do you feel stuck and want to move out of your depressing city but you are scared / unsure of “how” to?

if you read my article this past Spring about how New York City is a vortex, and you are still in the area, you might be REALLY feeling the title of this article.

as you may be learning, much of the world is a farce — in particular, the city we call “New York”. what’s left of it is but a hologram of a projection of someone else’s messed up dream.

the hardest thing to do is confront the fact that we are living in an IDEA. I wrote about this, extensively, in my article this past Spring because it was really deep and personal to me. I had to contend with the fact that the great city that I fantasized about in my teens and moved to in my 20s was over. at least, for the time being. I’m not saying that it will NEVER revive. but it’s going to take time. and unless you have a pivotal role there right now, such as a great change-maker in law enforcement or politics FOR THE BETTER, AND you have the luxury of traveling all over the place and returning to it only at leisure…it might not be for you right now. and you would know it without me even suggesting such. it has been ruined by great evil running around, appearing to look just like you and me. some of you listened to me and some of you are just starting to listen to me — as you are awake, and you realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to combine two very opposing forces and contain them in the same physical environment. the law of physics states that two energies of different frequencies or vibrations literally can not share physical space — that one MUST either 1) change 2) move. I taught this concept and ALL OF ITS NUANCES in many different ways in each of my sessions.

over the past couple of months, I have helped those who are awake and intrinsically made of joy, make the most difficult decisions of their lives — one being…LEAVE NEW YORK CITY. they didn’t arrive at this conclusion naturally, rather it was imposed upon them by all that surrounds them — as physics will call for the higher energy to drop down and match it’s lowest denominator. for energy flows FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. what in tarnation are you matching right now? it is unimaginable how anyone with a sovereign soul could last for more than a day in New York City right now. I will avoid the “why” because if you are reading this and you resonate with it, the “why” is already obvious.

the hardest part for me, in deciding to have more than one locale / focus for my business and my life geographically speaking, was the IDEAS I was leaving behind. until I simply did it — until I bit the bullet. the ideas were not realistic anymore — because they were no longer supported by ANY reality that I respected or desired. the entire reality had changed, and what was left of that reality was an idea of something from Christmases passed.

in honor of the GREAT changes that I have made that have only revived my body, mind and spirit, I am offering a NICHE consulting weekend workshop for former patients and clients who are on the cusp of doing the same, except they are scared to do so. they may be coming up with the same baloney reasons that tried to pull me into the vortex that has become New York City, and in particular during the past 9 months of PURE INSANITY. it’s hard to realize how sane you actually are, when surrounded with maniacs who baaaahhhhhhhhh and walk exactly the same; masked up in head gear, fearful, driven by evil, believing the hype, giving you dirty or scared looks at every street corner, all while believing that they are virtuous and progressive. what an actual nightmare. unless you’re made of that stuff, it’s sort of hard to exist in it. it’s just not what it was — which was a unique city, promising and promoting individuality and sovereign thought. and the REAL people who own themselves are feeling it. I am getting all kinds of amazing reports from folks who left this city and have temporarily gone back for xyz reason(s), and from folks who are still there and “don’t know how” to leave — though their souls are SCREAMING FOR IT.

it’s a lot like classic abuse and gaslighting…when we feel like an elephant who was tied to a tree from birth yet the chains to that tree were taken away a long time ago, we suffer from a GREAT confusion aka ptsd. only it feels normal — like every day life! in this condition, all of the intellect in the world will not save us. some of the dumbest people on the planet are “scholars” from the Ivies. you know how to spot them. in this condition, we are in a bubble, convinced that it is the world…as the ACTUAL world looks in upon us, shaking its head at how limited we have become. and, I can relate to the “why” and the “how” of this happening. it’s oh-so-many things…and if you aren’t shaking your head at this, then you know that I am right and you are desperate to find your reprieve. I sure did.

a couple of months ago, I worked with an amazing person who I’ve worked with a number of times. top in their field. brilliant. and no doubt, “held back” from a force of nature that seeks to “keep things running” by attaching to ANY bright light in its vicinity. so basically, they were/are the bright light and NYC was the demon sucking it dry. when a demon sucks you dry, they throw ALL KINDS OF REASONS and “incentives” your way to get you to stay. just like an abuser. NYC is an abuser.

in honor of this atrocity, which is also a significant culprit in the FAKE ELECTION and the absolutely FAKE NEWS that surrounds it — ACTUALLY convincing otherwise smart people that the absolute least voted for candidate on planet United States of America “won” a Presidential election — I am offering the sane, hopeful and promising former patients and clients I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a boutique in person workshop. I know the evil that surrounds this farce, and how it has trampled all over the city I once loved. I understand the nearly addictive grip that it has wrangled around anything and anyone made of actual light, to continue it’s final breaths until it collapses into the depths of no more. if you are one of these electricity rods of consciousness that the corrupt “powers that be” are relying upon to “keep things” running according to their sick and depraved desires, no doubt you are yearning to leave and perhaps do not know how.

I can relate to you. we built a history in New York City together. we made history. and now we are watching history. there is nothing like trying to solve a problem from the eye of the problem itself…it just doesn’t work.

so. you heard my offer. if we have worked together before and you have made monumental changes and moves in your life and you are ready for what’s next, and what I am writing here “hits you in the gut”, feel free to reach out. I’ve helped others with their exit strategy, and obviously not just the logistics…for the logistics can NEVER happen until we contend with what is keeping us in a situation. there are all kinds of things going on beneath the surface, and it is critical to know and hear and see what they are. there is us, and then there is the collective — and there is the relationship between the two. and there is heaven and hell, with each polarity fighting for our souls — literally.

as always, if you are interested in scheduling time with me, leave a message on the business line: 917.985.1221.