The psychopaths at Big Tech

Last night I was interviewed by Journalist Alison Morrow and we live streamed from her YouTube channel:

Healing Elaine® and Alison Morrow

Without much surprise, immediately after the interview – which included me discussing my bogus government status as a TERRORIST (that’s big tech big gov language for person who tells the truth too well and too loud) – my big tech platform pages tightened their grip around who could see what…then hiding and fully censoring my posts about such.

Please enjoy the full interview with Alison regarding my big tech censorship experience which began in 2017 and extended far beyond typical censorship. The first part of the interview is on her YouTube channel, and the second part is on her Rofkin channel (because the psychopaths and YouTube can’t handle any specific speech they don’t approve of, and consider thought they don’t approve of as terrorism etc).

And if you are assumptive enough to think that you can “see me” online, might you consider the fact that you are only seeing what the puppet masters want you to see. The rest is hidden. It’s designed that way. Many people aren’t even able to access my website – this is not a technical issue on my / web developer’s end.

More to come, on this subject, very soon!

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