VULNERABILITY: a quality that the world’s most successful people have in common

photo by Anita Saini

success: call it whatever you want. to me, it means two things: 1) INNER PEACE. the ability to sleep peacefully at night, wake up feeling peaceful (even in the midst of raging stress — what I am referring to though is a deep INTERNAL peace despite whatever is happening outside of the self, and there will always be something happening). 2) ABUNDANCE. this is not always monetary, or at least NOT AT FIRST. for example, when I was in housing court and wondering how to eat, before coming out of the closet with my healing practice, I felt SO ABUNDANT. it is tied to inner peace. this felt successful to me, even though I paradoxically felt like a failure because society says that what matters is on paper success. I knew otherwise, though. inner peace and abundance (internal) OFTEN eventually translate to “money”. money is just energy, as nearly ALL monetarily successful people know. anyhow, I digress slightly, but will be writing in more depth on money and vulnerability. for now:

VULNERABILITY. for many reasons, it is the #1 thing people have so much trouble with. if you are one of these people, listen up: I do have the honor of working with some of the world’s most successful people spanning all industries. no, I don’t take selfies with them or give their names to thirsty press or do any of that because none of it matters. I’m not helping people by trending. I will be helping people by having what I have to say, trending, though. so just because you don’t see certain people that society tells you to look up to associated with me, does not mean they are not behind the scenes integrating the gold that is the concept of ENERGY. I say this to help those of you out there who are curious about whether your approach to “success” resonates with what I say here, and also to encourage you if you need it by referring to these successful people ^. anyhow, I can tell you firsthand — spanning ALL industries — that one key thing I see in the most successful people on our planet (for the sake of this post) is that they 1) have inner peace (achieved through self work!) and 2) abundance (achieved through both 1), as well as alignment which translates to dollar signs eventually). when we see abundance that has translated from the ethereal or energetic realms into dollar signs (or whatever currency is applicable), we don’t see the PROCESS. I will promise you right here and now that the key to that process, or the process ITSELF rather, is VULNERABILITY. think on that for a moment.

for example. when I work with these folks, they are much different from the average Jane or Joe. they are not guarded about their flaws, their past difficulties, or other things that make them feel insecure. they allow it to be visible with me. I’m not sure this is a skill that is acquired, but more of an innate quality. however it does not mean that it can not come to fruition, because I believe that many people are intrinsically open to vulnerability but HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO BE OTHERWISE. this post is for all of you people who resonate with that.

another long post will come re: vulnerability and the power of such, which is the KEY to healing. period. never in my experience has it come in any other way. but consider this: as scary as your vulnerabilities are — which always stem from self-judgement and embarrassment over simply being human — try to let one of them out today. try to bring it to light, to surface, with someone. a stranger, a friend, a family member, or a coworker. open up. risk judgement. then see what happens — an opening door, of some sort, related OR NOT related to said particular vulnerability, will appear.