Some people confuse a successful personality with desperation or pushiness

Some people confuse a successful personality with desperation or pushiness

Only to discover that no one was pushy, let alone desperate; rather, simply…they know what they want in life.

I’ve met too many people to ever count in this life, and a LOT of incredibly successful people. By “successful” in this context, I mean — the true definition; mind, body, spirit AND tangibly successful. Millionaire billionaire (if you consider that part of / a byproduct of success – since it often is). What each of them had in common was a laser focus — in business, in social, and in dating.

When I was younger, like late teens early 20s, I drew a lot of these people into my life. In fact, they often made bee-lines for me. It took some getting used to as far as understanding that I was NOT in fact, being stalked. LOL. What I also learned is that successful people keep moving forward — NO MATTER WHAT. Even if they feel rejected, they brush themselves off like nothing happened. It’s not that they were unfeeling — but they didn’t wait around for the “one thing” that didn’t line up with them in that moment.

The energy of a successful person is very strong — it is an actual bandwidth of energy. This can freak some people out. Normal people. People who have never tapped into their power or do not have any. I wrote about this a bit in eBooklet 5, for reference. Though I’ve never been afraid of this energy, I have come to understand it better through my experiences and interactions with it, as well as my own actualizations.

When we don’t want ourSELVES, we can become repelled by people who want us. Then, we become dysfunctional and only chase what is unavailable in life — in career, in dating, and so forth. This is a big problem as well as a black void hole in which a person can fall into and never climb out. It is a mindset problem. Someone who only wants what doesn’t want them needs a boat load of therapy. Most people need therapy. Successful people can face “rejection” because their energy is misunderstood by folks who won’t or haven’t yet stepped into their potential in life.

Now, there is no such thing as rejection. I always say: rejection is protection. And I’ve had this conversation over and over and over again with successful and amazing clients of mine. The problem only ensues when a person gets “stuck” on “why” they “can’t have” what they want. First of all, it is important to note that anything or anyone who does not want us IS NOT GOOD FOR US. Period. Again: go to therapy. GOOD therapy. If this is your problem.

Back to the topic at hand. Early on in my life, I sort of flittered about. I could have been described as unclear or unfocused, even when I “knew” what I wanted but couldn’t articulate a “normal” plan. It was during this time that I met, organically (before social media ruined socializing), true string pullers. I think they wondered why I was so unfocused. And I, wondered why they were so focused – on me. Since I didn’t fully know the difference between successful and psychotic, I assumed that some of the folks that pursued me either as a friend or a romantic partner were very pushy and possibly desperate. Part of the problem here was that I didn’t see my own value. The other part of the problem was that I was just beginning to unravel old trauma around psychotic caregivers. That’s a lot!

While I still socialized or spent time around successful people, I observed them…they always knew what they wanted, and they went RIGHT FOR IT. As long as it wasn’t me, I was ok! I sat back and watched them hunt down business opportunities, and other things. From an outsider’s perspective, it could have looked desperate because their energy was so full of intent and focus. To a person dealing with abandonment issues, observing the behavior of a successful person and personality might be very confusing.

The thing is, put simply, that the successful people and personalities that I speak of either had very little trauma or they had completely worked through it. Without that transcendence though, we stay stuck AND AFRAID of people who know what they want in life. And, jealous.

When the mind can’t compute the behavior of another person, it labels it. The mind will label it to FEEL BETTER, and out of convenience. “Oh that person is really pushy!!!!” or “That person is desperate — they called me five times yesterday!!!” — well, maybe not.

Successful people are down for experiences and clarity. They aren’t afraid to live. People who are regular or stuck in regular trauma can’t handle the energy of people who are down for experiences and clarity. So, despite a connected level of consciousness or thread of energy, person B will respond to person A as though they are “too much”. I recall feeling this way in the past — when in fact, person A simply knew what they wanted. Since I was procrastinating in my life, aka too afraid to get what I came here for, I interpreted people who “went for it” as threatening — on some level.

Take a focused neuron and an unfocused neuron and put them together. What happens? The unfocused neuron will literally spazz out as the focused neuron reminds it of what its intrinsic state really is. And in order for it to completely remember its intrinsic state, it must…STRAIGHTEN OUT. This feels like too much work for crossed wires. A person with crossed wires prefers to stay that way, and to seek out other crossed wires in life. And then it complains about it. And blames other people. I’ve done this.

As I evolved, but even when I was less evolved, I was told that I was “a lot”; I realized that all that meant was that I was like the people who always went for it. And I began to understand myself better — intrinsic energy never changes; it’s just what we DO with that energy that changes us (or holds us back). “A lot” of energy will disturb someone who is living in crossed wires, or who has a low energy. It’s less common that a “lot” of energy and “no or low” energy will meet, line up or attract in the first place, so the better way to understand it is within the context of a clean wire and a crossed wire. For a time in my life, I was a crossed wire…lining up with clean wires that “saw” me and didn’t understand why I didn’t rise up and meet them in life.

To a low energy, no doubt they confuse a successful person/ality aka high energy with a negative connotation such as desperation or pushiness. This always comes from a space of negativity. Just look at the reaction to Orange Man. Regardless of his human particulars (and P.S.: WE ALL HAVE THEM, SO GET OVER YOURSELF), he is a successful archetype. We don’t know his struggles or traumas, but the point is that he is a high energy person who is also a clean wire. When a clean wire laser focuses, it gets what it wants. While the crossed wires or dead wires look on with assumptions.

There was once this guy — well, there were many — who was a high clean wire. He hunted me for years. Until he finally got married. I couldn’t figure out what my resistance was. I would get nervous when he would call or reach out. It just felt like … TOO MUCH ENERGY. The problem was, not that it was too much energy — but that he knew what he wanted (because he was untraumatized or healed) and I did/n’t (because I was still in trauma and unhealed). On the surface, I couldn’t figure out what my issue was. There would be more, a lot like him, who had it ALL. And we were energetic matches — except for the part where I felt threatened…to a crossed wire, a clean wire will simply feel threatening. For no logical reason. Other than the fact that the wire needs to be sorted.

What I also noticed about successful people (and now myself) is that they don’t waste time on things that don’t reciprocate their energy. I sort of learned this the hard way as a young person. There were three famous men during a marked period of my life who would have been fun to date, but I just “felt too much”…so I kept them at bay until I felt ready to interact. They seemed really pushy to me. By the time I was ready they didn’t even know my name. Later on, I would reconnect with them in a totally different context and it was God’s way of showing me what my fears were at that earlier time. I also recall being so disappointed in myself that I shortchanged opportunity. I dated literal losers instead of them because it felt “safer”. Losers with low energy AND crossed wires. Wrecking my life for a time, basically, just to understand what my trauma was.

Successful people go to therapy. They self inquire. Unsuccessful people do not — or, if they do, it’s a manipulation of sorts. Successful people, despite having trauma like the rest of us, uncross their wires and use that along with their high energy to achieve things in life. It is important to note that there are plenty of “regular” people with low energy and uncrossed wires out there…this is a problem for high energy people with crossed wires who are looking for things like therapists, life coaches, doctors, or helpers of any sort. Just because someone has worked through their trauma or DOESN’T have crossed wires does NOT mean that they are a match for an otherwise would-be successful person with a HIGH energy and some crossed wires. A lot of trouble can be created here when regular people try to line up with intrinsically successful people and vice versa. It’s so important to know your energy!

To a normie with lower energy and uncrossed wires, they will tend to avoid high achievers or highly successful people and just sort of play in their pond. Successful people don’t care to play in ponds though, they prefer vast oceans with sharks. So, you won’t ever feel “threatened” by a normal person in a pond, as they are incapable of carrying the energetic illusion of desperation or pushiness. Evil is ANOTHER subject and factors in but I will not cover that here — you can read the rest of my blog to fill in the blanks. So, the fundamental issue here would be two very high energy people — one with crossed wires and one with uncrossed wires…as well as the reflection of a high energy with uncrossed wires to the general population and the normies who just don’t have the same energy.

As I worked through my trauma, I began to behave differently. I still felt myself attracted to LOSERS versus the amazing men who came running for me, but at least I noticed what was still going on: some of my wires were still crossed. I began to understand that when a powerful person approached me and it felt “intense”, that I was not in danger lol. I still backed down quite a bit, and maybe away from otherwise opportunity, but I needed to understand what my mind was doing and how this lined up with my overall energy and God-driven purpose on this planet.

When we reject what wants us it is because we reject ourselves. I did this for a time and I didn’t know I was doing it. My mind was trying to keep me safe with what I knew: NOTHING. So I immersed myself around nothing. Nothing people. Nothing much of anything. My mind wanted to do what it was trained to do: be depleted at all times. The only problem slash also saving grace was that I was destined to be successful…and with certain trauma of mine, I had to also be willing to be seen as pushy — etc. Like the others!

As I came into my own more and more, I recalled experiences like the ones I mention here. I recall the total head-shaking of people who entered my orbit as I chose a lesser life or some literal LOSER to go out with instead. I also shook my own head, too! I didn’t understand what I was doing, or why…or how I was so committed to never getting any of my needs met by being attracted to literal nothingness. However, nothingness is what had kept me alive early on.

People who know what they want and go for it are rare; to do this, one must have a high energy and uncrossed wires. The combination of those two things is extremely uncommon. I observe those with said combination and the reaction from others around them — it never ceases to fail…they don’t fit in with the normies. It’s like oil and water! And the good part is, they don’t HAVE to fit in with the normies…for the most part. It’s just that sometimes, for example at hotels or restaurants, it happens. And the interactions are priceless to observe…

There is a waiter I am friendly with at one of my favorite restaurants. He’s high energy AND a clean wire. We get along because of this. He approaches me not with fear, but with an eagerness. It’s simply energetic. The clients who are right for me and vice versa do the same. There is no imbalance. It’s a beautiful energy to bathe in. I can spot this energy a mile away, and I can also spot the opposite. This can only be measured by someone’s voice or by sitting with someone in person. It’s why I’ve NEVER run my business / booked people online. Oh, the HORROR I would imagine in doing that. Never.

Nothing is more important than understanding your personal energy and that of others. Since no one is writing about it in the way that I am, there aren’t handbooks out there. One day there will be. It’s also pretty hard to rip off my concepts but I notice when people try. My concepts are simple truths, re-told in another language — my language. But the fundamental truths themselves do not change. Truth is eternal.

As you observe people whom you may deem pushy or desperate, consider what you might be rejecting within your own self — as well as the trauma within you that holds you back from living. If you are a high energy person, just reading this will clarify things. If you are a low energy person, you probably will just look the other way and not be interested in the first place because you like small ponds. That’s fine. All energy and purpose is relative. For the sake of explanation I use certain words because that’s all we have.

The greatest gift I’ve been given by being acquainted with a high energy aka successful person who had clean wires was the mirror of my own potential…it would be something I would remember and analyze for years to come, as I dove into the gutter in life and sussed out what I experienced versus what I AM. What I AM, is a successful person. Who probably comes across as pushy at times. Maybe even desperate. I’m here for it.