Healing Elaine® (HE®) Spring Equinox boutique workshop – TEXAS-style

you may or may not have heard the news — Texas is ready to open 100%. no more mask mandates. no more closed businesses while Hollywood is free to work and do as they please and Governors are allowed to eat five-star dinners indoors without masks while you have to stay at home and suffer…because “science”!

in my HUMBLE opinion, the lockdown should never have happened in the first place. if you are truly privileged or “woke” you will not understand this. the lockdown destroyed INFINITE NUMBERS of lives and businesses FOREVER — far more than a FLU VIRUS. this is a FLU, folks. with FLU, stats. yes it is real. yes it was an attack on our economy and psychology to try and steal an election and bring in a fake president and fake administration via ULTIMATE BRAINWASHING. yes, yes and yes. and with that said: it is STILL not the bubonic plague and never was. it is NOT a “pandemic” (or else, why promote BLM riots and agenda? seriously. think.). we have immune systems for a REASON and we develop herd immunity to FLUS and VIRUSES. I think masks are ridiculous — first we were told “masks don’t work! don’t wear a mask!!” (not to mention, have you read the LABEL on mask boxes? literally says that they do not protect you from ANYTHING). then, based on public psychological response, the tactics were changed to “wear a mask!!!”. INSANITY. and how about all of those doctors who were CENSORED and whose lives were threatened for telling the truth, just as I am here? should we not trust them or THEIR science ( and you won’t find them unless you DIG because big tech scrubbed their truth from the internet to support the SICK AGENDA of the elites which is ongoing…as I type…)? but instead listen to TV actors like Fauci and a COMPUTER SOFTWARE ENGINEER Bill Gates? come on people. but just my two cents here. I don’t care who agrees with me or not. p.s. and in case you haven’t learned so yet, two people who DO NOT agree, can STILL be friends! I have some of them. I think they are brainwashed, and I tell them so, and they think I’m wrong, and they tell me so. WHO CARES!

now to the good part — almost as good as the most NORMAL STATE in the entire country which is freeing its people and giving them LIFE back — TEXAS. HE® is hosting an upcoming boutique workshop. priority will be given to two groups of people 1) former patients and clients 2) locals community members. the requirements are listed on my locals community page as well, and you must be a premium subscriber to read all of the posts (and join book club, watch my videos, etc). this workshop will honor the Spring Equinox and it will be customized to a very small group. location is ATX downtown Austin, Texas on the east side. if you have attended any of my events before, you know how much energy and care goes into cultivating the right group for comfort and synergy. this is not a family-style therapy group, lol. it is a truly progressive group who is doing the work to expand in this world — mind, body and spirit.

that said, I will give 100% thought and consideration to combining the right energies, even if it is only 2 people. I never fill a workshop just to fill it — and I am totally candid about this with anyone who inquires about it. I will say “wait until the next one” etc, if there is another event or service better suited for a specific person as it would relate to a group environment. my boutique workshops also do not host more than 5 people, either.

to inquire, leave me a voicemail: 917.985.1221. I will provide you with details. let’s get back to NORMAL! — and not EVER a “new normal”.