Joe Biden is not your President

and he never will be.

this is not a salacious or emotional post. it’s simple, mature truth.

first, let me back up.

in 2016, I was working 100 hours per week. the number of requests to work with me was more than I could handle. I had a normal presence, like anyone else, on the internet. I was working with all kinds of people: folks in government, entertainment, Hollywood, banking, and broke single mothers. my work ran the gamut. I volunteered my time for many who could not afford to see me. contrary to ignorant rumors about my work and the way I worked back then, at the end of the day my traditional fees were far below the average rate of a beginning personal trainer — and in particular given the *enormous* amount of time and energy I spent on each person. people love to make things up and draw conclusions about things they are jealous of and know that they could never do. I digress. I was BUSY. and, deep down, I knew that I had better keep going because one day I would be stopped. and, I was.

in the Spring of 2016, knowing absolutely nothing about politics and considering myself an EXTREMELY (still am) fair and open-minded person, always rooting for the underdog, all I wanted was for equality and happiness on this planet. like many, I had ignorantly voted for Obama in 2012 and I was proud of it — I posted about it on my old personal Facebook page, and felt virtuous. I bought what he was selling. I had no true understanding of what a deep state was, though when certain folks would tell me so I didn’t shut down (because shutting down is a sign that the other person is right, and you are in denial). I stayed open to all opinions, but I did what I felt was right. I was young, and so focused on “making it” — volunteering in underserved communities, working 3 odd jobs alongside Healing Elaine®, and renting my kitchen with a twin bed in it out to Craigslist strangers to pay my rent (which was often late). I had a world view, but it was still limited to the bubble that mainstream media provides for us. I felt like a good person, voting for Obama that year. I felt like I made a difference. I felt like the world could become a smaller/better place with more unity and understanding. I felt that it was good for race relations. I bought all of the virtue bells and whistles and carried on with my life and nearly 100% focus on launching my HE® dream: helping others, the underdog, rise from the ashes and reclaim their lives! so, come 2016, and being as busy as I was (hooray! HE® was a HUGE success), I didn’t pay much attention to the news let alone politics. what I did feel, however, was that the woman “candidate” at that time was a no-go. something was loud about that, and I felt that we needed RADICAL change in 2016. so, I hopped on the Bernie train without thinking much (a common theme in our country).

when Bernie’s campaign was totally ruined / sidelined by HC and her espionage, something happened inside of me. I woke up. now, what I was doing for a living was helping people uncover truth — THE truth — not their ideal of what they would like the truth to be. this is why I was having knock-out success in nearly every single session. I walked away from nearly each session in tears of joy and gratitude to God, for allowing me to make a difference in these special persons’ lives. this deep connection to truth as TRUTH, and not an ideal, was perhaps part of my “political awakening”, if you can even call it that. the reason that I didn’t give much thought to Donald Trump at the time, was simply because I knew him as a TV figure and a real estate magnet. knowing little about him other than the fact that I thought his kids seemed really well-mannered and that he seemed to have a nice and supportive family, I looked at him more like a wild card at the time. until, of course, they sank Bernie … and he rolled over like a dog for it. there was something so odd about this to me at the time, that even throughout the busiest time of my career I thought about it. I was mildly aware of the negative press toward Trump that began right away, but since I wasn’t inundating myself by being brainwashed from the Tele, I had my own thoughts. something deep within me said that his winning would change the landscape of our planet and bridge world peace. I recall chuckling at the fact that I actually thought this, and that for the first time in my life I really cared about politics without being involved. the feeling kept hitting me, and I attracted a number of women to my HE® sessions who quietly confided in me that they felt the same. the irony there, contrary to the fake msm narrative, is that these women were minorities and many of them not originally from the States. hmph. interesting.

so there I was, in the fall of 2016, with my little virtue signaling Bernie Tee posted to my Twitter account with a peace sign, waking up from the dream. who was I to tell? I knew that I wasn’t interested in bantering on social media about this (I had deleted my personal Facebook page at least a year prior anyhow), and my platform was NOT politics. so, I kept it in online. I was also well aware — however nowhere NEAR as aware as I am now — of how a person could be “canceled” for not having the views promoted by our good friends in Hollywood and msm (mainstream media — aka big tech). I did not know either, at the time, that all of big tech was bought off and complicit in selling a particular narrative. and as that truth came closer to me, I recalled a “conspiracy” friend of mine — I’ll call him Mick — who had been telling me “crazy” things for years since I met him in 2007. I called up Mick. Mick did not like Trump. I will go so far as to say that he really didn’t like Trump. he didn’t vote Trump. he voted for the green party that year in 2016. but I had to know what Mick thought about our state of affairs, given the fact that many of the things he had said a decade earlier about how our planet is REALLY run were starting to click for me. he validated what I was feeling, but he wasn’t as convinced that Trump was an amazing guy. I wasn’t concerned about emotional particulars, though — I wanted the right policies and the chance at peace, not someone who I could brunch with. however, I would brunch with Trump any day. I digress.

I shared my truth with many people I saw for sessions. they listened, and many of them agreed in private. some of them didn’t care what I thought, because the brainwashing and Nazi-like threats from msm and baloney Hollywood culture were not as strong yet. after all, they were there to see me to help them make monumental shifts in their lives — and I did. I have all of the notes and receipts. and so does big tech.

as the 2016 election approached, being the SAME person who I always was, fighting for diversity and inclusion and everything under the sun that represented anything progressive, I found myself praying for Donald Trump to win the election. this is because I could hear truth separate from bias. I wasn’t exposed to the same literal AI script that many were, and of course it’s only gotten worse. I chuckled to myself when I prayed on this because I thought, “how odd? me, caring about politics?”…but it wasn’t about politics. it was about truth. and everything that I recall Mick sharing with me years earlier was starting to rear its head in my life.

in November 2016 I interviewed with Forbes Magazine. prior to this time, I was afraid of press (for good reason). I told myself that Forbes was my top choice, the least sensationalistic and the most trustworthy of all news sources, and that it was now or never. the person who interviewed me was wonderful. simultaneously, I knew that a storm was brewing and that I had better get in front of it and fast. I said “no” to “opportunities” that would blow your mind. nearly all connected to fame and fortune. I wasn’t about that life — I had already suffered my entire life and I knew that fame attention and money is an illusion. I will never be convinced otherwise. my soul is worth infinite treasure — all else is a trick of the devil. I’ve spent over twenty years of my life saying no to things that would have made me a fortune over night – ranging from potential partners to press to career moves…all because I knew in each case there was a trade-off. the trade-off is real, and the average person has yet to awaken to this truth.

when Trump won in 2016, after the media spent it’s life lying to the people (that is their full-time job), I felt pure peace and calm in my heart. it wasn’t about the results — it was about the fact that maybe we had a shot at the truth for once. he was the guy to knock over the sick evil of the establishment that has fooled and devoured people for eons. this, to me, was obvious. I felt pure, incredible peace. I found it incredibly odd and disturbing that folks would cry over this — I mean, in what reality? this was my first experience of the mental illness caused by what I outline in my videos on my locals platform as media brainwashing paired with personal trauma. I couldn’t believe how easily people had handed over their “thinking” to something outside of themselves. on the other hand, my specialty was helping people reprogram themselves from the lies of their abusive family members…so, it made sense that the media was simply an authoritative placeholder for them — and a very false one.

fortunately, out of the thousands of people I saw, only two of them were “distraught” over the 2016 election, in the sense that they just HAD to speak to me about it. and, I told one person the cold truth with no filter. with the other person, I explained the truth in a very gentle and non-threatening context. well, I am not there any more. I do not have the energy to emotionally babysit people who are desperate to assign their own lies to a manufactured projection screen beyond themselves and beyond their immediate lives (fanned by the flames of their little gadgets they are addicted to all day long), and pussyfoot around the facts. it is amazing that emotions have become facts for people. in any event, I saw very clearly the plague of consciousness theft (another subject and you can read about it in other articles of mine) courtesy of AI and media that was underway. I began teaching people how to think for themselves given this reality, and it really took my sessions to the next level.

in 2017, I hired some complete idiots and lost control of my intellectual property / had my websites stolen. simultaneously, big tech began to heavily censor me. since this article is not about that, I will not dive into details of the living nightmare that has been the last 3-4 years of my life. you can read about that in other shares of mine. what I will say, is that all I had feared about the way things work was revealing itself to be true. my intuition about Donald Trump was more accurate than ever, and I still kept it to myself — simply because politics was not my platform. however, it didn’t matter…because I was being taken out anyhow by the puppet masters who control thought.

all of my sessions included lengthy emails and correspondence, highlighting incredible truths — such as illnesses that shifted literally overnight for many of my patients who were extremely high-level and influential people. I am sure it gave big brother quite the heart attack! again, for the wild details, look at my other articles. this is when all of the “conspiratorial” things you now hear about began happening to me. I was both proud of my intuition, and scared for what lay ahead. I knew that every big tech company and media company was part of this, and that at any point in the game they would erase and rewrite someone’s narrative — and people would believe it, just because it was online. this is what they have done with this fake 2020 election, which I will get to in a bit. the point is, truth was being erased and I was being punished for living in it…they knew that if someone seeing me at a stage 4 cancer diagnosis could shift this within a month, well, what else were they capable of shifting due to hearing THEMSELVES think? right.

the last 3-4 years, being the living hell that they were and many of my former patients and clients witnessing this, still was no match for some of the incredible brainwashing of msm and the gang — as their soul-stealing mechanics have been a great success for many! they have actually convinced people, with their fake news outlets, that a barely-there geriatric and his lackey do-anything Fascist running-mate (the one they REALLY want as President) have “won” an election that has not only not been won, but is not complete. it won’t matter what details I share here about the facts, because many folks have already been devoured by the great evil that is still trying to grip our planet. for those of you who do know the facts, I don’t need to state them either. but one thing remains: Joe Biden is NOT the President. and he will not be.

how do you know someone is lying to themselves? well, first off, they have an over-the-top reaction to the truth. the truth, to a person who has either wittingly or unwittingly made a career out of lying, is an allergy and they will put their hands over their ears to silence it. the truth is a crucifix to the devil. the devil looks just like you and me. it’s why “celebrities” are used to promote fake messages. operation mockingbird is a tried and tested and true way to obliterate people. and, they allow it. I do not have compassion for those who lie to themselves, or allow themselves to be lied TO — and for this was the very focus of my deep work with people, which allowed them to break free from incredible shackles of evil. when we are lied to as children and we believe it, we are innocent. when we are still allowing those lies to control us as adults, we are perpetrators — unto ourselves, and unto others and the world around us. when we do not complete the inner work necessary to hear our own voice — and this is LIFE-LONG work — we suffer. everyone, right now, who believes they are celebrating, is suffering.

they are not celebrating a “win”; they are “celebrating” the cognitive dissonance that they believe they finally get to carry on with! the rudest awakening of all, however, is coming. because Joe Biden is NOT your President, and he has not officially been elected — and this is fact — you can not “imagine” or “desire” something enough to make it true — the jury is out on this one until the votes are recounted. was there ballot fraud? 100%. I studied and watched it right up until they pulled their little stunts on election night, and anyone with a shred of awareness saw it too. however the point is, still, Joe Biden is NOT your President…

the truth is all I have ever taught via my work. we can not fantasize our desires into becoming truth. now, if there was not ballot fraud — which, by the way, is the ENTIRE and ONLY reason they launched RONA in the first place (this is not even worth delving into for the people who believe someone ate a bat and do not understand the clear cut connection to China and Joe Biden — God bless you)…to create actual theft as the only chance of fake-winning an election — then fine, I have no issue with the truth and I would welcome Joe Biden as our President. why wouldn’t I? the truth is the truth is the truth. and in this case, the truth remains to be seen. it has not been seen. and the incredible phenomenon of folks actually believing what the media says is alarming to me. to those who saw first-hand what happened to me, it feels like a punch in the gut; though, I know this is not personal. it is a punch in the gut to me just to witness how gullible and susceptible to evil folks really are. we TRULY are in the consciousness split™. let me be very clear again: if the truth was that Joe Biden is our President, then hallelujah. do I like him? no. did a lot of people who voted for Trump like him? no. this is so much bigger than not liking someone.

Joe Biden is not your President. the greatest psyop of our time was launched early this year in 2020 under the guise of RONA. they tested everyone and many people failed. the statistics of folks who are easily brainwashed are staggering to me…and specifically because of my background WORKING with folks who have been brainwashed, this is mind-blowing to me. seeing people fall so far from their internal compass has been devastating to watch. those of you who think for yourselves know this. if you are one of these people and you have not been to one of my live chats over at my locals community here, please feel free to join us at any time.

Donald Trump won this election by 70%. I put my life on it. I saw his support quadruple these last four years, often from the most unlikely places. I saw and heard things that would make your head spin and that are explained in other articles. I saw the polls conveniently stop counting at 1030pm on election day. I saw TREMENDOUS ballot fraud and heard about it from friends of mine too scared to let me post their evidence on social. I knew the play from day ONE of “RONA” and why they did this. the states that are being contested and recounted right now — and there are several — are not called. the 2020 Presidency has not been called.

the consequences of this psyop, aside from the personal and karmic consequences of every single person who has looked the other way from the truth because it’s “easier” for them, are major. here are the consequences: a shattered reality that will cause actual psychotic breaks. the truth is that Donald Trump won, and the truth never escapes us. no matter how many times someone says something, it doesn’t make it true. msm and the puppet masters, no matter how they rewrite actual truth and democracy and act like Nazis, are STILL not true. so imagine what happens next, when our courts call for and monitor a proper recount? Donald Trump will be announced for four more years…and real hell will break loose, just like how people lost their minds in 2016 but now even worse — because THEY HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY THE MEDIA. again. and even more cleverly. like an abusive parent, the media has mastered its lies so incredibly, that a person who believes that a person outside of themselves is the cause for their own suffering will not be able to handle reality.

I stand to gain nothing from writing like this. I was too afraid to write this four years ago, because it had nothing to do with my brand and I didn’t want to hurt people who truly didn’t understand since they were brainwashed so thoroughly. but, I’ve already lost it all. and I only stand to gain with the truth. hiding the truth, when it lives inside of you so strongly, can make you sick. I am not here to be liked, I am here to genuinely and truthfully like and respect myself. I cower to no mob. I know a strength, after these four years, that few can ever even ponder. you have no idea what I have been through, and what others who represent truth or live in it have been through due to what our ugly, infested deep swamp wants to hide. and if that part is not obvious, just look to everything that has been censored / scrubbed / hidden. it is there, that you will find the truth.

only the truth heals, and only the truth can set us free. if you are in the closet with the truth, that is ok — but find your support networks if you are not willing to scream it from the mountaintops. consider screaming it from the mountaintops. trust yourself. I can’t tell you how many people come to me, weekly, and say “you are right about everything. I have no one to talk to about this”. it’s endless. and some folks really surprise me. there are endless A-listers in Hollywood who have been threatened and fear losing their actual lives and families for saying the truth. that is how UGLY the deep state is, and that is ALSO why Joe Biden is NOT your President.

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