Demons are everywhere, and they look ordinary – a Healing Elaine® Workshop

I am hosting a workshop on demonology.

As I re-study the bible, I am reminded with every fiber of it what I’ve always done – despite whatever “name” I gave it to start such as “reiki” – cast out demons.

There are specific ways that demons work through and around us – and why certain patterns never break.

Demons choose absolutely obscure and regular looking folks, as well, to pursue usdemons are actual persons who NEED live, animate human / beings to use in order to carry out their missions.

Demons / evil / darkness / satanic energy / curses will follow and shapeshift until the spore of the origin is cut.

No one is talking about this because they know nothing about it.

Demonology is part of our every day experience and it can be addressed through conversation, as well as hands-on or hand-hovering healing — note that I will NOT be doing any of the latter in my workshop, and I’ve taken it out of most of my sessions due to what happens to me when I do. As a very brief synopsis — and please do not question me with “oh but don’t you have protection”…stop…you don’t have a clue as to how this works — whatever demonic warfare someone is dealing with becomes MINE for a time. A week, a month, YEARS, even. Do you think it’s a simple process for someone to just be relieved of stage 4 cancer, to have a baby when doctors said they could NOT, to get off a respirator they were on for 30 years and cure that sleep apnea overnight? No, it’s not simple, and in each and every above case example I pulled incredible energy and karma into my field and my life. While this has been some of the most mind-blowing, gratifying work I could ever imagine doing, I am changing the shape of it and becoming even more discerning. Spiritual warfare is not some bubble gum trend which I know the internet is making it because people will do just about anything to look cool and get paid. What I did and do is nothing like I have even described in my blog.

Some don’t believe in darkness – I used to not…for YEARS. But the truth is, I didn’t understand it and I just did not want to believe in it, even though it was all around me. Evil is real, satan is real, curses are real (you can read about them in the bible) and demons are real. They can take years or a lifetime to get rid of — unless, of course you give up and merge with them. Then, you either do not notice them or you simply attribute your troubles to benign casual life “experiences” because it is easier that way.

In any event, I am hosting a workshop on demonology. This is for serious people who have read my work. While it is not a session, we will get into personal particulars and I will help you with them.

Leave me a voicemail at 917 985 1221. If you do not hear back from me I have either filled up the spots (I will be cultivating a specific group / group energy as well) or it is not the right time for us to work together. If you would prefer to work remotely or have an in person session instead, leave me a voicemail all the same and the same notion applies – if for whatever reason you do not hear back, I am either full right now or it is not the right time.