feeling stuck in life? GET LOUDER

people see me because they want and need to solve problems in their lives. various problems. at the core of many of their problems, and at the core of many of the nuances of their problems (and even nuances of nuances of problems!) is the fact that they are stuck because they are afraid to be who they really are.

I don’t mean “fake” are. I mean REAL are. they are afraid to share their views / truth with the world. this can only lead to one thing: dis-ease. this dis-ease will show up in a myriad of ways, including and often physical health.

at my most desperate times in life, I was being called to speak up. speaking up did not always come naturally to me — or, if it did because I do believe it was and still is INTRINSIC to me, then NURTURE crushed it out of me. so I had to learn the hard way. my life had to effectively “stop”, many times, and in many different ways. the message from God / Source / the Universe was ALWAYS THE SAME: say and be who you are.

again, the “fake” who you are is what society and fake news media promotes. the real who you are is the version of yourself that you are terrified of being. because you want to be liked. you want to fit in. you want to make money (which NEVER LASTS when you are fake). the problem with wanting to be liked is that it’s a lie. and you will suffer for it. lying comes at a serious cost — and when you have the PRIVILEGE of speaking up and speaking on behalf of yourself which really and ultimately includes people who CAN NOT speak for themselves (for other and various reasons) but you do not do so, you will be punished.

life will stop for you. you will wonder why. and it will always be the same reason: you are not screaming who you are.

so, try it today. a year ago, I changed my life by screaming (again) who I am. starting Healing Elaine® in the early 2000s but delaying my coming-out debut publicly until 2011 “cost” me in some ways. I stayed stuck when in reality I could have started right where I was and risked the same judgement that came my way anyhow (until it became bandwagon cool to be a “healer”). a year ago I started screaming what I believe as TRUTH. this has nothing to do with politics and the fact that people confuse the two is both hilarious and disturbing.

screaming my truth a year ago altered my life, but it wasn’t enough. for each of us has relative purpose to screaming their truth, and that’s just…the truth. relativity in terms of purpose is valid as all heck. my purpose is specific. and while it sucks having to “step up” all of the time, it IS an intrinsic core value and strength of mine. I just have to keep battling through the smokescreens put in place to stop me.

every time I find myself, or one of my patients or clients at a seeming dead-end impasse, the same thing is being required of us: SCREAM WHO YOU ARE. get louder. you can’t lie to the divine. take a risk. not a baby one but a big one. see what happens. for every action there is a reaction. and the truth always wins. so what do you have to lose by simply screaming the truth? nothing — unless you do it in an empty forest.

get louder. part your own seas. put your heart on a platter. risk feeling obliterated. change your life.