Social media demons and the skism of 2009

’twas NYE 2008, Miami Beach. The air was thick with the awareness that socializing would never be the same again. I’d no idea this was because of social media. I just felt “thank God I had bar none the best time socializing in my teens and 20s” A true skism occurred Jan 1, 2009.

I dove into a nuance of this subject in my 2020 article “New York City and Los Angeles are Vortexes and people are leaving them”. Please read it.

All that is polarizing will bring to the surface what works, and what does not work. In the context of the 2009 skism and socializing, it (the great polarizer) was the social media demon.

If people see something frequently enough, they believe it – no matter what “it” is (for the unaware, research Operation Mockingbird). And without the prevalence of social media via not only accessible but necessary handheld devices which many of us can not seem to live without, none of the trends that became our divide-and-conquer skism-makers could ever have survived. The “popularity” of reality TV was a fluke; not an organic gestation, but a forceful and demonic entity birthed by our mortal sins combined with ACCESSIBILITY. Anything so accessible must always be questioned. What is so accessible is not valuable. What is valuable is reserved for its specific and unique intrinsic match. What lacks value is reserved for a broken container – something effortless, and of the mainstream/masses – that has been accessed by legions of demonic entities…(cue the mindless windup toy modern day virtue signaling college students who think they are autonomous and free thinkers LOL)…

In order to break that container, it must be accessed in a way that matches early injuries caused by demonic messages and experiences; this is done by messaging. Since we are each human beings, it is just a matter of which injury a demon will gain entry through (as typically it takes years to recognize, let alone close off such an entry point by transcending and healing said injury). It will overtake and shatter all who have not done their spiritual diligence, and challenge and fortify all who have done and continue to do their spiritual diligence. In this way, all is revealed through the containers of the flesh – as they are driven either by God or the devil at any given time.

The skism of 2009 was a brilliant ploy by satan himself, and God (of course) allowed it. Anyone who understands demonic energy knows that we must open a certain door in order to be ruled by satan, and close it to be ruled by God. This (legal rule in the court of God and satan) is why some of us go to church and study scripture – to close the doors that we naturally open by virtue of being human / human being. I even wrote an article about the “influence” of the Kardashians – everything and everyone we see is our own lesson and test…not the responsibility of a greater entity.

Despite going to University in Boston in the early 00s, I’d not heard of Facebook until 2008. And I’d not witnessed someone on it (or any social media for that matter) until then either. The first time I saw someone engaging with their laptop as if their eyes were glued to the screen was the fall of 2008 and it was alarming. I felt genuine concern and bewilderment. What could they be doing? What was this tap tap tap stuff? It was Facebook. It was a different world for me, one that I’d no experience with in my youth or early 20s. It was then that I felt the unconscious awareness we were going to turn into bots…I just didn’t know how crazy it would get.

My experience socializing in my teens and early 20s was 100% eye contact and 1:1 in person. And it was a blast. Parties were ORGANIC, not advertised (forced). The “cool kids” aka pure weirdos and outcasts gravitated toward one another. There are no more cool kids.

On the New Year’s Eve of 2008, I celebrated with close friends at a luxury hotel on Miami Beach. I’d vacationed there in the late 90s and lived there in the early 00s long before it became overrun with…well, you know. On this particular trip, I had a deep knowing that it would be my last – or, at least, my last trip of value and genuine spirit. I wasn’t wrong.

Prior to this NYE celebration I was working several jobs and trying to get my healing practice off the ground. While working one of my jobs, I envisioned a public figure I wanted to meet and knew that we would be in the very same places, at the very same times during my Miami Beach celebration. On my second night, we sat across the room from each other at dinner. On my third night, we walked alongside one another at 3am. Something about this experience lent itself to my understanding of all things organic in the context of how socializing had been prior to 2009. And although he was, at one time my “dream guy”, I still had a personal rule about never dating a celebrity man. So despite his advances, I ignored them and incorporated his presence as a spiritual lesson instead of a physical one. And in retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s rare or never that I ever regret any decision I make or don’t make in the context of sex and love.

As I walked alongside this person in the early morning hours of January 2nd 2009, I knew this was my “last time” with that kind of fun. The buffet of unique crowds congregated by nature versus technology was on its way out and I knew it. We were in a skism. We were about to be overtaken by a force greater than our collective will to do good.

Throughout 2009 I noticed the collective crowds change substantially. Album release parties I once enjoyed in NYC were no longer enjoyable. The energy became harsher – more desperate. Desperation is the strongest word that comes to mind when I consider “how” socializing changed post 2008. Utterly desperate, vacant, and overtaken by something beyond the flesh…something dark. The excitement that I once felt popping into “the” nightclub of the moment for a glass of champagne and chatting with the likes of Paul Walker was gone because there were no more of “the” nightclubs – the places that creatives and high or eclectic energy people went to feel connection to their “own”. And no, not everyone there was rich or famous – they were simply interesting. Curated by the owner of the venue – also an entrepreneur “outcast”. Skaters, artists, wall street execs, tech founders, students, models, nobodies…it was a vibe of spirit over flesh and it just so happened that some of the flesh had otherwise coveted experiences on our planet. But these places were going, going, gone. The art world was dying because cockroach energy was encroaching upon it without defense and no one wanted to be around it.

Initially, I pondered that perhaps it was my age making me feel this way…that the energy was just sucked out of major cities in the context of socializing, like overnight. But it wasn’t. And a person doesn’t just have a midlife crisis more than a decade prior to middle age, at the stroke of midnight. No. This was something so very different.

As I continued building my dreams that I’d been working on for years at that point, I would pop out to socialize every now and then and I hated it each time. The good news was, I could 100% focus on my goals and know that nothing beyond a 10pm bedtime would ever be worth it again. I threw out my TV in the Spring of 2010 and never got another one. I focused only on my dreams, and what I wanted to build from my core. Some “friends” of mine wondered why I was suddenly less social. They didn’t understand…because they were just like the lemmings – the walking dead who were moving in on our once amazing cities. They would be part of the collective who have since destroyed EVERYTHING.

One of the above former “friends” went so far as to send me an email “concerned” about me because I wasn’t who I once was for them…and who I “once was” for them was the connector – I got us into every party. Every red carpet. I was the one on the TV. I was the one with the celebrity friends. They weren’t concerned, they were angry that I no longer held interest in a social society that had completely lost its organic flair. I told them “fine”. Of course they later apologized…and became a work-ladder climbing big tech lemming who began doing coke a few nights a week with their sell-out coworkers and friends. A person who slept their way to the top with their married boss of three children. Talk about projection. But I wasn’t concerned for them, not ever…I simply saw what was happening – dark and light were separating. I saw, more clearly than ever, who I was and who I wasn’t. And the separation would only speed up.

People began to choose their allegiances during this time of social media force and bombardment. Those who caved didn’t change overnight, they’d always been that way. The dark shadows of tech simply made that more apparent. Because what always has been, always will be. For this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT to believe people when they show you who they are. Take that for whatever it is worth.

Every year post 2009 things got collectively worse, socially speaking, in the context I am writing about. For once in their lives, the basic Betties of all basic Betties had a VOICE! Well, they thought they did. And although one light cancels out thousands of empty vessels, there were MANY empty vessels making their presences known: thanks to this little illusion called social media. The cockroaches obtained “identity” – finally. Because they’d never had it before. They still didn’t.

By 2013, it was “tyranny of the mediocre” as Alexander Cortes wrote about recently here on twitter. Tyranny of the mediocre is the absolute best description of what WAS happening in the mid 2010s, and it is so validating to know that other people felt what I could not articulate at that time. The mediocre were taking their positions in an aggressive fashion, but these positions were never granted to them – like all things demonic, they were and are illusory. A trick of the devil. And we know the devil is a lie…

I noticed a sick and satisfactory evil grin seething through the faces of the Godless, mediocre human containers that walked the streets of my once great city. They were mediocre because they were Godless, and they were Godless because they were LAZY – in every sense – emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and even physically.

It even became difficult to attend or host private events devoid of the corrupt energy I speak of, because social media made everything accessible. The balance between light and dark was corrupted and you never knew how a physical social event would be because of this. It would always be ruined. Because of the skism. Because of social media. Because of the demons that created this great experiment we all engage with on a daily basis. And…it’s all ok, too.

The pendulum always swings. And I believe it is slowly making its way back to center. I don’t know what will be the tipping point cause of the gleefully awaited pendulum shift, but I imagine it is driven by the fact that truth can not be buried for long and it certainly can not be destroyed. There was nothing truthful about what I saw happening post 2008, other than the fact that we were and are being tested on a collective level. And the test is beautiful because the veil of what always was and always will be, was lifted off the face of humanity…with the duality of social media.

The demon of social media was granted by God because of the natural sins we commit without even thinking about them. Vanity, gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride are ripe across our phones and computers all day…and to boot we are somewhat forced into those temptations beyond our control. As the world moves further into the digital sphere, we are beholden to embracing, confronting or transcending our own sins. We either contract with the devil or we don’t. We don’t eliminate the lesson (social media), as there will always be one – it’ll just change form…rather we adapt and learn it.

I’m nostalgic for the social world I knew pre 2009, but I do not long for it. There is always new excitement to embrace in any context, we just need to discover it. I won’t share my discoveries in this article, but I will highlight the joy of experiencing the skism of 2009. For joy is brought upon us by the privilege of recognizing the shifts in human consciousness and remembering that this has happened since the beginning of time in all contexts.

Those of us fortunate enough to experience – consciously – the notion of social media demons and the skism of 2009 are gifted a specifically nuanced consciousness of human nature that we may only see one more time in our lifetime (that is, if the pendulum makes it to center by virtue of casting the demons out of social media). The lucky ones might end up with two skisms in their medicine bags. For we are here to experience consciousness. That’s it.