Leap, and only then the net will appear

“Leap and the net will appear” – John Burroughs

The reason that people do not leap, with regard to any xyz thing in this life, is because they don’t have insurance. Guarantees. Certainty. CONTROL

Then they complain that they feel “stuck”. “Depressed”. “Confused”. Or, whatever.

The problem in each and EVERY SINGLE CASE is that they are unwilling to do something that truly scares them. This could mean moving, selling their home, ending a friendship or family relationship, getting a divorce, having a baby, falling in love, applying for a different job, starting their own business, working out, eating well, WHATEVER. Since I can think of too many otherwise “tiny” “somethings”, each and every one of us who complain about feeling “stuck” could make ONE decision today alone that would change the course of our life. But, many of us don’t.

The reason that we do not leap is because we are scared. When we are scared, we are control freaks. People LOVE to judge me. I see what happens when I open up to people, hoping to share my own insights, and I receive only judgement in return — this is an example of fear and control. I once had this bff in college. She was SO JUDGMENTAL. About everything, and everyone. She thought that her little “leaps” (which were really just regular actions one takes to hold down a job, live independently, etc) were SO MAJOR. She actually told me that one day she wanted to write a book about her life. LOL! She was the most basic person I’ve ever met. Also, the most judgmental. As a consequence for her judgements (which, again, is really just DESPERATION for control / jealousy / ego at its most evil), she ended up living a VERY unhappy life. However, on the surface, it looked and still looks “great”!

People who never leap are the first people to judge, analyze, and tell you all about what’s wrong with you. And in each and every case, you will find that they are manipulative as hell (so that they never have to take ANY RISKS — why do that when they have people around them to control?) as well as delusional about their truth. Narcissism is a great way to describe such a person. Since they are so focused on the external world versus themselves, they build the illusion of a life. And they always suffer: ALWAYS. This is the reason that they judge others — it is a distraction from taking any real leaps, and it keeps the focus off of that. They also settle in life. A LOT.

The bff I had in college was one for the books. She judged absolutely everyone, it was amazing. She was also a triangulater — this gave her the illusion of power. She went after men who were with women she was jealous of. She criticized older people who “weren’t where she would be at that age!!!”. All the while, she went through the SYSTEM, never for a second venturing on her own. She slept her way to the top in her industry, cheated her way through her relationships, and ultimately became the very thing that she said she hated: A FAILURE. On the outside, of course, she was “successful”. She made money. She settled down with a husband (not hard to do, folks). She had some kids (also not hard to do, folks — and having kids does not = mother, either). She moved to the en vogue place to live, with the other lemmings who also went through life thinking they took big “risks” by simply waking up each day and living in their privilege that came from an institution of sort (educational or systemic). She would never, ever, ever consider doing what I did in my life — leave corporate, launch several careers. And what happened when I did?

When I leapt in life (I did this MANY TIMES — three very marked periods in fact), initially she clung to my leaps. At this point, we were still very young and no one knew “failure” yet. She rode my coattails of courage and drank it up. I was the one who got invited to all of the parties and events, I was the one who knew all the doormen and owners of hotspots, and I was the one who lived like every single day was my last. She definitely confused my courage, for a time, with her own. As we got older (late 20s), I kept taking my leaps. I moved several times. I tried out different careers. I created my own ventures / small businesses. This is when she began to realize a little thing called failure. Failure is what happens when we don’t risk anything or, rather, as I would say RISK IT ALL. Failure is what happens when we don’t leap. And we don’t leap because we don’t see the net. Imagining the net without seeing it is called FAITH. Faithless people are negative, weak, and they will spend their lives focused on people who they consider to be beneath them and gossip about or put down people who do what they could NEVER.

I knew early, that I had better hit the ground running FAST in my young life — at about 17. When I was 17, I was peak innocence but I wanted to know the world. I got myself a fake ID, went to the best dance clubs and bars in the tri-state area, immersed myself in one full-time AND one part-time job, and got to know how different people are. I went to University out of state to further challenge myself — had I not gone to University, I would have made another or equal decision to move away from my comfort zone. As an intrinsically shy and often (at first, at least) very socially awkward person (I still consider myself to be this way, while others who know me would laugh and shake their heads and say “no you’re not!”), I wanted to feel uncomfortable ALL OF THE TIME — so that I would grow. When I graduated from University, I cried on that day. I felt the last 5 years were a waste and I had done nothing with my life. I knew that I had to make up for lost time, and fast. I threw myself to the opposite side of the country ASAP. I flew down for a job, took it, moved without having an apartment secured, and chose the nicest part of Miami Beach I could find to LIVE. I was still peak innocence. Innocence doesn’t have to ever change. Innocence is a submission to both faith and ownership of one’s soul. My bff never had this. She never had faith, and she never owned herself. This is why she was so judgmental of others — which later turned into bitterness, physical ugliness, addiction, obsession, and jealously. It is AMAZING how fast not taking leaps can turn into other things.

At the root of not taking leaps, is, again: control and lack of faith. People say they are faithful. People say LOTS of things! They don’t mean them. They WANT to mean them. They are weak. Give someone a true ultimatum and you will see what they are really made of. People who don’t leap never leave their comfort zones, and they are excellent at slamming others who do. The next time you hear someone criticizing the external world of another person (like, tediously), or speaking in a haughty manner, you can be certain that they are miserable inside. The problem with this is just that you can’t always notice it when someone is in their 20s. Their external world (and physical appearance) hasn’t yet caught up with their inner world. But, it will…

Life is hard. For everyone. And, it’s harder when we don’t leap. Every day, I make a list of things that scare me. I endeavor to accomplish each thing by taking the steps to get there. Sometimes, I turn around and say “ok, I took these really scary steps which were required of me, and now I no longer want to accomplish X” — that is not the same thing as turning your back on an accomplishment; for the gold is in the RISK-TAKING. When we never take a risk, or a leap, because we can’t see the net, we never accomplish anything. People who lack faith but instead use their intellect hate themselves the most. The problem with intellect is that it ruins everything — it blocks love in general, self-love, and love for others. My former bff does not know love. Only addiction. Only judgment. Only external fake success. She is obsessed with me — like many who came before and after her. The obsession is rooted in the coveting of courage and free spirit. I am free. Those who judge, condemn and never take risks are in mental and physical prisons…for the mental ALWAYS translates to the physical — eventually.

How come Trump eats awful foods, sleeps reportedly 5-6 hours per night, and is in excellent health and mindset? He is faithful. He has opinions, not judgments. Many of you have yet to learn the difference, hence your (and also thanks to the media and your belief in that fakeness) obsession with him. You fail to leap in life, and so it pains you to see someone who does. Personality aside, what eats people alive is seeing examples of people who take risks in life. The other extreme of this, of course, is the Trump fanatic — a person who believes that they, too, are “like” Trump and will therefore be successful. In either case, the common denominators are deap-seeded anger and self-deflection, control, narcissism, and failure. This is what happens when people do not take real risks in life. It is also very chicken-egg oriented. I believe that people are born evil or not; and then, throughout their lifetime, they are given opportunities to improve.

We hate what we are, and we covet what we want to be but are too scared to become. For those who God has provided potential, the way out is the leap. Just the leap.

There are deep nuances which surround leaps, all of them in the territory of the UNKNOWN. If you are “leaping” into the known, you are not leaping. An example of this is taking an action step that literally feels powerful and right in your GUT, but which makes sense to NO ONE ELSE — maybe not even you. You are just going on faith. YOU ARE WILLING TO BE WRONG. Last year, I moved into a building that could only be described as evil. It was the most beautiful building in the city, and I was seduced by it. This is the same thing as the devil. I had not been to this building before moving into it, and the day that I did I was hit with a gut knowing. I stuffed that down DEEP — for I had just LEAPT in my life! I wanted to do my best to make something work even though my core knew otherwise. Before I knew it, I was swallowed by a cancerous energy. Aside from truly ABSURD logistics and things absolutely not being what they seemed, I was still consumed by the external. However DESPITE THIS, and despite otherwise decisions that would have been FAR EASIER for me, I LEAPT — into the unknown, again, but HARDER. My core screamed at in me in a way that I do not have words for. I followed my core there. I was judged for this. Literally. By people close to me. As if ANY of them have ever operated on pure faith and risk before…they haven’t. As I sat with my decision, I felt totally unsure. The only thing that I had to “go on” was my gut. My faith. I didn’t see the net. But I stayed in it.

During this time, I took another leap. I was very hesitant to take this leap, but everything within me said “YES”. It was one of the scarier and more unconventional leaps of my soul. For this, I was also judged. But I followed my gut. Like the evil building that I moved into, it wasn’t what it seemed. And like moving into the evil building, it wasn’t a mistake either. This time, I just moved with my heart and soul. I leapt. Like I always do. Unless you have done this, and / or done it the number of time that I have in my life, you have absolutely no reference points here. You haven’t even lived yet. The latter leap felt like a mirage as well — it appeared one way, but it was actually another way. The thing about mirages is, it’s ok to be “fooled” — for the fundamental contract with a mirage is GUT KNOWING. This is called faith — NO MATTER THE OUTCOME (as ALL GUT KNOWINGS READ TO APPROPRIATE ROADS EVEN IF THEY LOOK TERRIBLE AT FIRST). Regular people do not know faith, so they would judge people and situations that are considered to be mirages. They don’t give a mirage a chance. They stay small through their intellect and judgment of others, clinging to the illusion of control and “knowing”. If you are in your 20s and you think you know what “you would have done” when you have zero reference points to speak of with regard to someone else’s life, you are in for a ride straight to hell. This is exactly what happened to my former bff. The arrogance, the confusion of knowledge versus information, and the judgment is a condemnation from God upon your soul. The only way out is surrender, personal leaps, and unconditional love and openness — the latter of which ONLY COMES FROM BEING DESTROYED.

Much like my article about pioneers and people who are “just not like the others”, what they each have in common is the desire to be destroyed and rebirth. They do not crave safety and security, at least not the conventional kind. They are judged the harshest only by those who would NEVER put themselves out there. If you are one of the people I describe above, you must keep making crazy decisions according to your GUT. Pray on them, do what you need to do to be sure in your CORE that they are correct, but do not EVER make them from your mind and do not EVER listen to SIMPLE MINDS (definitely listen to the band, though!) who aren’t where you already want to be — in at least one strong regard.

When we leap into the unknown, we will always believe that we have made a “mistake” at first. Leaping into the unknown does NOT present a net right away! This is part of the test! The earning of the lesson comes when we leap, we see no net, but we do not backtrack into easier terrain. We may sit for days, weeks or even months, wondering if we have “ruined our lives” by making certain decisions aka LEAPS. Leaps are very specific, and if you don’t know what they are yet then go back and read this article from the beginning.

Some people think that they can make leaps by using OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY: NO. This is demonic, it’s Harry Potter territory, it is witchy, it is evil, and it will NEVER last. Just like a curse. Read my eBooklet here about attempting to use other people’s energy. Using other people’s energy means regurgitating THEIR knowledge as if it is your own, mimicking THEIR decisions as if they are yours, and then JUDGING that person who you use as if YOU ARE NOW THEM. This is socio and narc territory. I’ve seen it hundreds of times! It has also happened in romantic relationships, unfortunately…many people are not sovereign and they simply will never risk developing a self — so if you are a leaper and you are not careful, they will attempt to develop YOUR self! By taking…something…from you. Tangibly or intangibly.

After we leap, and we stay steadfast in our God knowing, the rewards begin to reveal. Slowly. People around us who judged us will apologize — they want back in, and they want to know how we did it. People around us who were supportive become our collaborators or even bigger supporters. The thing about taking leaps in life is that it always separates oil and water; holding onto your God knowing will literally eject anyone and anything which does not match where you are going. An evil building, or whatever. Physics states that two energies which do not match can not share space — this is most prevalent in the PHYSICAL realm. This is why I am so big on knowing and meeting people. For while the energy may elude you for a short time, ultimately it reveals and you can not share space with them. Particularly if you are living there, physically!

When the rewards reveal and our new life begins, all that matches it floods it. Simple people will say things like “s/he got lucky!!! s/he’s always been lucky!!!”. Those who match us because they, themselves have leapt, will say things like “s/he is the hardest worker I know”. Either way, everyone wants a piece. And since you leapt and didn’t falter with your faith, you will absolutely know who is who and what is what.

If you want great things in life, you have to leap. If you are super happy (and not lying to yourself!) and you don’t feel the need to leap, then maybe it’s not in your soul’s contract. THIS IS PERFECTLY FINE. The problem occurs when people want great things and won’t do shit about it! I know a bus boy at a 5 star restaurant who is about 65 years old and he is one of the HAPPIEST PEOPLE I’ve ever met. He’s living in purpose. He has fulfilled God’s contract. We don’t know the leaps he took, and the surface level reality of someone’s life is irrelevant! But, you already know this if you have leapt. If you have not ever leapt, you won’t know this. But you will surely sit in judgment and misery…and later, poor health.

Leaping is worth it. It is an energy. It’s also more than an intangible — it is a physical existence. It’s why my business model is 1:1. It’s very easy to fake things from afar — like selling real estate space for an evil building you’ve never seen before, selling a Hollywood image, or selling a personality that doesn’t actually match a personal truth. In our modern day mirage of 5d illusion, nothing is more important than being able to see, hear, feel and touch that which you are drawn in by; whether it be a job, a living environment, a friend, a client, or a love. For that which only exists in 5d territory — such as a person / place / thing or OPINION — isn’t necessarily real. And you will never know what is real until you leap — one way or another — and actualize. Without leaping, you know absolutely nothing.