Satan will always inform you of his plan, before you agree to it

Most of us aren’t listening. Not because we can’t, but because our mind and its unconscious (hidden) 8-track wants to keep us safe by repeating the same bad experiences and messages we received early on (when we were demonized) in order to survive. Since the mind is just a computer, it runs in conflict with our consciousness (our present tense self) – as the two systems duke it out.

Satan is a lie, but he is ready to receive you if you agree to his plan. You agree based on the dissonance between your conscious and unconscious states of self; the greater the dissonance, the higher the likelihood of agreement because the hidden part of your mind exists to lie to you (or else…like darkness…IT WOULD NOT BE HIDDEN).

The good news here is that, if we really pay attention, we can not only accept responsibility for our choices but also understand that to a large degree WE ARE ACTUALLY IN CONTROL – legally, at least, in the court of God and Satan.

By legal definition of Satanic influence, evil must first state its intention in order to be effective on a person – THIS IS WHY LYING TO YOURSELF IS SO DANGEROUS; there is a question/saying that goes something like “who is more guilty, the liar or the one who believes the lies?” – I say they are equally guilty. I’ve written, at length, about the fact that each of us ALWAYS knows the truth because truth is not only an eternal energy but IT LIVES IN OUR BODY. Being out of touch with our body is a CHOICE – for if we were to be healthy, and treat our temples better, THE TRUTH WOULD SCREAM LOUDER…and most of us rather NOT HEAR THAT.

Lazy people – those committed to their misery and chaos, those who refuse to work out and those who poison their bodies with food designed to slow it down – are absolutely committing acts of evil because it takes willful ignorance to contract with demonic legions (Satan, the devil, evil). The current war on beauty and genius are perfect examples of how aggressively Satan is fighting for souls, and the ones falling the hardest are the ones obliging the strongest through passive but absolute agreement.

The idea that it is judgmental and “wrong” to assess a person based on their habits is a ploy of Satan to overtake us. Someone who refuses to move their body, be conscious of what they put into it and how that affects their mind is a person committed to personal darkness – the dark overlords encourage and satanically pray for this. The “everyone is beautiful” and “everyone is smart” movements might SEEM like benevolent things (I see the side of them that are or could be), but they are 99% NOT. Just like all other movements of “virtue”, the devil is scheming while sleeping people gleefully contract with him; for if they don’t need to put any effort into evicting his presence, they can relax into the evil perils of victimhood and “feel better”. They do not know, what they do not know…but their not knowing is a conscious decision to keep the cord between their conscious and unconscious minds cut completely. These people are, innocent as they may seem, contributing on a large scale to the evil that seeks us on the daily. Those of us who do not contribute to this, need to fight harder to maintain our terrain of light and consciousness as the legions move in.

Let me be clear by saying that a conscious person who is aware of Satan and his warnings, is not a “better” person; we all fall prey to Satan in different ways on the daily. What I AM saying is that in a MACRO context, there are only two ways to live as they relate to the devil – consciously or unconsciously. Lying to others is one thing, but lying to ourselves is another (far worse) thing. We give up our power to Satan right in this moment. This is what the power of scripture is based on – self-awareness and the ability of God to transcend our sins through repentance and allegiance to what is true and just. We are not here to be perfect, just aware and committed to casting out the evil that is sparring for control over our atmosphere at all times. And it is ALWAYS letting us know its plan (if it doesn’t let us know, it can’t affect us…this is NOT the same thing as us pretending we do not hear it)…

FOR EXAMPLE. Hollywood and entertainment behemoths (mostly now owned by anti-Christian, communist evil China forces that be – AHEM) deliberately tell you what they are doing in both words and actions. Their lemmings (woke, fascist, “progressive” actors and “artists”) do their bidding and have willfully sold their souls for the gifts promised to them by Satan himself – fame, attention, material luxury…all at the cost of their life force which has been sacrificed to empower darkness. If we are not deliberate with our consciousness, we are empowering any lies that infiltrated us very early on…this infiltration naturally moves into the UNconscious space in our mind and it stays there when we submit to FEAR; the fear of being wrong, the fear of being alone, the fear of being separate from the “tribe”…whatever tribe is what that put those false messages into the mind in the first place (this – demonic influences through LIES – always happens when we are little). The tribe can be family or society – that journey is for you to figure out, but in my experience most families are incredibly dysfunctional. The work then resides in extracting the dysfunction, looking at it and understanding who WE ARE versus who we have been told we are. I digress, but you hear my point…

The willful dissonance between our conscious and unconscious minds is Satan’s favorite back door into your life – because as he states his intentions, you dissociate with your unconscious self. He knows this, because he knows who is lazy and who is not. He knows that you will turn away from the obvious statement of intention he is making, and God knows this too. It is then and there that Satan is granted legal rights over your next experience, and perhaps many to come…

Becoming conscious isn’t hip or cool, it’s that your actual life depends on it. For you are either choosing light or dark, every minute of the day. On a micro level, many of us – myself included – choose darkness at times.

Some may disagree with the example I am going to provide and I want you to know it’s ok – I’m not intentionally trying to offend anyone and I want to state that I am ALWAYS willing to be wrong. WITH THAT SAID. There were warning labels on every single bottle of “the j@b” that many people – out of pure fear and ego – rolled over and injected into themselves. All the while acknowledging that NONE of the companies that manufactured these things could ever be held liable. The warning was cardiac issues. I’ll leave that there. I IMMEDIATELY knew – even before the stupid thing was announced – that it was yet ANOTHER test presented to us by both God and Satan. Some would cave because they believed their intellect is greater or more intelligent than God or Satan (IT’S NOT). Others would cave because they WANTED to believe that there is no way such an evil could exist so as to program an entire society by creating a problem and then a cure. Good Lord, folks. Wake. Up.

If you do not agree with the above example, THAT IS OK. There are an endless supply of others. On a personal level, in my personal life, EVERY SINGLE Satanic person (or person driven directly by Satan, whether conscious or unconscious of it) always let me know what they were doing before they did it. Every time. If you listen to people talk, they tell you exactly who they are and what their intentions are; the X factor in you becoming prey to darkness is the dissonance between your conscious and unconscious minds. That is to say that, the more you lie TO YOURSELF (even if it is innocent, because you needed to survive on lies as a child – and I relate to this – which cause more and more of the same damning experiences) the more control the devil has over you as you willfully (even if unconsciously) submit to him; and submit, you do.

For a moment I want to express empathy and sympathy toward those so badly abused that the demonic invasions waged against them left them absolutely defenseless. There are a small fraction of these cases but they do exist. I’ve also seen folks who were horrifically abused (abuse is a #1 gateway for Satan to enter a person – body, mind and spirit) whose nature (versus nurture) chose OTHER. This is a nuanced subject that I won’t cover here, but is something to consider. All things are contextual.

Back to my former latter point; people will tell you who they are and what they want, if only you listen. We typically do not, because we are trying to fix something from our past – something difficult, damning and terrifying. On the contrary, there are healthy and “safe” ways to regress ourselves into those territories and close the gaps – stay tuned for a future article on that subject. The truth is in both the words, and the behavior of those who seek to deceive us, and you can bet they lie to themselves (how convenient) in order to do it. So when you believe someone simply because they believe themselves, sure it can make it harder to discern; but not if you pay attention to the facts…

The facts are the words and actions. The more unconscious you are (rooted in your hidden mind, full of lies and deceit), the greater your blackout will be with people’s words and actions. They could literally spell it out for you, and you would go unconscious in that moment and change the subject. I knew a person who told me they wanted to kill me – and because I was a child, I had to pretend that’s not what they were saying. That is an example of being unconscious, and having to lie to yourself in that moment for survival. But as you grow and commit yourself to goodness, to scripture, and to what is true, you close the gap between the conscious and unconscious minds…and you ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO HEAR WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING DIRECTLY TO YOU.

Hollywood is a great example I’d use to describe the point I’m making here. I worked in and around it from about 2003 until semi-recent. One time, I was working on a hit show and I overheard the director say to the AD “I always get what I want – and I probably will” – as he nodded toward me. I wanted so badly, to un-hear this. I was in my 20s and set on having a career as an actress (mostly to overcome the painful shyness I had my entire life). But I heard it. Even then, as the Director later approached me and invited me to his hotel for drinks, I didn’t un-hear what he said. I’m ALWAYS one for social experiments so long as I am SAFE AND TRUE. I decided to venture into this experiment. I met him in the lobby and, in an instant, HE KNEW … that I wasn’t “one of them”. One of the dumb actresses so empty, so vain, as to “un-hear” his words. I heard them. And I had to see this through on my terms. We spoke for hours, I didn’t judge him (still don’t) as that’s not my job, and I understood the relationship between God and Satan as we are given our choices. At the end of those few hours he never invited me anywhere privately, or to his room. My CHOSEN consciousness was apparent to him – and in this way I was responsible for the experience I had with him. Which was intellectual, interesting and very pleasant. In case you’re wondering, you can have these experiences even with “bad” people…because you are either hearing them or not, and in those moments sealing your fate.

The above experience remains a good memory despite the initial intention behind it. What I knew then, and what I know now, is that our OWN intentions are a choice and collide with either God or Satan at all times. WE JUST DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT. It’s easier being a victim. Right? But, is it really…

The travesty of woke 20 somethings raised by a fake and manufactured media regime is really something else for me to witness; but at the same time the reality is that, whatever IS already is – and will always be. So while the tests get harder (more brainwashing on a macro scale), it’s really all the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago…times change but methods are the same at heart when it comes to the war on the soul. Therefore as we both complain about AND make excuses for these young sleeping robots, it is so important to remember that conscious and unconscious states are and always have been…so perhaps the vetting system has simply amplified now! With more pressure, we are able to see who is who and what is what…

Beyond the challenges of the mind, every moment of every day we know IN OUR BODY the difference between right and wrong. And again, THAT is the reason for the war on health…and beauty. If they can make us less healthy in our physical, then our mental and spiritual are also out of whack. Locking us in our houses for a virus with the same survival rate as the flu. J@abbing us. AND SO ON. Those of us who are connected to our bodies rejecting what is revealing itself as false, nevermind “SCIENCE” – sigh. One gigantic, macro spiritual test for the masses. While we all watch the show. Satan let us know, though – and how did he do it? THROUGH CONFUSION. Although this might sound like a mini-tangent, it’s not – it’s just another leg of an evil metaphor, and I wrote HERE about the hallmark of evil – CONFUSION. Aka, the dissonance…of conscious and unconscious minds.

The good news is that WE ARE IN CONTROL (well, sort of – after God); depending upon WHAT DOORS we hold open for Satan, we can either move toward or away from great suffering. That is the good news. The bad news is that we are being tested all of the time, and in order to take some of the weight out of those tests we must HEAL – from the demonic influences that penetrated us so early on…simply because we are alive. Luck of the draw, to be honest.

Listen. Then listen harder. Read words. Believe words. Accept the reality of the words. Satan addresses us verbally. All of the time. God makes it, legally, simple in this way. If only we would believe what we are hearing and seeing.

Duke it out – between your conscious and unconscious minds – with truth. Truth (God) is light and your only salvation. The devil is a lie, but only if you say so.