How socios, young and old, take on your energy

How socios, young and old, take on your energy

I’ve written about this topic countless times. You can key word search sociopath or soul in the search bar on the home page to find my other articles.

When I think that I know more than I’d like to about the nature of a sociopath, or that I’ve learned all there is to know, I always learn and know more.

As you may have guessed, not all of us have “normal” or healthy or balanced origins. And, that which we are born from or into, sets the template for all that we will seek / all that seeks us throughout the balance of our life. What we do not consciously want, we of course reject. But the unconscious always has other plans…

The unconscious territory is there to repeat forgotten patterns enough times to eject the initial injury. It’s how we heal. It’s why people marry people that they end up hating — they were not in a marriage, they were in a healing.

When we witness or experience great evil, the mind will always reject it to protect us. This is the fundamental function of the mind: to stay safe. So with that said, all that we reject is still permeating our entire field…like a hazy fog…ready to draw in that which we have rejected — so that we may heal it.

If you don’t relate at all to evil, you are either 1) very lucky 2) in trauma / amnesia. It’s everywhere. And it comes in all forms. It even comes in at advanced stages of otherwise considered “innocence” or youth. Being young does not = innocence. Innocence is just innocence. This can get confusing, particularly as some of the most evil people on the planet (MEN AND WOMEN) are skilled at a very early age in practicing that evil. And with that said, they are not yet EXPERIENCED in practicing that evil…and you can spot it during a time when they typically “make it or break it” in terms of their evil destiny.

I like to talk about hallmarks, and I’m not sure I’m going to do that here. Maybe in another piece. But what I want to express is the fact that evil knows no age, no face, no gender, no body, no country, and no background. Evil just IS. You can’t box it. And if you think you can, you will be in for a surprise.

Over the many years of my life, I have seen evil in its greatest expression of youth. Since my point of origin is very specific, and one that you likely will not relate you, you may wonder WHY I attracted this into my life so often — or, rather, why it sought me out like a moth to a flame. If you understand law of attraction in the sense that I write about it, we first attract WHAT WE HAVE SEEN in this life…THEN, and only after that, we attract WHAT WE ARE. It doesn’t function in the opposite fashion. So, I came into a certain experience. Marked by sociopathy. Marked by evil. Marked, ALMOST, by psychopathy. (Even my college application essays were about this, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. I was crying out for help). My understanding of psychopathy is that it’s a much less veiled existence and the being expressing that existence typically gets caught very quickly. Sociopathy, however, nearly always in tandem with other qualities like narcissism or borderline personality disorder etc, can go widely undetected since it CHOOSES how it expresses itself — usually behind closed doors, or only with certain people (victims — i.e. people familiar with or who are only familiar with this energy/being).

Sociopathy is deliberate, and it is obsessive. As a teen, I had a girl friend who was 100% a sociopath AND a psychopath. Since her energy was SO familiar to me at the time, I had no idea anything was wrong. I would later find out (after she attempted to sexually assault me while we were drunk) that she has been in and out of correction centers, she had been caught stealing from her job, she had been caught forging signatures at banks, and OH so much more. The fact that the “caretakers” around me loved her, gave me total indication that she was a normal experience — because THEY were normal to me. Except, I wasn’t like them — any of them.

My experiences with people of this nature as well as bullies grew…while I was tormented at home for “always having this experience”. Meanwhile, I was sadistically hazed at home as well — talk about confusing. I would leave my body and look down upon it while certain events took place in my home, and I recall thinking so logically…like an adult. I would think “there is something wrong with this person” — from above my body. When I went back in, I felt the same human emotions of shame/guilt/sorrow/depression/anxiety that anyone would feel. I never broke psychologically, though my heart always broke. I never cut. I never used drugs. I never vomited. I never binged. I never slept around. ETC. Rather, I simply yearned, desperately, to understand evil. I was lucky. I AM lucky. I believe that these experiences were no doubt the greatest blessing from God to teach me about evil so that I may teach others about evil.

The most fascinating thing about sociopaths and psychopaths (again, there is a distinction) is their ability to mirror back YOUR greatest qualities — at first. If you want to consider PHYSICS-WISE how this happens, read my eBooklets and other articles on energy. It takes it to another place. It takes it into the space of a true third language that I have never read about anywhere and only began writing about after treating hundreds of individuals on all levels of self. My science has come through data and thousands of cases. That’s what science is. I don’t care if you think it’s funny because I’m not a doctor. Fauci is a doctor. Do you think he’s funny?

Mirroring. The ability of a sociopath to mirror your qualities (which, if you are a victim/prey, will be wonderful qualities) is a tactic that is both conscious AND unconscious on their part; it is conscious because they are attempting to bond with you (to use you as a prop, or for a purpose), and it is unconscious BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SELF. It would literally kill them to know this though, so they don’t. The unconscious aspect of a socio mirroring your qualities is so that they can ABSORB YOU. Just like software gets downloaded onto electronic devices, we as humans are capable of doing the same. I wrote about soul-swapping here — this is a similar phenomenon, the notion of sociopaths absorbing and then using your energy. It’s witchcraft of the highest and darkest order.

Sociopaths are empty vessels born without a soul and without light. They have no choice but to steal yours. And, they can get quite good at it. I can note differences between socios in their 20s versus 50s. The differences are simply experience, and the blindspots that they actually have as they are in development of their full evil. The blindspots are little things like thinking you will not notice — and, well, I guess unless you’ve had my experience then maybe you would not notice! The fundamental blindspot hallmark of any socio is arrogance — they literally believe that they are smarter than you. But if you are super adept at understanding this energy, then they reveal themselves.

A socio’s goal is to become you. Plain and simple. And, they aren’t just becoming you — they are becoming MANY people. Because again: they have no self. The girl friend I spoke of from my teens used to beat herself up and call the cops and say that her father did it. She actually tried to get him locked up. Later, she got locked up. Her arrogant blind spots outed her. Socios ALWAYS get outed in life, and PARTICULARLY when they try to out others. It always backfires. Since this young girl had no soul, she attempted to steal that of others via attention. Not everyone does it via attention-seeking, though.

Some socios are quieter. They sit back and plot and plan like a serial killer would. They get off on their long-term goals to take you — and others — down. It feeds them. It gives them the illusion of confidence. They will STUDY THE HELL OUT OF YOU, too. By looking at your pictures, reading what you write, basically memorizing and mimicking the keys to what they perceive to be your soul, they are downloading and imprinting your essence. And if you don’t catch it, you will suffer.

Socios may spend months or YEARS studying their prey, and it doesn’t matter how old they are. These people are all made the same. The only difference with age is that younger people make rookie mistakes. It is very important, if you come across one of these types, to never let them know that you are onto them. Swallow your pride. Be the victim. For if you confront them, they will only further develop their skill level and switch tactics to prey upon more people.

Socios have no sexual allegiance, they will get with men or women because it’s never about sex — it is about serving a purpose. They may use their sexual energy with any given person at any given time to pull them in. Since sexual energy is the root of creation, they unconsciously (or, perhaps consciously as well) use this to tap into your actual life force. Again: sex for them is about one thing — control! They don’t have to find someone attractive to use it. And, they will.

The mirroring aspect of a socio initially begins with ENDLESS compliments or agreeableness. Be careful! If you are a weak person with low self-esteem, OR if you are in a weak spot, they will exploit the heck out of you by attempting to provide the illusion of that which you are missing at that time. Clarity only comes when you move out of a weak space. And by the time you move out of a weak space, they have usually changed their tune. Socios hate it when you succeed — for, if you aren’t down and out, what use are you to them!!??

Socios typically have MANY PEOPLE under their thumb (or so they think) at once. They like to imagine themselves a puppet master with a dozen strings, playing with each person as they please. They will also choose people who they can play off of each other. I once had a young patient a number of years ago who had two therapists — AND ME. They were a triangulating manipulator. They also set up triangles with anyone I introduced them to. This is sociopathic. One of their favorite things to do was to tell me how the people around me didn’t want good things for me. Since I was so accustomed to the socio energy and it was still fundamentally familiar to me, I did not catch on right away. It took time, and it took other people letting me know how they felt about this person for me to get it. When they thought that I no longer served a clout purpose for them, they cut and ran. In a SECOND. After many years. This is the hallmark of a socio. The moment they have no use for you, they are OUT.

Triangulaters and puppet string pullers are a special breed. They will want to make their way into your life (at least metaphorically) to know how they can use you, how they can push your buttons, who they can brainwash you against, and what information they can use against you. The younger socios in training (however, they are born this way — and no they can’t be fixed unless lightning literally strikes them and their soul leaves their body and another one comes in) will slip up and get caught because people will talk. The ones I have come across who have fallen have failed to understand just how many people I know in this world, and how smart THEY, too, are. You can’t make up for experience with knowledge! This is a slippery slope for a young socio. Since they are so incredibly arrogant (and evil), they won’t even consider the fact that someone is more intelligent than them and understands their tactics from afar. This is why you never, ever, call them out. You collect your OWN data.

The young socio girl friend I had, I later found out, told WILD lies about me. Just WILD! All of the lies, of course, were truths about HER. I recall being astounded at the time…I didn’t even believe the people who were telling me what she said. For in order to confront that truth, I would have had to confront the truth of my past and “loved ones”…who also lied — ENDLESSLY — about me. It was just too much to take. So, I continued to choose what I knew…AS WELL AS, what I was — goodness. Life was truly an odd mix for me for a long time. I vacillated between experiencing good and evil — where I came from, versus what I was. It’s been an ongoing battle, but far less confusing as time has gone on…as well as quite prosperous for my life’s purpose.

Socios lie to become you. They lie because, in the lie, there is a dark vacancy: space for your life force. It’s the ultimate swapping behavior. If they weren’t to lie, they would be full and need nothing from you. If they can lie to you, either about yourself or other people and get you to actually believe the lie, they get to become you (for a time). Consider the notions of dark and light; in dark there is absence and in light there is God/fullness. When we are brought into darkness, we surrender our light — and it can be worn (TEMPORARILY).

I often think about adult children I’ve seen interviewed on national TV about their serial killer parent/s who like just got caught after 30 years or something crazy, and they were still having dinner with them every night. They “still love” the psychopath because the wiring of their brain won’t allow them to understand evil. This is the fundamental problem with society: we are NOT MANUFACTURED to understand evil. Those of us who do, are both very lucky and unlucky at the same time. Lucky because we have come out in one piece; unlucky because we have come face-to-face with pure evil.

I recall telling one of my “care-takers” about two atrocities at different times in my life; once, at 14, I told them about my best friend whose stepfather was raping her. I asked if we could please report this. Their reaction was something along the lines of it was none of our business. Then, in my 20s, I told them about a childhood friend who confessed to me that their father had raped their siblings and threatened their life if they told anyone. A blank stare came over my “caretaker’s” face as they drifted off into God-knows-where. It is only when I reflect upon many things like this that I begin to consider just how sociopathic (and possibly psychopathic) my origins were. No empathy. Feigned emotions.

Socios are typically antisocial and STUDY the heck out of others in order to understand “how” to emote (faking it, of course). They don’t like to be around people until they feel that they have mastered some skill of fraud in this regard. It takes them a long time. They have difficulty with eye contact, initially — later on, it will become their HALLMARK. In fact, their eye contact is often what they are known for…in not such a good way. The piercing stare doesn’t come from being aspy or on some sort of spectrum, rather it comes from a laser focus into your soul and a deflection from not understanding HOW to respond like a normal person. Because, a socio is NOT a normal person. They are trying to train themselves to be. This is why they study others…

They say that crazy people have no plans in life, and this is true; however crazy people come in many varieties and it depends upon their background as to the tactics which they will employ. A true socio will plot, for years, to get what they want. A psychopath, who will also be a sociopath, will do the same but the difference is that THEY CAN NOT CONTROL THEIR IMPULSES. This is why they will either 1) kill 2) steal 3) commit atrocities behind closed doors. They latter type will ALWAYS need an outlet to act out at a moment’s notice as their urges arise — otherwise, they will get caught.

Socios and psychopaths are outed when they run out of containers. Taking a container away from a socio or psychopath is both wonderful and dangerous at the same time. Wonderful because you have regained your soul / energy; dangerous because they will become a danger to themselves without your supply. When you extract yourself from a socio, they desperately need more fuel…and it doesn’t matter how old they are. The younger they are, the more stupid they will act. The older they are, the more physically sick they will get. Life force or lack thereof has different impacts upon us at different times in our lives.

How will you know if you are interacting with a socio? Well, first of all, you will feel HIGH AS HELL when you first connect with them. I had this with my young girl friend as a teen. I never felt higher! (And no, I have never used drugs except THC). The high I got being around her was like nothing else. She mirrored my life force back like an expert. This is a totally unconscious behavior on the part of a socio, but it can become more conscious as someone ages and they catch on to “what works” for them. She was able to mirror my life force because I was everything that she wanted to become — so initially, it was a high for HER to “become” me; on my end, I just saw MYSELF more clearly. Until, of course, too much was never enough…once a socio realizes that they CAN’T actually become you, they start to slip up…and, get angry.

I was fortunate to be in a supportive romantic relationship nearly the entire time I knew this young girl friend — it definitely protected me from her in a number of ways. But when I left that relationship, that’s when the truth began to hit me. If you don’t have any sort of buffer when you encounter one of these people, pray to God. Without a buffer, they can and will suck you in at any cost. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to go no contact with this girl (also, it was the late 90s lol), and I mourned a piece of my past that, at that time, I wasn’t even clear was actually part of my past.

Socios will find you when the chips are down for you in life. Depending upon your circumstances, it’s obviously easier for certain people to get in at particular times. Pay extra attention to who you are communicating with (and why) when things get rough. When things get rough, we are all looking to be boosted. I never thought I would say this before but: beware of people who compliment and pedestal you. I have learned, unfortunately, that they often have ulterior motives. I wish that I could say that I have known only goodness, but I haven’t — and it’s all for a great reason. A socio will use any excuse to weave their way into your life when they spot something that they want: because they are NO ONE.

Just like a serial killer can go months before committing their next murder, a socio can go months before finding another source. The point is, neither can go too long. And as they realize that they are running out of supply with you (because you are onto them), they will slip up / change their tone / detach from you. If you come from an abusive past and you have worked through your trauma, you will realize this and that you are disposable to them and that it is not personal; if you have not worked through your trauma, you will trauma bond with them and try to “work it out” and “fix it”. Socios never feel empathy, human connection, love, or anything that doesn’t serve what they are looking to FILL: their empty soul. This is why they can change like the wind, come up with a reason why they don’t “like” you anymore, or cut you off in seconds. It’s never about you — it’s about what they can’t extract from you anymore.

When you remove a socio from your life, you will need to reclaim your energy so that they don’t walk around with it. Usually this just happens by the epiphanies that you will have with regard to them, but most importantly with regard to your past. While it’s true that ANYONE can draw in a socio or psycho, people with troubled pasts draw them in the most — this is why most socios become doctors, therapists, social workers, healers, helpers ETC. They are always looking for more blood/life force. BECAUSE THEY ARE EMPTY.

Never listen to the words of a socio — rather, consider how you feel. Do you feel high? Do you feel low? Why? Are you in a great space in your life? Are you in a low space in your life? Again, socios and other said predators typically enter your life during low points. People who are good for you typically enter your life during high points. It’s during the high points that socios tend to make their exit, either because you have clarity or because there is something stronger connecting to your energy and they can no longer reach/extract it.

The above sentiments go for jobs, friends, social clubs, cities, clients, and anything else you may choose to incorporate into your life. Wherever you go, there you are…and all that matches you in that moment will seek you — even if you don’t want it.

As we consider AI (artificial intelligence) and the like, which I have written about HERE with regard to consciousness, we must consider how and where we are placing our energy or allowing it to be used. We are not so different from computers. Energy is energy is energy — and it comes in all forms. At a minimum, we can examine and understand the less rehearsed tactics of evil as compared to the more rehearsed tactics of evil (in terms of age)…and how that may factor into our immediate life. They say that 3-5% of the population is sociopathic, but perhaps I’m talking about a more specific evil that has been overlooked (simply because we are not designed to look at it).

The best defense you can have against sociopathic people and energy is, as I wrote about here, CONSCIOUSNESS. This takes a lot of work, a lot of courage (since evil is not a natural concept for most), and a LOT of surrender. With those actions, however, socios don’t stand a chance. They really don’t stand a chance in the first place either, they just THINK they do. Figure out where your thoughts align with one of these people and WHY (perhaps a deep dive into your past), so that you can break the chains.