the 3 reasons that people lie with gossip and worm-tongue

photo by Pia Venegas

1) they want to be the person that they are focused upon

2) they want to have that which the person they are focused upon has (note: this can be tangible or INTangible)

3) they have done something bad/questionable themselves toward the person they are focused upon, and they are projecting by distracting those around that person from their ugly truth

I woke up this morning to a call for support from someone who has been through this. I hear about this a lot, and see it a lot, in many different forums. depending upon the environment and the climate of such (corporate, hospitality, beauty, strictly social), the tactics will be different.

ruthless gossip/worm-tongue that is based on lies with the intention to achieve 1) 2) or 3) above is rooted in pure evil. but as we know (or don’t know), evil can appear — on the surface — as the opposite of evil. it is the dance of the devil. it can appear charming, charismatic, even pure. to the untrained eye, evil — as it pertains to this post — is well-meaning. it appears innocent, helpful, even victimized — AT FIRST. because evil in this context is not sustainable, there will always be an expiration point.

gosh, I think back to middle school and high school days. this happened to me a lot. I suppose it was training to spot and thwart that intention of others later on in life when it really counted. I think I do an OK job at it. I think that my spirit/being does an excellent job at thwarting it. each and every time this has been attempted in my direction, I hear of consequences the person/entity targeting me has faced — with zero involvement on my part. in fact, disengaging is key.

if this is happening to you, or has happened to you, you will feel crazy. because these people/this energy operates in an extremely insidious fashion. I have already written in detail about psychic attacks, so you may want to reference that article for a true in-depth understanding of what that is.

the people around you, secondary targets of the person’s motivation, ploys in their scheme, will not see it coming. the most incredible part about this is that I have seen great or even best friends be fooled by the ploy of a person with the intent to destroy because of reasons 1) 2) and 3). but again — only for a time. truth does always rise. but, what do you do if you are the target of this energy?

as I always say — the moment we engage, no matter how tempting, we have lost. when we engage — such as defend ourselves — we have lost. I know how frustrating it can be to just sit back. but I promise, that is the best disposition to maintain and let energy do what it does best (separate, ultimately, like oil and water, on its own).

this energy seeks not something tangible, but rather intangible. it serves to unbalance the otherwise balanced. it serves to divide and conquer. the evil of it works especially well in groups. have you ever seen a happy group of friends, suddenly and without reason destroyed by an outside force? that is the skilled doing of a controlling, lacking and desperate person/energy — but somehow this happens all of the time! it is evil working at its finest.

I’m not a Bible thumper, but there are a lot of good stories about this in the Bible. if you are allergic to religion, which I understand many people are, try flipping through the Bible for the stories alone. humans have been the same since the beginning of time. their tactics change. but their desires, in this context, to control via divide and conquer (using worm-tongue, gossip and so forth) will always remain.

again: if you are the target of this, it may be painful. for a time. for example: I had a close relative of mine telling people a couple of years ago that I was mentally ill. out of nowhere. but not really out of nowhere. they were in a desperate attempt with 3) in the opening paragraph. some people listened to them. some believed them. some still do. it was disconcerting, but I let it ride with no defense. and the tables began turning, the truth became stronger than anything else, as it always does.

it is important, more than anything, to understand the dynamic at play and what it is that someone would want from another person. my eBooklet about baiting others is helpful on this subject. once the dynamic is understood, there is peace in accepting what is without being confused. at that point we can surrender to what is, stay in our own lane, and allow the Universe to do the rest of the work.

I have worked with some of the most amazing people I could imagine working with, and I have heard the most unbelievable stories about how they have been targeted by pure evil. due to 1) 2) and 3). one of the most difficult and damaging evils is paired with the mass media or press. some of the most pure and innocent people have been taken down in this way, committed suicide, or conversely and thankfully, have held their power and risen. the point is, it happens a lot, and right now we are in the ultimate paradox of truth versus lies. this means that more and more, the truth will rise and have less of an ability to be eclipsed by darkness or division. this is out of sequence, but other examples are happy couples who were suddenly and baselessly destroyed…because of 1) 2) and 3). and, sometimes they can recover, but sometimes not.

my eBooklet on karma covers this rapid and almost desperate shift in energy that we are in, the disparity between light and dark — within ourselves, within those around us, and within the collective. I think in this regard it is important to hold a light for those around us who have been fooled, even if we have been the target, by someone with an issue relating to 1) 2) or 3). darkness can and does manifest as an illusion of truth — for a time. if you are going through this, hold light and space for those who don’t know better. or you could always give them the book Dancing The Dream by Sams! it talks a lot about veils and illusions. and, if you are surrounded by people who can not see the truth, and you feel so all alone, maybe it is just time to level up and surround yourself with those who have initiated beyond the veils covering evil and mal intent. because on some level it will always be there — but extracting yourself and making it to the next level of clarity is what your soul is calling for, whether you have been targeted yourself or you simply see it happening around you.