our unconscious field/aura is what presents to the world BEFORE “WE” DO

our unconscious is the field of unawareness. it holds all kinds of debris such as karma of other family members that we actually unwittingly WEAR like a cloak, and even people we simply spend time around. even the internet!! this is why I am not so active/engaging on social. there is a phrase that says “you get what you focus on”, and this is true — both CONSCIOUSLY AND UNCONSCIOUSLY.

like a rising sign in astrology (pending how much stock you actually put into that! I go back and forth, but it can be oddly accurate), our unconscious field aka aura is how we present to the world — particularly in our communications with others. this can create all kinds of problems for us, until it is cleaned up or understood. sometimes, other people clean it for us and our true nature pokes through and we can expand this further and further. other times, we wear LITERALLY OTHER PEOPLE and their karma if clearing our own field is unsustainable (either for us, or another person).

for example. I have to be particularly careful with my work for this reason. whomever I spend time around and focus on, I temporarily “become”. since my work has always been in person, it adds to this. however when I do work remotely, it’s a similar battle. when I work with illness, my body will take on this illness temporarily. and the same way that I can wear it physically, I am aware that we can each wear it unconsciously. THIS, is the side that the world will respond to. and, it can change depending upon our focus. if we are always in alignment and in truth with our focus, we have a better chance at moving through the debris that has piled up. particularly sensitive people have a hard time with this…

for example again. most of the people I work with, mentor, etc, will tell me that the world responds to them in a way that is so different from who they feel they are inside. typically I give the same advice — remove what doesn’t match you, or your life will never change. when I look at them, I can literally SEE whomever they are “wearing”. “but they’re so nice….how can I leave this person they have been my friend forever!” — well, it’s not about leaving; it’s about recognizing what you are wearing. and in order to wear something, you must also commit to it on a psychologically unconscious level. there will be part of you, even the unseen part, that says “ok” to xyz energy. typically this comes from personal weakness (which we all have — I strive my best away from it; I refer to this as my moral compass which of course not everyone has). personal weakness says “I’m too scared to be/feel alone right now so I need to keep X person in my life” or “I don’t want to be alone and I can’t go inward so I need to constantly communicate with this group of people or community etc” — all the while, wearing those energies since the focus is born from fear of facing oneself.

I’ve had to face myself ALL ALONE, a lot. and I have had to do it when not alone, but when trying to understand what energies in my life are moving/directing me or others around me. if you understand that the material is an illusion, then you must ask yourself what you are wearing in the intangible? for karma, thoughts, feelings and all energy still ultimately takes a shape — in the form of our experience with the world around us.

my loudest messages of late and the last few years were do my best to attract better and better clients. censorship and Rona was an interesting destruction and time out for me, to better assess whose karma and energy I am wearing. leaving an INSANE-O building that was externally beautiful also showed me what karma and energy I was wearing. years ago I did the work around insane early life experiences (hi we all have this) to see who I WORE — and whether this energy worked FOR, or against me. it was often against me. it was FOR me, when I learn to work only with my own energy. thankfully I was internet free for so long, that I didn’t feel infiltrated the way that we are all now…being influenced by God knows what all day, and combining that with the unconscious debris that it loves to pile onto.

the greatest pain is BEING one way, but being perceived another way. I know that we all relate to this. but none of us is immune to understanding that at any moment in time, WE GET WHAT WE FOCUS ON. so, what is that? again, it’s the two parts…

the past AND the present; the unconscious and the seemingly VISIBLE (at least to others) energy we WEAR. our blocks in life, our disagreements and misunderstandings (think of this on both the individual AND collective levels) come from what we wear. so, what is it? where is our core at? what are we really focused on or committed to? if we are desperate for approval and attention, we will always attract the worst things to us because low key we sell out in this regard. when we are in addiction (like the need to always be occupied) we will multiply all that we wear times three. wherever we are, whoever and whatever we focus on, we WEAR — and the world around us responds. combine this with past timeline unconscious debris and we have quite the recipe!

I talk about virtue a LOT. it’s because virtue cleans us. virtue cuts through fog. virtue tests us to see how where and why we pledge allegiance. virtue, for starters is a remedy (or part protection) for wearing others’ energy. the less we wear all of the above, the more we present to the world as WE are. it’s a challenge, but few things beside super consciousness (which requires RISK – the risk to not distract, the risk to look at our truths) and virtue allow us the opportunity to be received by the world in the form that we truly exist. for if we clean this, then we still have an unconscious field/aura but our truer nature is more available for the world to see. we become not WHAT we focus on, but the ENERGY of it. again: where virtue is crucial. it’s the whole reason for my protocol. there are too many illusions in this world that I rather avoid via logic; in fact, logic kills.

people avoid human relationships because they need to confront themselves. I have a thirst for human relationships. but I know to enter them with my eyes closed. I do this with everyone who I meet. it’s the only way to ever know either what is real, or what someone is wearing (which might not be good — myself included) that presents its foot forward to the world instead of the person.

our unconscious field/aura is what presents to the world BEFORE “WE” DO. exactly WHAT and who are you hosting and why?