Austin is like Whoville, without the Grinch

and I love it.

last April 2020, I was meditating and asking God what city I should travel to and set up roots in. I narrowed it down to about three cities initially. then two. I asked myself and God (you can call this Source, your higher self, the Universe, or anything that you want — it does not have to be a religious entity for you) which city would be the most kind, the most healing, and the most…up-and-coming. I kept “seeing” Austin. so in April 2020 I decided on Austin. and it was the best decision I could possibly have made.

you might have seen this article (there are several, actually) in which Elon Musk predicts that Austin, Texas, will be ‘the biggest boomtown that America has seen in 50 years’. shortly after I made my decision in 2020, I heard that Musk, Joe Rogan, and others like them were coming to Austin. I’m happy to be amongst like, successful, progressive minds.

in short, I am extremely happy in Austin, Texas. and I would like to keep it that way. as I sit on my balcony in 70+ degree weather today (a complete about-face from the FREEZING temperatures that we saw just a FEW DAYS AGO that took and ruined lives — and on that note I would like to refer you to THIS ARTICLE HERE, PLEASE), my view of the lake is partially obstructed by a MASSIVE building going up…a Google building. yes, you guessed it — all of the big techs discovered that Austin is, indeed, a great place to be. and they are descending upon it in droves. I do not want this to negatively impact this beautiful, happy city, and turn it into the next San Francisco, Los Angeles, or (gasp) New York City (in its current form).

meeting so many small business owners who have been here for their entire lives has been one of the truest treasures of my experience in Austin thus far. everything that they have worked for and created is here. and like moths to a flame, that and those which need / desire / crave positive energy will look for their next hit once the cities that they destroyed have no life force left in them. I want to protect these small business owners. I want to protect the energy of Austin. and given the rapid expansion headed our way, there is a LOT at stake if we allow the way things have been run in these other now-atrocious cities, to be run here. we need to do things differently, WHILST allowing it to boom and expand. people can not be driven out of their homes and businesses because of rent hikes (which is already happening). the homeless encampments need immediate remedy. the illusion of “progressive” under the guise of a political party is baloney — and I hope, that regardless of political “identity” or persuasion, that we have learned our lesson about how old totalitarian systems DO NOT WORK.

Austin must be preserved. it is too beautiful. too kind. every day that I leave my house, I hear “how are you today?” and “let me get that door for you” and “how’s your day going?” – I hear this all over town, no matter where I go. people of different backgrounds, persuasions and beliefs congregate with no issue — like a NORMAL place (a far cry from Manhattan). it’s like Whoville! and it doesn’t need a Grinch. to avoid a potential Grinch situation, we do such by staying INFORMED. we do this by getting involved in local politics. running for office, even. we do this by paying attention to the things that we LOVE about where we live, and how to keep them that way.

if you are moving to Austin and you are oblivious to what has happened in other cities, I encourage you to be very mindful and very informed. some would argue that Austin has already taken a turn, and I disagree. I live here and I know the difference. Austin has tremendous potential to maintain its beauty, uniqueness, and bright energy. when they say “Keep Austin Weird”, they mean it. so before you flee your city that doesn’t work because you have your head in the sand and come here, do yourself and everyone else a favor and pay attention. understand WHY your decrepit city doesn’t work anymore, and how you probably contributed to that – mostly by making bad political choices and believing what the actual totalitarian regimes and political puppets have told you. your consciousness alone will help maintain what is beautiful, what is positive, and what is lively; for consciousness and awareness are powerful life forces…without them, we have our modern day California and New York City.

I always wondered what people meant when they said Austin was remarkable. even though I had already landed securely on my decision last year (without any notice of celebrities or anyone I knew moving here), I asked about 10 people I knew of who lived in Austin how they liked it — 10 VERY DIFFERENT people (politically, and otherwise). they all said the same thing: Austin is special. and now I know why.

Austin is like Whoville without the Grinch. and I love it.