why your business is really failing: from a real-time intuitive vantage point

photo by Babita Patel

my work continues to evolve. in a nutshell: I see truth. period. when I treat serious medical cases, with someone who has visited many doctors on the planet with no successful outcome, I don’t see or feel opinions — I see and feel something that comes from beyond that, and something that I would call truth. let me explain exactly how and why it is different from OPINION:

first of all, my requirement for working with others is clear and simple: I do not want to know anything about them before meeting them. I do not want to know their full name, what they do for work, where they are from, why they are reaching out to me, or any other details that would interfere with the fact that I am human and have a discerning ego like everyone else. this requirement allows me to feel what IS, not what I THINK IS. when I work with public figures, I mandate that they do not leave me a message with their real/full name. I am working with their energy and being, not their trending image. this helps to keep any potential opinion at bay.

second of all, I generally don’t have opinions about people — I feel truth about them, if that makes any sense. it did NOT serve me well as a child. if I could have changed what I saw, I would have. but I couldn’t. in addition, with where I come from inside of myself, I still think the BEST of others first (a byproduct of my being, not my intuition). I learn over — and over — and over again, that where my being comes from is not reality. I have walked a tightrope in life, often overlooking many ugly truths — even in my private holistic practice. letting some of the wrong people in. I have, as a byproduct of difficult personal experiences, learned more than ever how to experience truth versus any wishful thinking or otherwise OPINION.

truth versus opinion: truth = gut knowing. opinion = experience. the two are NOT THE SAME THING.

so to my original post point: when I enter businesses of any sort, I see IMMEDIATELY what is working or not working, and why. this boils down FIRST to one thing, and one thing only, that seems to evade the general human population’s understanding: individual human energy. it is absolutely true that one rotten apple can dismantle an entire company. an entire production. an entire office space. while “higher” and more positive frequencies absolutely transmute thousands of lower frequencies, the fact is that in smaller companies especially, the spore of a defunct energy/person can not only infiltrate otherwise well-meaning and hardworking individuals, but it can destroy the entire business.

the second thing a failing business boils down to is UNCONSCIOUS wounds in the higher-ups. especially in men. women are more open, are more likely to attend therapy, and more easily made vulnerable. men, not so much. it takes a special character to become vulnerable and run an operation by power versus force. when we have unconscious wounds that we cover up by blaming others, our business suffers. if we are repeating the same pattern over and over and over again and we keep firing and hiring people, we are the problem. no amount of trending life coaching or group seminars can fix this.

so there it is: 2 strong reasons your business is failing. 1) the individual energy of the people you have working for you 2) your unconscious wounding. so, what to do about it? that is an egg you will have to crack at your own speed, as your situation starts to override your ego. as for me, where my work has emerged is within the CEO or small executive team dynamic. I started treating C-suites, and then I was asked to treat their closest circles to enable team efficacy. my model of working on a strictly individual basis has shifted a bit, but still only on a limited case by case basis. it is exciting though, because to see a large company (especially one that contributes positively to society) do well and know that I can tangibly help support that holds endless possibilities as we collectively move from “fact” to “flow” (my words). and again, when it comes to working with large companies, obviously C-suites are the first who have either something to actually lose or actually gain within their infrastructure. everyone else is pretty much just along for the ride, or waiting to C-level their own enterprise one day.

I want to share with you what I see in some random and mixed examples as far as how energy travels in company dynamics. 1) designer label clothing stores. what actually inspired my T.E.P. program is the following: one day I was walking past a clothing store of a designer variety. everything in my mind wanted to enter that store; everything in my body wanted to run from it. it was a store I had been in several times in years prior, and I saw the SAME people working there, still. this brand has a lot of money, so it can afford to pay for basically empty retail space where hardly any sales are made (as the CEO/shareholders are too removed to truly know why they are losing thousands per month, and possibly close to 7+ figures per year). not only is it empty of client traffic, but the feeling I have each time I walk by — to this day — is dark and dismal. there is no doubt a low energy in there (please read other parts of my blog to support understanding what low energy is), sucking away at energy that would otherwise be bringing in revenue. there is a cloudy troll, somewhere in that store location, eating up something that does not belong to them. sitting at a computer waiting for the day to end, so that they can collect their check. with employee participants around them, doing the same (I guess some brands do not offer commission). so I don’t go in. there is another store, of a similar style, also high-end designer, just 2 blocks north of the one I just described. for a year, I had the same feeling about THAT STORE — I would not go in. however one day last year, something in my body felt like it wanted to be in there. I walked in and whatever had been preventing me from being in there the year prior was gone. I immediately asked the staff: did you just fire someone who had been here for quite some time? they were bowled over not only with shock, but relief. they didn’t say much aside from confirming that my feeling was correct, but I could tell that whoever was no longer there was a real drain on sales. these people cost businesses unconscionable amounts of money! needless to say, they earned my new business, because I no longer picked up on something that turned my core away — despite their beautiful ad campaigns. 2) a fortune 500 financial sales institution: let’s just say that not only have I worked at a couple (over 10 years ago), but I have advised some of them — from an intuitive perspective. I recall one in particular, which felt almost like an Italian restaurant cover — you know, when restaurants are a front for…something else. anyhow, I walked into this place and immediately felt that the director of the main department was…corrupt or off. his mouth said one thing, and his energy said another. I knew that the CEO had no idea, because they had worked together for so long. this director reminded me of a bartender at an off-the-books bar — who pocketed most of the cash without ringing up drinks. it took me some time to understand what he was actually doing — which was actually not really my concern — but most importantly why…so that he could be shifted around within the company or eliminated from it altogether in order to benefit the bottom line. within the why explained how he was able to fly beneath the radar for so long, and who he had taken with him (he was running a full bottom-to-top system). he was ultimately demoted (not fired, likely there were lawsuit or other concerns), and the company seemed to rebound. in these set-ups, there is often so much money floating around that no one notices or cares — until it ultimately (and that can take some time!) makes it to the top of the food chain — to the CEO. the CEO is the one who will ultimately feel the burn monetarily, but on the way to that is the energetic burn that co-workers and general employees feel as they go to work each day — it is not a happy place when something like this is so off, but no one can pinpoint it. ultimately those with above-board energy and pure being will leave — creating the decline in overall business. 3) a wellness venue I used to go to: this venue I was a member at for nearly 10 years. in the last year or so of time, something changed — they hired some horrid, God-awful energy. immediately, within months, sales went down. I watched it right in front of my eyes. people disappeared from the venue. staff confided in me that the person they had brought it was a black hole of toxicity. the overseers of this business/venue could not hear or see beyond “logic” to fix this. I could not bear to walk in there any longer, despite having loved the program that the venue was offering. I dropped my ongoing membership which cost them thousands per year, in nearly passive revenue. other members did the same. the wrong person in your office, store or boardroom can and will cost you thousands, millions, or trillions of dollars — because it is costing your staff peace of mind.

when I am hired to perform my T.E.P. services, I will give the C-suite full disclosure on who and what is driving or killing their business. and let me be so super clear here: it is ALWAYS a person. it is NEVER a marketing strategy, labeling, branding, or something tangible. it is ALWAYS a human being. clearly, what is driving or killing a business is not always obvious to everyone. often, it is not obvious to MOST people. heavy and bottom-feeding energy can and does hide in plain sight (and this is where I come in). a heavy or bottom-feeding energy that is killing your business, will ALWAYS pair either with YOUR, or your subordinates’, unconscious wounding that is engaging this dance for a reason. because we are human. this is what we do. until we don’t do it anymore — until our business is suffering, and we can not figure out why, and now we are willing to.