Great Awakening: A Guide to Navigating the Intangibles of the Human Experience

Great Awakening: A Guide to Navigating the Intangibles of the Human Experience – an eBook by Aryn Elaine. This eBook is a cohesive summary of the Healing Elaine® eBooklets 1-6, with segues in between each chapter / theme. Great Awakening is the foundation of the six themes that are the crux of Aryn Elaine’s work via Healing Elaine®; spiritual awakening/ego death, parallel realities, evil, karma, personal frequency, and addiction. At the crux of each theme is God / consciousness or the lack thereof. All things root back to God and consciousness, and that is the most abbreviated definition of the word mysticism. Great Awakening explores quantum healing in the vein of different bodies of self; mind (intangible), body (tangible), soul (intangible), and energetic field (intangible + tangible).

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