Why bad people appear to “win”

Whether you are a good person committing to evil or an evil person committing to evil, your ultimate destination is hell. The difference between the two above archetypes is, well archetype, as well as relativity.

Your archetype collapses time and space – your spore is either good or it is evil. Note I said SPORE. Short of spending dozens of hours, weeks, months and years teaching what I’ve seen in my 5 decades on this planet and the thousands I have counseled, you can consider what I am saying here or simply not. Many or almost all things must be experienced to be understood anyhow.

What I’ve seen, and what I’ve always seen (despite my early years of rose colored glasses believing that “all people can change” — NO, they can not), is that not all soul spores are born from God. Some are satanic. And they will always be that. No amount of prayer, church, bible thumping and prideful ego of “but THE BIBLE SAYS” interpretation will change that. Live and learn. Those born from God are held to one standard, and those born from satan are held to another standard.

Please read my entire column on evil. It will explain much more. If you have not read my prerequisite books, go read them. For more context.

Just as God rewards a godly person for goodness, satan will reward for evil. This is not obvious to many or most, because they can’t recognize good or evil in the first place. In fact we are not designed to – not without experience. Life experience. Not internet experience. Do you understand the difference?

A lie told by a soul of God is punished, but a lie told by a soul of satan is seemingly rewarded…in fact of course it is rewarded by satan, but God always has the last word. This is a problem for the earthly and mortal part of us, because most of us only see what we “see”…and of course we are not even seeing in the first place. The problem ensues when we see very evil people, whom we do not know are evil, being rewarded for evil…we consider them as we would consider our own soul – good. This is one of God’s tests, because we are given the “opportunity” to follow suit. To echo. To parrot. The evil actions…

When we can not hear our own self, we commit to evil. When our spore is good, this is a major problem. And we look around and see other “good” (actually evil) people seemingly “benefitting” from their choices…of evil, greed, blasphemy, and all other kinds of sins. “If they can do it, and they are of goodness, then I can too!!!”

We have been deceived, as well as deceived our self. In order to believe a lie, you must first lie to yourself. If you think xyz is working out so well for John or Mike or Melissa and your mistake is believing that their spore is like yours, you will pay. With your soul.

The rules are simply not the same for those made of evil. If you are from satan’s kingdom, you can get away with murder (in the physical realm only!) – literally. Look at our society. Look at the absolute lunatic clowns “running” it. This is satan’s greatest pleasure, but it also will not last. Simple minds who are not of evil but who commit to it will suffer the most. I’ve written about that before, and why. For they are wrestling with that which does not match their core. Those who are aligned with evil are pigs in mud right now. However, they also sense their time coming to a close – and it always does.

The contrast between the spore of a good soul and evil is incredible. The seemingly long-term gains your evil friends are “winning” with don’t apply to you and you wonder why. You feel weary. Your eyes have ugly dark circles around them that won’t go away, no matter how much you sleep. Your silly “online” “following” is “increasing” but it brings you no joy the way it brings other evil narcissists who truly infect and feed off of their “following” (a satanic feast). You feel lost no matter how much attention you receive or how “good” things seem to be on the surface, even though you expected to feel fulfilled. Your actual ambition to accomplish anything is near 0 as you rather be a bot with an overnight online business and personality – except, deep down, you know that will never make you happy either. The rules are different for you. Your spore may be good, but you are indulging in evil. And you are paying for it. The worst is yet to come if you don’t get off this train…

Meanwhile, your evil cohorts who you think are “good” and you see “reaping the benefits of the modern world” are only doing so because they are…evil. Deep down or unconsciously they, too, know that all things satanic (which are only allowed to exist because of God himself) have an expiration on them. There is nothing eternal about evil. The only eternal reality is goodness. This is why evil people keep you around…

As long as evil can feast off of you, it can sustain and stay alive. But even you aren’t so sure anymore, about who is good and who is evil. Your ego and pride wish it were otherwise, because you ask yourself “but where ARE the good people??? I don’t want to be an island. I’m just going to pretend the people I’ve chosen to walk with are good”. Your refusal to DO THE WORK God truly intended for you to do (going to church doesn’t count – the devil loves church, and any idiot can walk in the door and read scripture and preach it) is killing you. Only you know the truth, and the longer you allow yourself to be devoured by locusts the stronger your unGodly desires become until there is nothing left of you.

As the poles shift, and you begin to wake up, you wrestle with the fact that there is no way out of this — because you are, in fact, born from goodness. “Damn! There are no shortcuts here!!!!”, you think. That’s right. So you drag along, losing the gifts God has given you, replacing them with ego until you look in the mirror one day and hate what you see. This probably won’t happen in your early or mid 20s, so don’t fret – there is still time to realize you are ruining your life.

God won’t let a spore of goodness last in the satanic realms. And the more you commit to them, the worse life will become for you. It’s not that you aren’t talented / charismatic / born to be amazing…of course you are. But you are squandering those gifts and handing them to satan himself because of your pathetic need to be “seen”. The attention you seek is an abomination and nothing and nobody can change that. You look at those who pretend to “walk with Christ” and wear their little crosses around their necks and wonder why things are so easy for them…as clearly they are no different than you are.

But they are. No one escapes the wrath of God, but those who are committed to satan on intrinsic baseis will simply last longer in the game than you will. You haven’t been saved just because you say so, or those fooled into seeing only one side of you say so. Your family lives in sin and you won’t address that either because, well, that would require you to change a few things there as well. You don’t want to. You’re lazy. Laziness is the greatest sin in the world when you have talents that contradict that action (yep, laziness is an action).

Those who walk with evil who have contracted with it are your greatest test in this life. Your ego will deceive you, both unconsciously and consciously. Your desperate nature will ruin your life, and you will wake up middle aged wondering why you didn’t do things differently. Properly. God’s way. When your soul completely opposes satan but your ego obliges, you suffer in all ways.

The entire point of living is to discern. Most will never discern because this takes commitment to God and work. So again – don’t try to tell yourself or anyone that you are committed to God when you reek of desperation for attention. True tests are given to those who oppose satan by their very being – and when you fail those tests, life becomes very hard for you.

A number of years ago I was receiving press and endless press offers. I would turn things down because I knew the game. I also knew that my work was never for “sale” — storytelling, sure…but not for SALE. That’s why I have a process around it. A protocol. Satanic characters can attempt to attack that, but they only reveal themselves in the process. In many ways I’ve been given endless tests to be extremely wealthy, famous, etc. God tested me in my acting days with many meetings that would have changed my life overnight if only I had sold my soul (overtly or covertly) and I didn’t bite then. Typically if someone doesn’t bite in their teens or 20s they will never bite. I am one of those. If you can not stand in the face of “great” offers and say no because you are an attention whore, you have made a deal with satan. There are endless cases of this. The desire and need for attention is a great sin. An addiction.

On the contrary, those who are born of evil — don’t argue with me, there are a GREAT many of these people out there — who will NEVER be delivered, “appear” to have it so easy. Well, it’s not because they have good karma. Or because they are talented. They entered their “have it all” contracts on a lie, on witchcraft, and those lies and satanic agreements are THE SAME WAY those contracts will end. Whether it’s how they started their family, their business, or something else. Their agreement with the devil has an EXPIRATION DATE on it. For their commitment to flesh and worldly nothings stand in stark contrast to those who know the eternal life is within. Imagine not knowing what the eternal life really is. I can tell you that I have seen these people firsthand and they suffer endlessly…unless they are devouring light on a continual basis (again, one reason people can not LIVE offline for even a few weeks).

The expiration of a person made from/committed to evil depends on how much light they have access to. The more you surrender yourself to satan because you are weak, the longer they can continue. Please keep in mind that many of these people preach the gospel and pretend to be of the light – they are not. I can’t teach you this in an article. And, the lesson is physics – you’re either in the light or you are not, and you will find out quickly which.

Without your light, evil people are in SO MUCH PAIN. Look at some of the “celebrities” who HAVE to be in the news constantly. It’s not just ego. Your very EYES on them feed them…for just a while longer. Some cases of said evil just need your eyes on them. That’s it. Pay attention to your social media on that note.

To believe that you have done something wrong because your life is not where you want it to be, because XYZ person who vomits themselves online every moment or can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight for a moment seems to “have it all” is sinful, wrong and totally inaccurate. You’re getting it wrong. And if you are of the light, the rules for you will always be different. You’re not of satan’s kingdom. But you’re dancing in it…