. promoted by LUXURY real estate agents. no one has offered ANY apology, ANY concern, ANY remedy, ANY acknowledgement or even halfway decent solution…not even a rent reduction. after my appeasing them and being nice for MONTHS. simply begging for answers or information. are you…kidding me? they must think I’m stupid.

my entire life I’ve walked into situations that needed cleaning up because no one else would do it. it’s amazed many people, including me. “law of attraction! law of attraction!!” someone might say. I would say: you have NO idea what my life and my purpose are for. speak for yourself and research my actual work and results and then try to speak again. some of us are used as tools and instruments by God when people screw us over — and then we have two choices: 1) be quiet and suffer 2) speak up and risk the feelings that come from that. many people, in life, choose 1). they never advance. they live in fear full-time, and promote a happy life. they aren’t happy. I know these people. the people who are 2) usually look like the “problem” — because that’s what evil-doers DO when you confront them — but they always win. ALWAYS. because that is the nature of truth. this is just another one of those situations in which someone thought my kindness was weakness, or didn’t even consider it or care to begin with.

the same people who throw people under the bus for money or personal gain are the first to attend “charity events”, do favors for neighbors or “friends”, and virtue signal like crazy — it’s how they think they shield themselves. they may even hide behind titles like “single mom” or “survivor” etc so you think they give a shit about you. they don’t. and our current culture which is broadcast all day on the “news” and social media only supports these creatures who literally could care less about other human beings. and they come in all forms…

there are some nice people who work in my building. I know who they are. they know who I am. I will never forget them. it’s a small world and life goes FAST. I know where I am headed, even if it may not be obvious to others. I never forget good people, and I never forget the bad ones either. the good ones are the ones who “see” you in spite of the title of this article. for they, too, can not help having good and trusting hearts and they have been burned as well. it would never occur to them to throw someone under the bus — who gives you the handbook for this? I never got one. my handbook was getting burned, opening myself up again, rinse repeat, and never ever giving up. when you take a stand in a RIDICULOUS situation that many are too afraid to speak about, you give EVERYONE ELSE in your situation the courage to do the same. and they begin to do it. I see it with my work like dominos…it’s amazing. there is no price on courage — for when you act on it, the others who are like you, will too.

I’ve already written in MANY past articles how to spot people who take advantage of others so if you want to read about that, do a search. the point of this article here is how overblown our culture of projection, bad behavior and literally and simply NOT CARING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE is. it’s reached such a boiling point and I really thought most of that was left behind in NYC. I will say, however — what I am writing about does NOT represent Austin. I believe this behavior is mostly reserved for larger (often blue) cities. so it was surprising to have this horrible and demeaning experience here. I was always surprised when something like this would happen in New York City, but I was even more surprised here. it just doesn’t fit the overall culture of Austin. which speaks to much larger issues with my situation in particular, and ALL of the people involved.

I’ve spoken with other tenants who are afraid or say they don’t know what to do about the similar situation I am in. others, work all day and don’t notice it and don’t have pets who suffer power-drilling and dust impacting their unit all day long. I can’t fight everyone else’s battle, but I can be an example to not be intimidated by pure trash. trash, garbage behavior. playing dumb. playing victim. gaslighting. all the while, advertising the SAME behavior to make more money off of it like NOTHING HAPPENED. intention is the real evil here, folks. it’s what has me most upset. even more upset than the ABSURD noise, inconvenience, gaslighting, rudeness, arrogance and dust. there is nothing more upsetting than being deliberately and consciously deceived…while lying about THAT.

our biggest collective epidemic and deficit right now is 1:1 communications. why don’t people care about each and every person who they come into contact with? don’t people realize that the way we treat others MATTERS? while some people are simply bad eggs, what is happening in our media and culture right now is only enforcing this behavior! encouraging this. the bad are becoming worse. and the good, are becoming…INTOLERANT.

intolerance to this behavior is the only place to go. perhaps 10 years ago, I might have handled this differently. perhaps not. the biggest sin in ANY situation is always INTENTION. and you can sniff that out beyond the facts as it’s a behavior. some people get by with this behavior for so long because they are experts at deceit…until a day comes when someone who has SO much experience with deceit and won’t tolerate it squares off with them.

in all fairness, I have given every party involved AMPLE opportunity to fix the issue I write about here. I have been gaslit for 8 months, led to believe that the construction was ending “that week”, or whatever, or not even happening at all! “all buildings have construction!!”. hmm ok, did “all buildings” have THIS?. gee, I wonder why the owner of my unit put their place on the market for lease just a few short weeks later! of course I have great legal and of course I have everything documented. and I know there are others like me. the grandiose attitude of those who have put us in this situation probably prevents others from stepping forward because they are afraid of what it will cost them. let me be clear: the truth never costs you ANYTHING.

as my former client was saying to me on the phone just yesterday…”I don’t get it. it literally costs NOTHING just to do the right thing….NOTHING…” to which I concurred. it costs a LOT to do the wrong thing. and it’s just a matter of time before that catches up with you. no matter WHO you are.

our culture is predominantly sick, but there is hope — for it is now so glaring for all to see. when it reaches such a threshold, like the one we have right now, there is no turning back. the roaches must continue frying in the sunlight before a new dawn rises. change is the ONLY constant.

as Dave Rubin says in his book “Don’t Burn This Book“, never bow to the mob. it might be a mob of thought, a mob of intimidation, a mob of gaslighting, or a mob of something else that lives within YOU. when you do not bow to the mob, amazing things happen. you give other people permission to do the same. and things change. not fake change like what is being advertised by the fake news…but REAL change. change for people who CARE about other people and who always trust before they question. and again if you are trusting and good inside, do not lose that – it’s ok to have your diamond shined while people project upon you in various ways.

be willing to be hurt and rise over and over again. don’t worry about becoming scapegoated or judged or blamed. it’s how you become a voice. it’s how you lead a movement. it’s how you succeed in business without living on your knees. it is how you live with yourself. it is how you sleep at night. it’s how you earn your self-confidence and walk with your head high when others wonder why you are able to do that and where your energy comes from.