our next HE® book club: rejection is protection

this is a theme I’ve written about a number of times now. please reference this article for book club. you may also key word “rejection” into my blog search bar for other articles on the topic.

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our next book club will feature a favorite theme/topic of mine: rejection. I learned the hard way, that rejection IS in fact protection. the most bittersweet and “final” lesson on this came for me in 2015. it was both heart-breaking and an INCREDIBLE healing/relief at the same time. in short: people do things for all kinds of reasons…which typically have nothing to do with you.

taking things personally is another theme which ties in here, but we will not be heavily focused upon that since I want to focus on the title of book club. what I will say about taking things personally, though, is that it is a really selfish act. we must grow beyond it as it represents an infantile state in which we believe that the entire world revolves around us — it doesn’t. though I am as sensitive as they come, I must have had my incredible share of rejection from my earliest moments on earth because around 2001 someone gifted me the book The Four Agreements and they said “you have the not taking things personally part down pretty well”. I was surprised to hear this because the person who gave me the book was highly critical and didn’t think much of me in the first place. however I have always been able to recognize that most people are just truly fighting their own battles and I should not take this on as mine (it’s different when it’s people who raised you vs. the outer world, too/though — degree of difficulty here just can’t be compared). in any event, perhaps reading this book will also help you understand the notion of rejection separate from (or in conjunction with) my upcoming book club. oh and as a side note, I later met the author of The four Agreements, Don Miguel, in person at a small gathering — he signed my book copy and I cried 🙂

please join us for here our next book club on “rejection is protection“. the time and date will be listed only at my locals community and you will need to be a premium subscriber to join the virtual event (more in-person events coming SOON — Texas just lifted its mask mandate and is allowing all businesses to open at 100% capacity! THANK YOU Governor Abbott!).

see you soon!